Awesome Long Garden Ideas + Landscaping Tips

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Having a long and narrow garden design is actually kind of a luxury, but it can be a challenge when designing it. A rectangular dining table may not be enough to do so.

You have to think of how to maximise on that potentially awkward space. So if you want to give your narrow plot a new lease of life and get that wow factor all year round, we’re here to help!

In this post, we’ve curated landscaping and garden ideas for long gardens from all over the web with long garden ideas. 

1. Modern long garden urban garden

Divide your garden to make different spaces work for you. Here, there’s a large seating area with a patio, a lush green lawn with stepping stones and even a football field at the back!

Modern long garden with a large seating area with a patio, a lush green lawn with stepping stones and a football field

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2. Narrow garden with gym

Set aside some space in your garden for a gym to work on your body without having to leave home. For more ideas, take a look at these fantastic garden gym ideas!

Narrow garden with gym

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3. Zig zag

When you have a long garden, you can get creative with the shapes of the grass and flower beds.

Zig-zag shaped long, narrow garden

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4. Multi-ambient garden

First, some space for the kids to run. Then, a nice dining table for picnics and dinners. And then, some grass to lay down and watch the sky.

long garden with a a nice table for picnics and dinners

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5. Side garden bed

Create some planting beds along the long edges of the garden to add some height with trees and plants.

Side garden bed along the long edges of the garden

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6. Multi-zoned long garden

Another great example of breaking your garden up into zones; you could even have a section dedicated to each member of the family.

Multi-zoned long garden

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7. Table and shed outdoor furniture

Circular lawns and flower beds can help hide the corridor-feel of a long garden and stop the eye from being drawn straight to the back. Add a cosy outdoor dining space to make the most of your garden on those warm, sunny evenings. 

A cosy outdoor dining area

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8. Brick path

A winding path and more natural planting will help to draw attention to the rest of the garden rather than focusing on the length. 

A brick winding path and more natural planting around

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9. Lights on tree

Trees are the perfect addition to a narrow garden to give some added height. Decorate it with some hanging lights to draw the eye up. 

A tree decorated with some hanging lights

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10. Railway sleepers

Use alternative-shaped flower beds to make your narrow garden look wider, as straight beds will just make it feel more enclosed. 

An alternative-shaped flower beds

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11. Tables on the sides

Different areas break up the narrow space – a small seating area for morning coffee, flower beds and a lawn to bring some life to the garden and then a family dining area for those sunny evening meals outside. 

A small seating area for morning coffee, flower beds and a lawn

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12. Wooden deck

A modern wooden decking/pathway and tall plants and trees create the illusion of space in a narrow garden. The winding style of the path takes you around the garden rather than giving focus to the far end. 

A modern wooden pathway and tall plants and trees

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13. Circular shapes

Use shapes like circles for patios and lawns to break up the space into defined areas.

A patio with circular shaped lawns

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14. Narrow garden with stepping stones

Go for winding stepping stones rather than a solid, straight path to make the garden seem wider. 

Narrow garden with stepping stones

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15. Side pergola garden building

If you don’t want to cover your entire garden, go for a small pergola at the side. Get shade as well as privacy during your al fresco dining.

16. Small ponds

Water features can help to drown out the noise from neighbours, which can often be intrusive in long, thin gardens. 

A garden with small ponds, left and right

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17. Narrow garden with shed

A shallow shed like this one is perfect for narrow gardens. It breaks up the space and gives you somewhere to store tools and bicycles. 

A thin shed perfect for narrow gardens

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18. Perfect path

Having a small path in your garden protects your grass. It’s important to avoid straight paths in a long, narrow garden as they direct your attention straight to the back and emphasise the length. 

A small, perfect path for a long, narrow garden

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19. Hard shapes

Triangles and diagonals will help to make your garden appear wider than a standard rectangular lawn or patio would. 

Triangle and diagonal shaped garden lawn

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20. Plank path

A soft wooden path that winds through the flower beds will bring beach vibes to your garden.

A soft wooden path

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21. Two-level perfect grass

Splitting the long lawn into two with a row of trees helps to divide the space and make the garden feel shorter. 

Two-level perfect grass

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22. Couches and fire pit

If you have the space, why not create a little comfort outside? Place a couple of sofas and a fire pit to keep you warm at night.

A a couple of sofas and a fire pit in the garden

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23. Pergola and minimalist garden

Add some shade into your garden with a small pergola, and create different areas using gravel, paving and grass.  

A small pergola that adds shade in a minimalist garden

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24. Modern cabin

Use some of that extra long garden to build a modern cabin and gain some extra indoor space.

A modern cabin installed in a long, narrow garden

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25. Zen long garden

A small brick path with natural planting, plus some perfectly shaped bushes, provide a lovely section to a zen garden. Concrete accents bring a modern feel.

A small brick path with natural planting, plus some perfectly shaped bushes

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26. Dream long garden

Perfectly pruned hedges and trees give this garden a manicured, stately home-feel. 

Perfectly pruned hedges and trees in a well-manicured garden

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27. Minimal garden

Keep it simple but stylish using black accents that give a modern vibe. Add some seating on the porch, along with some sleek steps and plenty of natural greenery.

A minimal garden styled with black accents, giving a modern vibe

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28. Wooden side pergola with bench

A pergola will protect you from the sun’s harsh rays, so add a bench underneath for an excellent place to sit back and relax.

Wooden side pergola with bench

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29. Long ceramic path

Another example of a winding path that captures your attention to give the illusion of a wider space.

Long ceramic path, giving the illusion of a wider space

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30. Pond with pebbles

No pool? Cool down with a nice little pond on the side of your garden.

Pond with pebbles

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31. Flower pergola

A classic metal pergola provides the perfect base for climbing vines and flowers to create a fabulous shaded alfresco dining area.

A classic metal pergola providing the perfect base for climbing vines and flowers

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32. Buried pots

If you prefer not to see your plant pots, bury them within your flower beds for a more polished finish to your garden.

Plant pots buried within a flower bed

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33. Playground

Don’t forget to think about the kids when breaking your garden into sections. 

A wooden playground for the kids

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34. Modern garden with Jacuzzi

Clean, sharp lines give this narrow garden a modern feel and provide distinctive areas to enjoy. They’ve even added a square hot tub to fit with the theme!

Clean, sharp lines giving this narrow garden a modern feel. Plus, with a Jacuzzi

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35. Long dry river

Keeping a river beautiful and clean is a lot of work. However, a dry river requires close to no maintenance. Decorate yours with miniature bridges and edging stones to imitate a real river.

A long, dry river

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36. Circular traditions

Use circular shapes throughout your garden to create the feeling of more space. Light coloured fences also help to keep it feeling spacious.

Circular traditions throughout a garden, creating the feeling of more space

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37. Modern multi-level fountain

You can also add some modern decorations to bring your garden to life, like this awesome fountain. The trickling sound will help to mask noises from your neighbours that are often a problem with narrow gardens.

Modern multi-level fountain

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38. Multi-level decking idea

Multiple levels of decking and plants help to give your garden more texture and height, so it won’t feel as narrow.

Multiple levels of decking and plants

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39. Fire pit and lights

Enjoy evenings in the garden with friends and family by adding a circular seating area with hanging lights and a firepit to keep warm.

A circular seating area with hanging lights and a fire pit

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40. Waterfall edges

You don’t need lots of space for a water feature – add miniature waterfalls around your decking so you can have the soothing sounds of running water to help you relax. 

Waterfall edges

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41. Side plants

Tall trees add some extra height to your garden and give you some added privacy from your neighbours. 

Tall trees and side plants

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42. Greenhouse

If you have plenty of space, you can get really creative. You could even have a large greenhouse in your backyard.

A wooden greenhouse in a backyard

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43. Modern backyard with lights

Adding some floor or wall lighting always makes your garden look bigger, and you can also enjoy your backyard into the evening. 

Modern backyard with lights

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44. Vegetable garden

Try growing your own vegetables in your backyard. It could eventually save you a trip to the supermarket!

Corner vegetable garden

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45. Waterfall and garden bed

Add a waterfall amongst your flower beds and relax while listening to the falling water.

Waterfall and garden bed

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46. Lanterns and concrete path

It’s important to add some lighting along your path if you’re planning to eat dinner outside or explore your garden in the evening.

Lanterns and concrete path

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47. Black pergola and hammock

Add a swing seat to transform a classic pergola into a comfortable spot to while away the afternoon. 

Black pergola and hammock

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48. Flower bed

Create curved flower beds to decorate your lawn edges instead of just a simple fence. 

A curved flower bed

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49. Gravel and timber path

Use timber pieces to create ‘steps’ if your garden’s on a slope, as gravel can be slippery alone. 

Gravel and timber path

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50. Fountain and stepping stones

If you’re going with a stone fountain, some stone stepping stones are perfect to complete your garden look.

Fountain and stepping stones

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51. Elevate seating with raised deck

Create a focal point at the end of your plot by adding an elevated seating area. The raised deck lifts the space.

The wide stepping stones embedded in this garden gravel pathway draws the eye width ways.

Elevate seating area with raised deck

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52. Stunning long water feature

A stunning water feature can be a lovely focal point for long garden ideas. This style blends well with the plot’s shape, offering sensory benefits with its soothing sound, cool feel, and lustrous look.

Stunning long water feature with pebbles

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53. Bluestone paths with merging seating spots

This Bluestone path passes over the property, unifying outdoor seating areas with directing flow from one space to the next. There’s a fire pit at the end and each corner is surrounded with full and colourful flowers.

Bluestone paths with merging seating spots

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54. Large contemporary back xeriscape garden

A long garden that features contemporary back xeriscape style. The concrete paving and a garden path makes the space even longer.

This concept is a great way to separate the spaces, such as the swimming pool at the left side.

Large contemporary back xeriscape garden

(Image Credit)

55. Consistent colour scheme

Going for a consistent colour scheme for your long garden is a smart idea. Take a look at this one; the warm, sandy tones create a soothing and cohesive style.

An outdoor space like this will instantly welcome you and your guests with comfort.

Long garden with the warm, sandy tones creating a soothing and cohesive style

(Image Credit)

56. Outdoor kitchen

Looking for outdoor kitchen ideas? Upgrade the look of your yard dining area by adding a kitchen garden.

This modular alfresco design can be the missing piece to your dream kitchen garden.

Modular alfresco outdoor kitchen design

(Image Credit)

57. Stunning water feature

No pool? No problem; add an attractive feature like a garden pond, or cool down with this long water feature! Mix it between your garden path and surround it with greenery for a touch of serenity.

Stunning water feature between a garden path

(Image Credit)

58. Textural planting of ornamental grasses

Mass planting of grasses and complementary colour palettes can provide a sense of both unity and definition to your long plot. Have a look at this Hampshire garden; the mixes of grasses add elegant inflorescence to the property.

Textural planting of ornamental grasses

(Image Credit)

The Bottom Line

The main thing to remember with long, narrow gardens is to use different shapes for lawns and patios and divide your space up into different areas using winding paths and irregular planting or flower beds. 

Hopefully you can use some of these ideas to help you transform your garden into a relaxing space you’ll be able to enjoy with the whole family.

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to giving your long narrow plot a new lease of life. For one, you can utilise the space by adding a multi-level deck, or you can refer back to our list for more narrow garden ideas!

On top of our garden design ideas, maintenance is key to making your long outdoor space look nice. Treating your beautiful garden to new outdoor furniture also works wonders.

Long garden ideas with a sensory garden is one the most opted choices by many UK homeowners, especially for their garden path. Children will surely love a garden path with different elements that stimulate the five basic senses.

Use shapes, potted plants and structures to create screens or for a diversion. A garden building will also do the trick, as well as a wooden decking idea or a garden path.

These can help break up your yard and create an entertaining space, outdoor dining space, and more!

A few of our favourite concepts are establishing a garden pond that can benefit the wildlife and creating an infinity pool that can be benefited by the whole family. Then again, there are lots of savvy ways you can design your space; make sure to get enough inspiration as much as you can!