Hottest Garden Fire Pit Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss!

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Turning your patio into a cosy haven for evening gatherings is easier than you might think. A garden fire pit makes the perfect addition, providing warmth and ambience at a low cost.

In this blog, we’ll share budget-friendly DIY ideas that will elevate your outdoor space. Ready to create a captivating focal pit point? Keep reading!

1. On a pebbled floor

Elevate your outdoor oasis by creating a small patio fire pit nestled within a bed of smooth pebbles. This simple yet elegant design enhances your retreat’s aesthetic while ensuring safety.

To achieve this, dig a shallow pit, line it with fireproof bricks, and fill it with pebbles. Top it off with a sturdy fire ring, and you’re ready to enjoy evenings by the flames.

Concrete fire pit on pebbled floor
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

2. White biofuel fire pit

Embrace modern minimalism with a white biofuel fire pit. Its sleek, clean lines and bio-ethanol fuel source make it a stylish and responsible choice. To create one, select a white fire pit patio, pour in bio-ethanol fuel canisters, and ignite. The dancing flames will add a chic and cosy atmosphere to your outdoor space.

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Fire pit lit by bio fuel blue stones
Image Credit: Pexels

3. DIY buried fire pit

For a rustic and integrated fire pit experience, consider burying it. Dig a pit in your backyard, layer it with heat-resistant bricks, and place a metal fire ring in the centre. The ground-level design ensures a seamless look. Meanwhile, the flames will mesmerise your guests without obstructing views.

In-ground brick campfire fire pit
Image Credit: Pxhere

4. Iron-raised fire pit

Achieve a touch of sophistication with an iron-raised steel fire pit UK. This design features an ornate iron stand that elevates the fire above the ground.

To replicate this, select an iron stand or have one custom-made, then place a fire bowl on top. Your garden retreat will exude elegance and warmth.

5. Paired with outdoor lighting

Illuminate your outdoor evenings with a stunning fire pit equipped with ambient lighting. Solar lantern string lights around the pit’s perimeter to create a captivating glow. Besides the warmth, this setup will also set the perfect mood for gatherings.

Fire pit seating area with LEDs
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

6. Fire with borders

Define your fire pit ring area by adding decorative borders. Surround it with stone, bricks, or even wooden seating for a cosy, intimate atmosphere. These borders both enhance safety and create a visually appealing focal point.

BillyOh Capri Firepit Rattan Corner Sofa Set
BillyOh Capri Firepit Rattan Corner Sofa Set

7. Utilise basic materials

Budget-conscious? Craft an easy and affordable fire pit with basic materials. Collect cinder blocks or bricks and stack them in a circular or square shape, leaving a gap for the fire. It’s a simple DIY project that offers warmth and ambience for outdoor gatherings.

DIY fire pit made of cinder blocks
Image Credit: Flickr, Tiny House Brewing & Farmstead

8. Sphere-shaped

Opt for a unique sphere-shaped fire pit to add a touch of artistry to your outdoor setting. The design is usually made from durable materials like steel or cast iron.

To acquire one, shop for a pre-made spherical fire pit. Alternatively, engage a metalworker for a custom creation. But if you’re short on time, why not invest in this steel outdoor fire basket instead? For only £81.00, it can become the centrepiece of your patio for years to come!

Sphere shaped backyard fire pit
Image Credit: Pexels

9. Fire pit and pergola

Combine the joys of an outdoor fire burner with the comfort of a pergola. Create a cosy seating area around your fire pit and install a pergola overhead. With this setup, you can enjoy warmth, shade, and a charming ambience all at once.

10. Outdoor lounge

Elevate your outdoor space into a full-fledged lounge by integrating a fire pit. Arrange comfortable seating and add cosy cushions. Surround the fire pit with tables for drinks and snacks. This design invites relaxation, conversations, and memorable outdoor gatherings.

Outdoor lounge with fire pit
Image Credit: Flickr, Thank You (22.5 Millions+) views

11. DIY stone and steel fire pit

How about you combine the durability of steel with the rustic charm of stone? This do-it-yourself idea offers both functionality and aesthetics!

To get started, stack natural stone blocks in a circular pattern and place a steel fire ring or bowl in the centre. This durable, low-maintenance, small outdoor fireplace will enhance your humble patio.

12. Make it personal

Create an intimate and portable around-the-fire experience with a personal-sized design. Use a small fire bowl or a repurposed washing machine drum as your fire pit. It’s perfect for solo moments of relaxation or for adding a cosy touch to smaller outdoor areas.

Small circular-shaped fire pit with love-seat bench in front
Image Credit: Flickr, CharmaineZoe’s Marvelous Melange

13. Amazing fire pit with roof

Elevate your fire pit experience with a roofed structure. To do so, build a pergola or Sunjoy gazebo over your fire pit area. Not only will this approach provide shelter from the elements, but it also adds a touch of luxury. Ensure proper ventilation to enjoy fires beneath the roof safely.

14. Round fire pit area

Opt for a circular design to create a harmonious and balanced space. Define the circle with pavers or stones, and place your fire pit in the centre. The rounded layout encourages a sense of togetherness. It also allows everyone to gather around the fire comfortably.

Half-round fire pit area
Image Credit: Flickr, Sarah

15. Stone brilliancy

Craft an impressive stone fire pit by arranging and mortaring stone blocks or bricks. The stone’s natural beauty creates a long-lasting and stunning centrepiece. Take a cue from this Mexican chimenea!

DIY stone backyard fire pit
Image Credit: Flickr, Abbey Hendrickson

16. Fire pit with lid

Ensure safety and versatility with a fire pit that comes with a lid. The lid allows you to cover the fire when not in use, converting the pit into a functional tabletop. This dual-purpose design maximises your outdoor space’s utility.

Have a look at the BillyOh Oakland Small Round Foldable Steel Fire Pit for inspiration.

Metal fire pit with lid
Image Credit: Pexels

17. Eco-smart

Embrace eco-consciousness with a fire pit that uses alternative fuel sources. Choose from propane or natural gas. These options burn cleaner and reduce emissions, making them more environmentally friendly. Install a gas burner or propane kit to enjoy a hassle-free and eco-smart fire pit experience.

18. DIY stacked bricks

Utilise readily available materials like bricks to create a DIY fire pit. Stack the bricks in your preferred design, ensuring stability and proper airflow. This budget-friendly option is a satisfying project for DIY enthusiasts!

DIY stacked bricks fire pit
Image Credit: Flickr, allenran 917

19. Corner fire pit area

Maximise your outdoor space by designing a cosy corner fire pit area. Create a niche using pavers, bricks, or seating arrangements in a corner of your yard or patio. This strategic layout adds charm and functionality to otherwise underutilised spaces.

Top tip: If the space allows, squeeze in your rattan corner sofa set for added comfort.

20. Sunken fire pit area

Enhance safety and aesthetic appeal by sinking your fire pit into the ground. Dig a shallow pit, surround it with retaining walls or stones, and place your fire ring inside. The sunken design also provides better wind protection and a unique.

21. Pebble island

Elevate your fire pit with a pebble island, offering a unique and natural appeal. Surround it with a layer of smooth pebbles for both aesthetics and functionality. This design not only looks captivating but also helps with drainage and maintenance.

22. Bricks and stone semicircle

Craft a charming semicircular fire pit area by combining bricks and stones. Use bricks to create a curved wall, then add a stone fire pit in the centre. This blend of materials adds warmth and character to your outdoor space.

Bricks and stones fire pit
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

23. Tree stumps and rocks

Embrace a rustic feel by incorporating tree stumps and rocks into your fire pit area. Use tree stumps as seating and border the patio fire pit with large rocks. This earthy design creates a natural, cosy atmosphere.

24. Blue fire pebbles

Infuse a touch of colour into your garden pit by using blue fire pebbles. These specially designed pebbles change the colour of the flames. In return, they create a mesmerising visual effect. They simply add a unique and captivating element to your garden oasis.

25. Useful garden bench

Combine form and function with a fire pit bench that doubles as storage. Construct a sturdy wooden bench with a hinged lid. This will provide a convenient place to sit and store firewood or other essentials. The overall design maximises space and utility. For reference, take a cue on this outdoor storage bench.

Fire pit with round bench seating
Image Credit: Pxhere

26. Modern black fire pit and small benches

This approach will help you achieve a sleek and contemporary look. The black finish adds sophistication. Meanwhile, the compact benches create an intimate seating arrangement, perfect for small gatherings.

BillyOh Phoenix 3 in 1 Square Metal Fire Pit, BBQ Grill and Ice Pit
BillyOh Phoenix 3 in 1 Square Metal Fire Pit, BBQ Grill and Ice Pit

27. Private fire pit area

Create a secluded and private fire pit area using tall plants, screens, or fencing. This design not only adds intimacy to your outdoor space but also shields it from prying eyes. Overall, it allows for cosy, private gatherings around the fire.

Private fire pit area in the mountains accompanied by two wooden chairs
Image Credit: Skip to contentNSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

28. Stone bricks raised fire pit

Construct a raised fire pit using sturdy stone bricks. Stack the bricks to form a raised platform for your fire pit, enhancing safety and visibility. This design also adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor setting.

29. Stone veneer fire pit for patio

For this DIY, apply stone veneer to your fire pit and surrounding areas. This stone veneer adds texture and visual appeal. It can turn your ordinary fire pit area into an extraordinary retreat.

30. Simple concrete fire pit area

Create a minimalist and low-maintenance fire pit area using concrete. Pour a concrete pad or use precast concrete blocks to form the base of your fire pit. This clean and simple design is easy to maintain and complements any garden setting.

Simple patio fire pit with Adirondack chairs
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

31. DIY fire pit with lid

Incorporate safety and versatility by adding a lid to your DIY fire pit. A lid can provide the best of both worlds: 1.) it prevents embers from escaping and 2.) transforms your fire pit into a functional tabletop when not in use.

Simply create a wooden or metal lid that fits securely to enjoy a dual-purpose setup. Add a grill and create a poker for added functionality. Take inspiration from the BillyOh Star Outdoor Fireplace!

32. With corner pergola

Enhance your fire pit area with a corner pergola. This addition not only provides shade but also creates an inviting ambience. Install the pergola posts around the fire pit. Then, drape with outdoor curtains for privacy and aesthetics. It’s a charming way to elevate your outdoor space.

33. Fire pit and pool

Combine the luxury of a pool with the warmth of a fire pit. Position your fire pit near the pool for an enchanting juxtaposition of elements. Consider adding seating and lighting to create an inviting poolside retreat. Most importantly, ensure proper safety measures.

Swimming pool with a fire pit in Villa Del Palmar Resort Cancun, Mexico
Image Credit: Flickr, Kirt Edblom

34. Bubble wood burning fire pits

Infuse a touch of whimsy with bubble-shaped wood-burning fire pits. These unique designs add an artistic flair to your setting while providing warmth. Look for pre-made bubble fire pits or engage a metalworker for a custom creation.

35. With garden seat cushions combined

Create a contemporary outdoor lounge with a modern fire pit and cushioned seating. Sleek, clean lines and comfortable cushions make for a stylish and cosy setup. Invest in weather-resistant cushions and fire-resistant materials for safety and durability.

36. Simple copper setup

Embrace the timeless appeal of copper with a simple copper fire pit setup. This design idea adds elegance and develops a unique patina over time. Ensure proper ventilation and rust prevention to maintain its beauty and functionality.

37. Fire pit in wooden deck

Integrate a fire pit into your wooden deck for a seamless outdoor experience. Use fire-resistant materials beneath the fire pit and create a safe buffer zone. This design allows you to enjoy the warmth of a fire while remaining on your deck’s elevated surface.

Stone fire pit on composite decking
Image Credit: Flickr, Fiberon

38. Wild desert fire pit oasis

Transform your outdoor space into a desert-inspired fire pit oasis. Incorporate desert plants, rocks, and sand to create an arid landscape around the fire pit. This design pays homage to nature and evokes a sense of tranquillity and adventure.

Wild desert fire pit oasis
Image Credit: DD Building

39. The fire pit steel

Opt for durability and aesthetics with a fire pit made of steel. Steel fire pits withstand the elements and develop a beautiful patina. Consider custom designs or shop for pre-made ones for a touch of industrial elegance.

BillyOh Oakland Small Round Foldable Steel Fire Pit
BillyOh Oakland Small Round Foldable Steel Fire Pit

40. Bowl tabletop

Enjoy the beauty of flames on a tabletop with a bowl tabletop fire pit. These compact, portable designs are perfect for smaller spaces or gatherings. Fill a fireproof bowl with fire glass or pebbles, add a small burner, and ignite.

Top tip: If you wish to invest in a bigger version soon, you can never go wrong with this corner garden sofa with fire pit!

Portable steel fire pit
Image Credit: Pxhere

41. Modern tiled fire pit

Modernise your fire pit with sleek tiles, adding both style and durability. Apply heat-resistant tiles to the fire pit’s exterior for a chic finish. Ensure proper ventilation, and select tiles that complement your outdoor decor. Take a look at this fireplace table with a tiling design!

Beacon 3 in 1 Fire Pit, BBQ, & Star Tiled Coffee Table
Beacon 3 in 1 Fire Pit, BBQ, & Star Tiled Coffee Table

42. Flameless fire pit decor

Opt for decor with flameless alternatives like LED candles or decorative glass. Arrange these elements in the pit for a mesmerising glow without actual flames. This approach is great for enhancing safety and ambience.

43. Brick tabletop

Enhance your outdoor table with a brick tabletop fire pit. Create a fireproof surface using bricks or pavers, and place a small fire bowl in the centre. This design combines function and aesthetics, allowing for cosy dinners and gatherings.

44. Fire pit and grill in one

Maximise your outdoor cooking experience with a fire pit that doubles as a grill. Invest in a fire pit with a grill grate or add a removable grill accessory. This multifunctional setup allows you to enjoy both flame and grilled delicacies.

Top tip: To save you from this trouble, say no more with the BillyOh Phoenix 3 in 1 Square Metal Fire Pit, BBQ Grill and Ice Pit!

4 in 1 Fire Pit, BBQ Grill, Ice Cooler, & Round Ceramic Table
4 in 1 Fire Pit, BBQ Grill, Ice Cooler, & Round Ceramic Table

45. A big concrete bowl

Craft a substantial fire pit using a large concrete bowl. This bold design not only adds a focal point but also radiates warmth effectively. Secure it on a sturdy base, ensuring proper safety precautions.

46. A table fire pit

Elevate your patio with a table fire pit that combines practicality and aesthetics. A great example is this rattan garden furniture with fire pit.

Choose a patio table with a built-in fire pit feature. This design offers a convenient gathering spot with a mesmerising flame display.

BillyOh Sicily 8 Seater Firepit Rattan Dining Set
BillyOh Sicily 8 Seater Firepit Rattan Dining Set

47. White stucco

Achieve a clean and contemporary look with a white stucco fire pit. Apply stucco to the exterior, creating a sleek and minimalist appearance. This design complements modern outdoor spaces while ensuring a lasting finish.

48. Made from contrasting materials

Blend various materials like metal, wood, and stone to achieve contrasting textures. The combination adds visual interest and depth to your fire pit and outdoor area. Ensure proper ventilation and stability while achieving an eye-catching design.

Patio lounge with modern fire pit
Image Credit: Flickr, Massachusetts Office Of Travel & Tourism

49. Old pool banquette

Repurpose an old pool banquette into a unique fire pit seating area. Convert the banquette into a raised platform and place a fire pit in the centre. This upcycling project offers a cosy, sunken retreat for gatherings.

50. The centre of the action

Position your fire pit as the focal point, surrounded by seating and amenities. Ensure ample space for guests to gather, relax, and enjoy the fire. This design encourages interaction and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

51. Chimney fire pit

A chiminea fire pit offers a distinctive, enclosed design. It directs smoke upward and adds a touch of rustic charm. This tall chiminea model in black sets a prime example.

Place it on your patio for efficient heat dispersion and an inviting ambience. Keep it well-maintained with occasional cleaning to ensure safe and enjoyable fires.

BillyOh Austin Metal Chiminea Fire Pit Patio Heater
BillyOh Austin Metal Chiminea Fire Pit Patio Heater

52. A mix of the elements

Combine elements like stone, metal, and wood to create a unique and eclectic fire pit. This fusion of materials adds character and visual interest to your outdoor space. Ensure proper construction and stability while embracing this creative approach.

View of fire pit area and steps leading down to pool
Image Credit: Flickr, Caviness Landscape Design, Inc.

63. On the ground

Keep it simple with an on-the-ground fire pit, where flames dance on open ground. This minimalist design is easy to set up using fireproof bricks or stones. Ensure a safe and level foundation. Also, prioritise fire safety measures for an enjoyable experience.

In-ground lawn fire pit
Image Credit: Rawpixel

54. Gabion fire pit

Construct a fire pit using gabion walls filled with rocks or stones. This innovative design offers a blend of aesthetics and functionality. Ensure the gabion structure is sturdy and the fire pit area is well-ventilated for safe fires. It’s a distinctive addition to your outdoor space.

55. A mix of raw materials

Experiment with raw, untreated materials like reclaimed wood, natural stone, and metal. This approach adds an organic and rustic feel to your outdoor space. Focus on stability and proper airflow while crafting this one-of-a-kind fire pit.

A mix of raw materials fire pit
Image Credit: Rawpixel


If you love to enjoy your garden in the evenings, a fire pit is a perfect place to keep warm once the sun’s gone down!

We hope our list of ideas has given you some inspiration for your garden. Explore BillyOh for more top-quality, cheap fire pit models and electric patio heaters. Or click the button below to shop our range of smokin’ hot garden fire pits!

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Shop Fire Pits


Yes, but there are a few considerations. Install your fire pit on a patch of level ground in an open yard area.


Allow at least 15 feet from other residences and at least 10 feet from property lines. The latter includes flammable structures such as wooden sheds, bushes, and trees.

Sunken fire pits have fewer risks as out-of-control fires are less likely to spread. But there are fewer dangers related to nearby combustibles when the fire is below ground.


If you're opting for this design, it can be dangerous for children and pets. So ensure to put cover on top, especially when not in use.

Fire pits can be placed directly on top of the grass. But without proper precaution, there can be major damage to the lawn. Experts recommend placing a mat or other material underneath to avoid damage.

Start with a layer of sand at the bottom of the pit, then top the sand with gravel. Then add lava rocks, paving stones or even bricks for your fire pit.


Alternatively, you can simply use dirt.

Some materials like hard rock, gravel, or sand can't reach high temperatures. What's more, they can spark and explode if your fire gets too hot.


Instead, we recommend using lava rocks for your fire pit or lava glass beads as a filler. They are way safer for creating drainage; at the same time, they can make your fire pit look nice.

Yes, especially if you're thinking of making your fire pit a permanent part of your backyard or patio. Doing so can prevent you from spending time and money on repairs.