The Ultimate List of Garden Screening Ideas

No one wants to deal with pesky neighbours and nosy passersby when trying to relax in their own backyard, right?

With our garden screening ideas, you can enjoy your garden shed, home office or outdoor space without the hassle of people peering over your fence or walking up to your door.  Here are some fun and affordable ways to make sure no one ever bothers you again!   

Bamboo Screens 

Lightweight, flexible, tough, and high tensile, Bamboos are the number one preference to build a garden screen or fence. Besides, they are super cheap. 

bamboo screen

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Gazebos are ideal for huge lawns and party areas.

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assorted gazebos

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Pergolas make excellent shaded walkways, lounging or dining space in your yard.

pergolas with table and paper lanterns

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Living wall

Create an accent wall in your garden with wall-mount planters.

living wall

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Metal screening

Build a screen that offers total privacy but plenty of style and lighting with laser cut metal screens.

metal screening for a patio

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Horizontal wooden screening

Horizontal wooden screens create a nice partition, at the same time giving your climbers a strong support to hold. 

horizontal wooden screening with hanging chair

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Wildlife wall

Stack up your old broken pots, waste wood, logs, straws, bricks and twigs to make a wildlife wall.

wildlife wall

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A huge flowering tree placed right outside your living room window offers a great look to the house and a natural screen.

white blossom tree in front of house

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Gabion walls

Need a weather-proof wall for your garden? Then, the Gabion wall is the most efficient solution.

gabion walls

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Reed roll

Reed rolls make great privacy screens and space for wall-mount plants.

reed roll with hanging watering can

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Trellis-style fencing

A wonderful way to showcase your flowering vines, Trellis-style fences offer excellent privacy and cool fencing.

trellis style fence with table and drinks pitcher

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Artificial plant panels

Artificial plant panels bring you a nice way to cover unpleasant looking walls or fences. Try weaving in some real climbers into it to give a natural look.

artificial plant panels

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Frosted glass fencing

Frosted glass fencing is a superb way to maintain your privacy while bringing in natural light.

frosted glass fencing

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Tall grass

Like to have a natural fence? Plant tall grasses that offer a good canopy.

tall grass with chairs and a table in a clearing

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Honey Rattan Weave

The right choice to give your balconies and gardens a trendy look, honey rattan weaves add a new breath of life. 

honey rattan weave

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Decorative metal accents

Laser-cut metal decoratives can make stunning wall accents to your yards.

decorative metal accents

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Sliding screens

Keep your garden or backyard fenced with sliding wooden screens.

sliding screens in front of a garage

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Free-standing screens

Very commonly used in commercial pools and resorts, these free-standing screens are portable and durable.

free standing screens on white background

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Lattice screens

Lattice screens can double up as wall-mount planters and privacy screens.

lattice screens

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Hedge screens

Border your pools with some cool bushes instead of the usual fences.

hedge screen in front of a swimming pool

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Colourful windbreak

A simple summer fabric can make a colourful windbreak giving you the privacy you need at your picnic spot.

colourful windbreak beneath a tree

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Bamboo planters

Bamboos keep your garden cool and provide natural fencing.

bamboo planters in a garden with a pent roof shed

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Slatted fence panels

Slatted fences are not only trendy but also nature-friendly. 

slatted fence panels

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Woven panel fencing

For a beautiful look and total privacy, woven panel fencing is the best.

woven fence panels

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Pallet fencing

Take up a DIY project, and build a fence from old pallets.

pallet fencing

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And you can see loads more ideas for DIY pallet uses right here.

Black horizontal slats

Add a gate to your fence or Gabion wall using black horizontal slats.

black horizontal slat gate between gabion walls

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Privacy hedging

Hedges are evergreen screening agents. They give you a sophisticated look and privacy.

privacy hedging

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Woven willow twigs

Fences made out of woven willow twigs are durable and elegant.

woven willow twigs with planters and wellingtons on shelving

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Vertical plank screening

For people who want plenty of light and a bit of privacy for their own corner, vertical planks are just the thing.

vertical plank screening

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The Round-up

So, now that we’ve given you some great ideas for your garden screen design, it’s time to get started. 

Why not pair one of these awesome screen ideas alongside a BillyOh garden building? Simply check out our wide range of products via the button below!

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