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Traditionally, courtyard gardens are seen as nothing more than ‘backyards’. Dull, lifeless, small and boring. Well, we don’t agree. 

A courtyard of any size can be turned into a classy and cosy area that not only looks stunning but is also somewhere that you’ll want to spend your downtime. In addition to sprucing your space up with garden furniture, we’ve collected a wide range of inspirational ideas to inspire your courtyard makeover.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Round table

Perfect for those family gatherings under the moonlight.

Rattan garden furniture set with round table

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2. Garden full of plants

If you’ve only got room for a terrace, fill it with plants to create your very own magical hideaway. 

A terrace filled with plants, creating a magical hideaway

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3. Small glass shed

Build yourself a sun room as a middle ground between your home and garden, so you get to enjoy the best of both!

Small glass shed creating a middle ground between your home and garden

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4. Small pergola

Bag yourself a seat in the shade by adding a super sleek pergola over your dining area. 

A super sleek pergola over a dining area

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5. Wooden beams and lights

Decorate your wooden beams with fairy lights to keep the party going way into the night. 

Outdoor space with wooden beams and fairy lights

6. Relaxing corner

Take the lounge outside with cosy chairs and comfy cushions. 

A relaxing corner entertainment space with cosy chairs and comfy cushions

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7. Fire pit and fountain

Even with a small garden, you can still have it all! This fire pit design ideas with fountains and foliage would look amazing in your space!

A small garden with firepits, fountains and foliage

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8. Stone path

This traditional cobbled path will take you on a journey through your beautiful greenery.

A tin garden with a traditional cobbled path

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9. Picnic table

Think alfresco breakfasts, family dinners and summer BBQs in this cosy picnic area. 

A small backyard living space with picnic table for al fresco dining

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10. Corner trellis

Add climbing plants in your corners to add extra privacy. 

Climbing plants in the corners, adding extra privacy

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11. Mirrors

If your garden is on the small side, mirrors are a great way to give the illusion of extra space.

Mirrors in a small garden, giving the illusion of extra space

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12. Urban chill out

This garden is a nature-lover’s dream! Surround yourself with plants and keep the seating simple.

Urban-inspired hangout place with a variety of plants around

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13. Chic little courtyard

Tall walls covered in plants and a simple table for night time chats.

Tall walls covered in plants and a simple table outdoors

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14. Tiny space

The smaller, the cosier. And if you add some plants and a little trellis, you’ll want to never leave your courtyard.

A tiny space with some plants and a little trellis

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15. Colourful courtyard

Say goodbye to your boring courtyard by adding plenty of colourful flowers.

A cheerful-looking courtyard with plenty of colourful flowers

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16. Small light patio

Add some comfy chairs and a dining table for gatherings with friends.

A simple outdoor space set-up with a comfy garden furniture set

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17. Private sanctuary

With a large pergola and some trellis, you can create a private sanctuary in your backyard. This makes a great garden shade idea as well!

A large pergola and some trellis

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18. Minimalist backyard

A minimalist ivory design can make a small area feel more spacious.

A minimalist ivory courtyard design

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19. Bricks and plants

Spruce up your garden wall with some hanging lights and create a cosy dining space. 

Bricks and plants with some hanging lights, creating a cosy dining space

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20. Modern colourful garden

Add a bright wall and hanging lanterns to bring party vibes to your garden. 

A bright wall and hanging lanterns, giving off a modern and colourful courtyard

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21. Modern pergola

A contemporary design that shines light on this cosy corner. Add an L-shaped couch and you’re set!

22. Small modern backyard

Grab some low-maintenance artificial grass and accessorise with comfy garden cushions. 

A small backyard with low-maintenance artificial grass and comfy garden cushions

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23. Long garden

This long, narrow garden has it all; a comfortable seating area on the deck, modern fencing and a section of grass for furry friends. 

A long, narrow garden with a comfortable seating area on the deck, modern fencing and a section of grass

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24. Railway sleepers and shed

Sleepers make the perfect edging for raised garden beds that follow the path all the way to the seating area. 

Railway sleepers and shed

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25. Small backyard with bamboo trees

Achieve an oriental finish by adding bamboo trees and some targeted lighting. 

Bamboo trees and some targeted lighting, achieving an oriental finish

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26. Compact backyard

Dark wood garden beds that also serve as benches and a stylish bistro set create a small but sleek outdoor space. 

A sleek outdoor space with dark wood garden beds

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27. Modern finishes

An artistic wall design and contemporary water feature finish this garden off nicely.

An artistic wall design and contemporary water feature

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28. Cosy arbour

An arbour makes the perfect cosy corner to relax in. 

A small arbour creating a perfect cosy corner to relax in

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29. Small two-level garden

If you dream about having a two-tier garden, don’t let this small garden idea stop you! 

A small backyard space with a two-tier garden,

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30. French country garden

Sometimes it takes as little as two small chairs and a couple of rustic shutters to turn back time a few centuries in your backyard.

A french country garden with two small chairs and a couple of rustic shutters

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31. Courtyard cinema scene

Striped outdoor rugs make an ideal accompaniment to a garden cinema area for a film night with friends and family. Turn your enclosed courtyard into your own private cinema and take a cue from this cosy outward appearance!

Courtyard cinema scene with striped outdoor rug that creates a cosy outward appearance

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32. Courtyard boho feel with vintage furniture

Create a space in your courtyard that’s full of boho charm. The metal furniture offers a whimsical, shabby chic appeal, while the fireplace evokes a sense of grandeur.

Courtyard boho themed with vintage furniture

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33. Add multi-tasking furniture pieces

This stylish wooden bench makes a great addition to your courtyard seating area. But when not in use, it can double up for different purposes, such as a modern-looking plant display.

A wooden bench that doubles up a planter and extra seating

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34. Squeeze in an outdoor bar

What’s not to like in this setup? A secluded courtyard with cosy seating arrangement, pergola for shade, and a garden bar for entertainment!

A secluded courtyard with cosy seating arrangement, pergola for shade, and a garden bar for entertainment

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35. Relax with a hammock in the corners of your courtyard

Enhance the relaxation potential of your courtyard by putting up a hammock. The tiki torches create the perfect mood for relaxation after a long day.

A hammock setup in the courtyard with lit tiki torches

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So there you go, courtyards that not only look amazing, they’re functional too.

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