Garden Paving Ideas + Hot Trends for Your Outdoor Space

Do you want to make your backyard look like a resort? Well, these paving ideas together with garden furniture and trendsyou’ll be able to transform your space from average and plain into luxurious one.

To keep the resort-style appearance you may be looking to recreate, there’s a variety of materials that are attractive enough to act as focal points across the yard. Take a closer look at our curated ideas below and turn your outdoor space into a resort-inspired retreat in no time!

1. Silver grey porcelain

Something to make your deck look bright all day and dark and calm during the night.

A silver grey coloured porcelain deck

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2. Sandstone

Modern-looking material, perfect for a driveway.

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A modern looking garden pavement, resembling the colour of bricks

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3. Nero porcelain paving

Create a bridge between your house and your garden relaxing spot.

Rattan garden furniture set on a nero porcelain pavement/foundation

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4. Silver grey sandstone

Great for the kids to run outside.

Backyard set-up with a rattan garden furniture set in grey colour, matching the silver grey sandstone

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5. Indian sandstone

Achieve that modern-looking yard with some Indian Sandstone tiles.

Contemporary style backyard with garden furniture and Indian sandstone in grey

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6. Madera paving

Some white porcelain and wood make an excellent combination for a relaxing spot in the backyard. You can add this style to your list of fire pit ideas as well.

A combination of wood interior and porcelain garden pavement

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7. Porcelain timber driftwood garden

Perfect for a driveway and the borders of your garden.

Porcelain and timber design combination, giving off a Mediterranean-inspired outdoor space

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8. Queens park garden

The owners of this garden in Queens Park used wood and bricks to recreate a rustic appearance.

Neat and organised looking outdoor space

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9. Black porcelain paving

Black porcelain serves many purposes. The first is looking awesome to floor a small backyard with.

Modern black porcelain backyard paving

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10. Modern garden with fire pit

A bridge of sandstone connects the house with this small, relaxing space with a fire pit.

A fire pit at the centre, serving as the focal point of the garden

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11. Modern outdoor lounge

Ivory squares with pebbles and light-coloured furniture look amazing together.

A perfect outdoor space set-up with garden furniture and accessories with earth tone colour pallet

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12. Stylish backyard

A little island across the garden paved with light porcelain.

A stylish looking backyard space with a little island across the garden

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13. Garden fossil sandstone

Create some simple benches with sandstone and some bricks.

A stone/brick bench outdoors ideal for afternoon hangout or small get-togethers outdoors

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14. Stone path

For a path that borders the house, stone is a very good choice, giving that antique feel.

A classic looking stone path that leads to the garden

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15. Modern porcelain paving

This dark porcelain with rocks on the side brings up an oriental vibe for your modern backyard.

Modern porcelain paving ideas for patios

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16. Contemporary courtyard garden

A two-level garden featuring bright sandstone and a fire pit.

A contemporary courtyard featuring bright sandstone and a fire pit

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17. Chevron grey porcelain paving

With some white walls, porcelain can be arranged into shapes and patterns for an amazing look.

An arrow pattern porcelain paving in grey colour

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18. Small family garden

Use some grey stone as the flooring for your backyard dinner table area, and combine it with wooden walls and furniture.

A small outdoor space/backyard hangout

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19. Galaxy sandstone paving

A small, three-level garden with some galaxy sandstone and artificial grass.

A 3-level garden with galaxy sandstone pavement

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20. Raised garden beds

Brown porcelain for the deck and some pebbles for the raised garden beds fit perfectly in this garden.

A neat backyard with a brown porcelain coloured deck and some pebbles for the raised garden

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21. Modern steps

Combine modern-looking porcelain steps with grey paint to achieve a minimalist look.

Modern-looking porcelain steps in grey

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22. Long aspect paving

Looks like wood, but it’s actually stone. Way more durable and comes in different tones of grey.

Wood looking stone paving in Grey

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23. Granite paving slabs

Granite makes a great pair with some yellow floor lights, to bring up that modern aspect.

Granite paving slabs with yellow floor lighting

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24. Luxury garden patio

The perfect mix between wood, black and white porcelain in this backyard bar.

Wood mixed with black and white porcelain, giving off a luxurious outdoor patio

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25. Outdoor lounge with grill

Bright sandstone for your outdoor lounge looks amazing both in day and at night time.

A bright sandstone paving outdoor lounge with grill and a rattan garden furniture set

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26. Stepping stones with gravel

A budget-friendly solution to revitalise your backyard.

A simple garden makeover with stepping stone and gravel

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27. Rotunda

You can also rearrange some stones to create cool designs, such as this rotunda.

Rotunda stone design

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28. Modern backyard

Ivory always recreates a modern-looking environment.

Matching Ivory coloured paving and garden pots

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29. Modern entrance

Just some stones and pebbles arranged spectacularly.

A Japanese zen garden inspired entrance

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30. Border paving

Too fond of your grass? Don’t pave the entire backyard, only the borders.

This concept would look amazing if you have a long garden.

Border paving, highlighting the lush, green lawns at the centre

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31. Sandy white porcelain paving

Beautiful white porcelain paving. Add some couches and create a relaxing outside lounge to spend the nights.

A clean and pleasing to eye sandy white porcelain paving

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32. Granite slabs

Granite and pebbles are a perfect replacement for plants and are way cheaper to maintain.

Granite and pebble slabs

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33. Old town paving

This traditional-looking brownstone brings the appearance of an old town. Only that it’s actually in your backyard.

Traditional-looking brownstone paving

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34. Stairway with graceful curves and pavers

This stairway on a garden slope is designed with graceful curves. The style creates a sense of intrigue, rather than a straight up-and-down path.

The pavers are simple concrete squares and placed evenly into a bed of pea gravel.

Garden stairway with graceful curves and pavers

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35. Bluestone bands and black pebbles

This unique shape of this small patio uses bluestone with black pebbles. Succulents and drought-tolerant perennials were planted around the perimeter for a year-round aesthetic.

Small patio designed with Bluestone bands and black pebbles

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So there you have it, some incredible and imaginative garden paving ideas.

Paving can transform the look and feel of any garden, so it’s worth spending some time looking for inspiration for your garden. And we’ll be regularly updating this post with more ideas and inspiration. Until then, why not click the button below to see where your paving could lead you?

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