Garden Wall Ideas: Best Designs For Garden Walls

What garden walls are for? Garden boundaries, such as aluminium gates, are a great solution for adding a little more shade or privacy around your shed and neighbouring properties.

Or for backyards that don’t match or complement the rest of the garden’s theme. These are a few instances that can make your outdoor space look boxed in or overlooked.

If you think your yard needs some makeover, this is the time to take action and put those borders and edges to good use. Whatever your case is, you need some fresh ideas on what to do with your garden.

And this blog post will be the perfect place to start. We have compiled a list of some cool and creative garden wall ideas that will make your yard stand out from all the rest.

Are you ready to transform your garden’s perimeter into an eye-catching feature? Take a look at these great examples below!

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1. Zen wall with pebbles

An oriental-style feature wall helps to create a calm and serene space in your garden.

Oriental-style and zen-inspired garden wall with pebbles

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2. Metal frame with pots

If you’re short on ground space in your garden, use the walls too! It also makes a showpiece of an otherwise plain wall.

Hanging plants with metal frames

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3. White single fences

These artistic panels bring a real modern, edgy feel to this flower bed. The lighting really brings them to life!

White single artistic panels with garden lights

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4. Wall trellis panel

A quick and easy way to add some colour to plain walls is to add a trellis panel and some climbing plants or flowers. 

A trellis panel and some climbing plants and flowers

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5. Backyard fence with sections

Add some handy shelving to spruce up your garden backdrop, whilst also creating some extra storage space.

Backyard fence with sections and some shelvings

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6. Modern backyard lighting

Up and down wall lights have a stunning visual effect on these white walls with wooden cladding.

Modern backyard lighting on a white wall with wooden cladding

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7. Outside living space

Take the indoors outside with you this summer; create your own comfy lounge on your deck, complete with lights and a fire pit so you can get cosy after dark. 

A comfy lounge on a deck, complete with lights and a fire pit

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8. Plants in picture frames

Create some living art by adding plants into your picture frames. Bring those boring outdoor walls to life!

Plants in picture frames

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9. Grey see-through fence

Contemporary, horizontal wooden fencing creates the perfect backdrop for relaxing, sunny afternoons in the garden. 

Contemporary, horizontal wooden fencing

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10. Shelves with plants on brick wall

Add some shelving to organise your plant pots and give you back some ground space.  Perfect for small gardens!

Shelves with plants on brick wall

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11. Flowers in frame

Create some wall art for your garden with flower frames! They brighten up a plain wall, adding some much needed colour.

A DIY wall art with flower frames, brightening up a plain wall

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12. Garden mirror

With a simple mirror on the back, you can make your garden look bigger!

A wide mirror, making a garden looked bigger

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13. Bamboo wall

Some bamboo trees can change the look of a simple white wall. This is a great and simple tropical garden idea!

Now, all you need are some pandas.

Bamboo trees as a garden wall

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14. Small garden with wooden walls

You don’t need brick or concrete to have some privacy in your backyard. Wood works like a charm and gives a more natural look alongside your greenery.

Small garden with wooden walls

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15. Wooden floating pots

Floating pots are a great alternative to climbing plants. 

Wooden floating pots

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16. Backyard tool shed

Use flowers, shelving and shutters to spruce up your shed and make it more of a feature than a boring necessity!

Flowers, shelving and shutters

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17. Hanging medusa

Don’t worry, this one won’t turn you into stone if you look at her!

A Medusa-inspired hanging plant

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18. Trellis on black wall

Just place the string in your desired shape and let the plants grow around it. After a few weeks, you’ll have a beautiful living wall.

Trellis on black wall

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19. Laser cut metal wall

Adorn your plain old fence with majestic metal art to create a unique focal point. Adding lights will really make it stand out at night!

An old fence with majestic laser cut metal art

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20. Shaped wooden wall

If your neighbor’s wall already provides you with all the privacy you need, you can go crazy with the shape of your own fence.

Shaped wooden wall

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21. DIY vertical vegetable garden

A great way to decorate a simple, plain white wall, and even grow your own veggies. Perfect if you haven’t got the space for traditional beds. 

DIY vertical vegetable garden

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22. Multicolour flower wall

Beautify a boring space with a living flower wall. Add all of your favourite flowers to really make it come alive!

Multicolour flower wall

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23. Balcony garden

No matter the size of your outdoor space, there’s always a way to fit some greenery in! 

Mini balcony garden with hanging plants

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24. Fountain and wooden retaining wall

A great way to bring some life and movement to a plain wooden wall. Water features also create a calming atmosphere. 

Fountain and wooden retaining wall

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25. Small logs wall decoration

Go minimal! Arrange some small logs to create an abstract work of art on your garden wall.

Small logs wall decoration - an abstract work of art

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26. Bricks and flowers

Add some wooden frames to a brick wall and create a flower wall that will revitalise your backyard.

Wooden frames and flower wall on a brick wall

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27. Modern wall planter

Another great way to grow plants if you’re short on space. 

Modern wall planter ideal for small outdoor space

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28. Old cans as plant pots

Plant some flowers in old cans and then hang them to completely transform generic wood panels. 

DIY colourful old cans as plant pots

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29. Rustic vertical garden

If you’re on a tight budget, transform a wooden pallet into a vertical garden for the back of your house.

Wooden pallet transformed into a vertical garden

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30. Concrete wall planter block

Give your garden a modern, industrial look with these breeze block planters. 

Concrete wall planter block

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31. A row of espaliered trees that separates two garden zones

This garden wall stone adds texture and character to the seating zone while screening off the pool beyond. The row of espaliered trees add up a shot of green to the scene without compromising too much space.

It welcomes a patch of leafy shade to the area, too!

A row of espaliered trees that separates two garden zones

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32. Closing with accents

This garden fence is made of wooden materials and is designed with a beautiful accent. The sun-look-like patterns are cut through, adding a charming touch to the space.

Note: This design may not work for you if you want a fully-covered garden.

A garden fence made of wooden materials and designed with beautiful accents

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33. Stone wall with a whimsical window

Ideal for both modern and classic garden look, an arched window like this can help break up a grand stretch of wall. The stone material and the vines give off a fairy tale-like yard theme.

Stone garden wall with a whimsical window

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34. Fence metal and glass

Metal and glass fences are a modern introduction to garden spaces. They provide a safe and secure boundary with complete visibility.

It also means the sun can travel freely across your garden, preventing shady spots and allowing light into your home.

Garden fence made with metal and glass

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35. Giant outdoor wreath

Decorate your garden wall with a DIY creation just like this gaint outdoor wreath! It makes a lovely accent, enhancing the look of your plain yard border.

A garden wall decorated with giant outdoor wreath

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