Hottest Garden Fire Pit Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss!

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If you love sitting out on your favourite patio sofa set in the evenings, a fire pit is essential for keeping you warm. They don’t have to cost the earth; we have some ideas on our list that you can build yourself.

Are you ready to make a great focal point for your outdoor seating area? Let’s jump in!

1. Fire pit on pebble floor

Add some warmth to your outdoor seating area with a simple fire pit. Hang some twinkly lights and cosy up with cushions and blankets to continue enjoying your garden into the evening. 

Fire pit on pebble floor with string lights and outdoor seating

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2. White bio fuel fire pit

Bio fuel fire pits are a great alternative to burning logs or coal. It allows for a more modern design for your fire pit and provides extra safety as it can be switched on and off at leisure, whereas natural fire pits need time for the fire to die down. 

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White bio fuel fire pit

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3. DIY buried fire pit

Create your own buried fire pit lined with stones for a simple but effective centrepiece for your garden. 

DIY buried fire pit lined with stones

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4. Iron raised fire pit

Iron or other hard metals are perfect to endure the heat from the fire and bring a rustic charm to your garden. A fire pit like this would look great in your rock garden themed space.

Iron raised fire pit that adds a rustic charm

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5. Stunning fire pit with lights

Add a sleek fire pit to a cosy, buried seating area to bring warmth on those cooler evenings and create a stylish centrepiece. 

Stunning fire pit with lights

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6. Fire with borders

If you have money to spend, you could bring a sense of luxury to your seating area with a fire pit built-in to your dining table. 

An outdoor dining table with fire pit in the middle

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7. Easy and cheap DIY fire pit

If you’ve got an awkward space to fill, you could design your own stone fire pit area to fit your available space.  

Easy and cheap DIY fire pit made from blocks

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8. Sphere shaped fire pit

For a fire pit with a difference, you could go for a more contemporary, stylish design like this sphere-shaped beauty.

Sphere shaped fire pit

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9. Fire pit and pergola

Create a cosy seating area under your pergola so you can add hanging lights to enjoy your space into the evening, and add a fire pit to keep you warm after the sun goes down.

Fire pit and pergola

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10. Outdoor lounge

Add some comfy seating, maybe even a bar. You can create an outside living room in no time with this simple setup.

A small outdoor lounge with some comfy seating

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11. DIY stone and steel fire pit

There’s not much work required to get a lovely source of heat in your garden for those late night chats outside. A simple stone structure around a metal tub provides a budget-friendly fire pit solution. 

DIY stone and steel fire pit

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12. Stunning fire pit area

When building a fire pit, you could use the same materials to create a surrounding seating area to enjoy the warmth. Don’t forget to add some comfy cushions!

13. Fire pit island

Create a small patio island in the middle of your grass garden to relax by the fire. You could add a stepping stone path so you don’t have to walk across your lawn. 

A fire pit island with stepping stones

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14. Personal fire pit

If you love solitary time in your garden, build yourself a small seating area to enjoy the peace and quiet. 

A small seating area with mini fire pit

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15. Amazing fire pit with roof

Build a pergola around your seating area to create a stylish space and help provide some shade on those hot summer days. Add a fire pit so you can keep enjoying your outside space in the evening. 

Amazing fire pit with pergola

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16. DIY outdoor lounge

Create a unique lounge in your backyard with comfy seats, an outdoor rug and pretty lights. Place an attractive fire pit to keep warm at night time.

DIY outdoor lounge with comfy seating area, rug, and pretty lights

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17. Round fire pit area

Create a simple round fire pit and then use the same stone to create a whole new patio area in your garden to enjoy. 

Round fire pit area

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18. Amazing stone fire pit

Imagine looking out at the water every day next to your cosy fire pit. Relaxation guaranteed.

A stone fire pit

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19. Wood garden beds and fire pit

Make your decking multi functional by using it as a seating spot for your buried fire pit. Great if you’re on a tight budget.

Wood garden beds and fire pit

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20. Fire pit with lid

When not using your fire pit, it can be turned into a simple, yet classy table. Find a cover for the pit and enjoy.

A stone fire pit with lid

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21. Eco-smart fire pit

Play it safe with a modern gas fire pit. When you’re ready to go inside, you can just turn it off without having to wait for your fire to go out naturally.  

A tiny outdoor space with a modern gas fire pit

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22. DIY stacked bricks fire pit

Building your own fire pit is not easy. Just stack whatever material you choose and make sure the fire is protected from the wind. And you’re good to go!

DIY stacked bricks fire pit

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23. Simple concrete fire pit

You don’t have to pick a huge, complex fire pit. If you have a simpler taste, a simple concrete square does the trick just fine.

Simple concrete fire pit

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24. Corner fire pit area

You can dedicate a corner of your garden to a cosy fire pit area. Add some tall trees and fencing for extra privacy.

Corner fire pit area

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25. Sunken fire pit area

A two-level garden always looks amazing. Even more stunning if you add a fire pit with some seating in the lower level. 

Sunken fire pit area in a two-level garden

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26. Stone island

If you have a huge grass garden,you could add a natural stone patio in the middle dedicated to your fire pit and night chats. 

A natural stone patio in the middle dedicated to the fire pit

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27. Pebble island

Pebbles are a budget-friendly option for a seating area base. It looks great with this natural-looking fire pit created from large stones. 

Pebble island with a fire pit made from stones

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28. Bricks and stone semicircle

Create a real statement with your seating area using circular shapes for your patio, seats and fire pit. 

Bricks and stone semicircle

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29. Classy sunken area

Concrete and imagination goes a long way in your garden. This stylish buried fire pit area is the perfect spot for chatting with friends in the evening

A stylish buried fire pit area

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30. Tree stumps and rocks

Get creative with the seating for your fire pit area.You don’t need to spend a lot of money for an amazing outdoor area, you could use stones and logs you already have in the garden.

Tree stumps and rocks

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31. Blue fire pebbles

If you’re going for a gas fire, you can decorate your fire pit anyway you like. For example, you could use coloured pebbles like this to fit with the theme of your garden.

32. Useful bench

You can build a bench to sit next to your fire pit and also serve as the place to keep your wood.

A bench that sits next to a fire pit

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33. Light modern fire pit area

Use light colours and polished stones for your fire pit patio area to give it a modern look. 

Light modern fire pit area

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34. Modern black fire pit and small benches

A simple black fire pit and seats can also bring a contemporary feel to your garden and provide the perfect place to enjoy the view.  What an extraordinary garden seating idea we have here!

Modern black fire pit and small benches

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35. Private fire pit area

High walls and tall trees are perfect to get all the privacy you need while relaxing in your backyard. 

Private fire pit area

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36. Slope garden fire pit

A little slope in your backyard? No problem, dig it out and add a low wall to create a cute circular seating area around a fire pit. 

Slope garden fire pit

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37. Brick fire pit in pebble island

Add some small rocks to mark the borders of your patio island for an amazing finish.

Brick fire pit in pebble island

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38. Stone bricks raised fire pit

For a modern, sleek fire pit area, use matching grey stones for your patio and fire pit and simple white fencing. Add some colour with tall palms in pots. 

Stone bricks raised fire pit

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39. Stone veneer fire pit patio

For a more natural-looking fire pit area, use different sized and shaped stones. Add a simple stone fire pit and your outdoor seating area is complete! 

Stone veneer fire pit patio

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40. Simple concrete fire pit area

A smooth fire pit and simple chairs make a great setup if you’re going for a minimalist look. 

Simple concrete fire pit area

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41. DIY fire pit with lid

You can build your own simple fire pit using stones and craft a small lid so you can use it as a table when it’s not lit. 

DIY fire pit with lid

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42. Fire pit with corner pergola

A pergola provides a relaxing spot in your backyard to get some protection from the sun, and a fire pit will keep you warm in the evenings.

Fire pit with corner pergola

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43. Sunken square fire pit area

Smooth lines and concrete provide a modern-looking seating area and stylish fire pit. 

Sunken square fire pit area

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44. Fire pit and pool

Add a fire pit near to your swimming pool or hot tub so you have a warm, cosy place to dry off and relax after a swim.

A fire pit near to a swimming pool

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45. Bubble wood burning fire pits

These contemporary bubble fire pits will look amazing in almost any garden and you can get several to maximise the modern look.

Bubble wood burning fire pits

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46. Modern fire pit with cushioned seating

Remember to add some seat cushions to your benches to relax comfortably while enjoying your garden fire pit.

Modern fire pit with cushioned seating

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47. Simple copper fire pit setup

You don’t need a huge or expensive setup for a relaxing place in your garden to sit back and let hours go by. Just keep it simple with some comfortable chairs and a simple bowl fire pit. 

Simple copper fire pit setup

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48. Fire pit island with pergola

Enjoy your afternoons next to your fire pit while keeping protected from the sun.

Fire pit island with pergola

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49. Fire pit in wooden deck

If you have a sloped garden, create a simple, buried seating area from your decking to relax around a fire pit. 

Fire pit in wooden deck

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50. Pebble fire pit in wooden deck

Modern white pebbles create a stylish border for your fire pit against a wooden deck. 

Pebble fire pit in wooden deck

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51. Wild desert fire pit oasis

If you have an open outdoor tub, might as well consider a fire pit station in your backyard. This layout features a two-tiered desert-like garden.

The hot tub is at the top while the pit made of pebbles and rocks is below.

Two-tiered wild desert fire pit oasis

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52. The fire pit steel

Thinking of making a DIY fire pit but don’t have bricks, concrete, or gravelling material to start? Fret not; this fire pit made from an old steel sheet can do the trick.

DIY fire pit made from an old steel sheet

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53. Bowl tabletop fire pit

This DIY bowl-shaped fire pit is enough to warm up the space on your patio. It’s portable, too, so you can put it anywhere!

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54. Modern fire pit with tile

Create a modern and trendy fire pit made from an old propane pit and tiles. Black grout and black tiles will create a unique finish to this new-style bonfire.

The classy black tiles and grout turned into an attractive fire pit is sure to level up the look of your garden.

Modern fire pit with black grout and tile

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55. Flameless fire pit decor

This is an excellent alternative to actual fire if you only wish to use a fire pit as garden decors. Use bricks and stones for the base, and fairy lights that can act as the fire.

DIY flameless fire pit decor

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56. Brick tabletop

Owning an open fire pit can be a headache, especially with kids around the yard. For peace of mind, we recommend covering up the opening.

Take inspiration from this design idea! It doubles the purpose, acting as a shield and tabletop for food and drinks. This also helps make your fire pit even more versatile than it is.

DIY brick fire pit with table top

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57. Fire pit and grill in one

This DIY project is a win-win for your fire pit and barbecue party! Although it might cost you some money and time, we assure you that the outcome is more than worthwhile.

Have a grill suspended over your fire pit that can support a frying pan, large pot, etc.

Fire pit and grill in one

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58. A big concrete bowl

Ideal for a modern and minimalist garden style, this clever fire bowl has a built-in function. An Ipe wood top that can be added to turn it into a table when the fire is out.

The design is polished and sleek, mimicking the concrete-and-Ipe bench. This also helps tie the space together.

Concrete big bowl fire pit

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59. The L-shape approach

Give every seat access to the fire! Build a banquette that mimics the L-shape of the fire pit to enjoy the open fire from any angle.

Keep your seating low to create a relaxed experience, as long as 12 inches off the ground. Decorate the pit with ceramic spheres (nestled in) for added visual interest and more heat.

L-shaped patio fire pit

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60. A table fire pit for the patio

With a fire pit table, you can be confident that you get to enjoy the outdoors when the temperature starts to drop. It’s a perfect companion for alfresco dining during chilly nights in the comfort of your patio.

Have a look at the BillyOh Capri Firepit Rattan Corner Sofa Set. It provides the perfect spot to happily while away the hours into the late evening.

BillyOh Capri Firepit Rattan Corner Sofa Set
BillyOh Capri Firepit Rattan Corner Sofa Set

61. White stucco

This white stucco fire pit area internalises the view that this small outdoor space has to offer. It was cast on-site to ensure it provided a perfect view of the yard – ideal if you have a view of the ocean or mountain.

A combination of built-in seating and Acapulco chairs also creates flexibility.

White stucco fire pit design

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62. Made from complementary materials

Create an easy flow to the outdoor space you typically experience at home by using complementary materials and palettes. Here, the owner used the same concrete material for the flooring and fire pit.

Fire pit made from complementary materials

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63. Old pool banquette

This old backyard pool was transformed into a cosy sunken fire pit area. Everyone will be more likely to stick around for the second round of s’mores with the inviting seating. Fill the banquette in the pit area with comfy cushions.

DIY fire pit banquette from an old pool

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64. The centre of the action

Put your fire pit at the centre of the action – just like this design incorporated into the landscape. The built-in seating areas break up the space and create the feeling of an outdoor living room.

All these while remaining open to the design. Thanks to the minimalist and less feature approach, the fire pit becomes the focal point.

Fire pit design as a garden focal point

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65. Chiminea fire pit

This log burner chiminea also makes the perfect focal point for get-togethers. Its slim, tall design is great for smaller gardens as it can easily be stored in the corner or a shed.

With the black body and mesh door give this wood fire model a modern twist.

BillyOh Austin Metal Chiminea Fire Pit Patio Heater
BillyOh Austin Metal Chiminea Fire Pit Patio Heater

66. A mix of the elements

You’ve got the best of both elements with this water and fire feature. Experience the therapeutic effect of falling water. At the same time, keep yourself (and everyone) toasty warm with the inbuilt fire pit.

The waterfall fire bowl is also surrounded by cushioned stone benches, creating the perfect summer setting.

Waterfall fire pit design

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67. On the ground

This built-in fire pit offers the perfect entertaining headquarters. A contemporary in-ground fire pit design like this is the ideal option if you want a permanent fixture in your backyard.

When the pit isn’t in use, it’s wise to have a cover to keep out the weather and prevent anyone from tumbling into it.

In-ground patio fire pit

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68. Sleek contemporary style

The design may be understated, but the monochrome touch emphasises a modern aesthetic. Explore a variety of materials from steel and copper to iron and shapes from round to rectangular. This simple concept might perfectly fit your pebbled garden setting.

Sleek contemporary metal fire pit

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69. Gabion fire pit

Offering a natural and rustic appeal, a gabion fire pit can be your next DIY project this weekend! Thanks to the heat-resistant stones, it will provide durable construction and more heat.

It’s time to consider using an adapted gabion design for the focal point of your garden!

Gabion fire pit

(Image Credit)

70. A mix of raw materials

Got any raw materials and metal scraps somewhere in your backyard or workshop? It can be old pallets, twigs and branches, and more. Put them all together in shallow ground, and you’ll end up with an innovative fire pit!

Fire pit with raw material sources

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If you love to enjoy your garden in the evenings, a fire pit is a perfect place to keep warm once the sun’s gone down!

We hope our list of ideas has given you some inspiration for your garden, from simple, budget-friendly solutions to whole garden makeovers.

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Yes, but there are a few considerations. Install your fire pit on a patch of level ground in an open yard area.


Allow at least 15 feet from other residences and at least 10 feet from property lines. The latter includes flammable structures such as wooden sheds, bushes, and trees.

Sunken fire pits have fewer risks as out-of-control fires are less likely to spread. But there are fewer dangers related to nearby combustibles when the fire is below ground.


If you're opting for this design, it can be dangerous for children and pets. So ensure to put cover on top, especially when not in use.

Fire pits can be placed directly on top of the grass. But without proper precaution, there can be major damage to the lawn. Experts recommend placing a mat or other material underneath to avoid damage.

Start with a layer of sand at the bottom of the pit, then top the sand with gravel. Then add lava rocks, paving stones or even bricks for your fire pit.


Alternatively, you can simply use dirt.

Some materials like hard rock, gravel, or sand can't reach high temperatures. What's more, they can spark and explode if your fire gets too hot.


Instead, we recommend using lava rocks for your fire pit or lava glass beads as a filler. They are way safer for creating drainage; at the same time, they can make your fire pit look nice.

Yes, especially if you're thinking of making your fire pit a permanent part of your backyard or patio. Doing so can prevent you from spending time and money on repairs.