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Outdoor Lights

Adding lighting to your garden or outdoor space does more than shed a bit of light - it changes everything from how you use it to how it looks and feels. It can even be the difference between a garden you would rather ignore and a garden you love.

The BillyOh range of outdoor lights covers everything from ground to wall lights with a selection of styles and functions to choose from. Light up some outdoor seating, highlight your centrepiece, or get extra peace of mind with security lights. We've even got solar garden lights available for those seeking an eco-friendly way to brighten their surroundings.

Get the garden lights you've been looking for with delivery in days - just find what suits you below.

Biard Garden Spike Light

Biard Garden Spike Light

from £29 £34 SAVE UP TO £5
Biard LED Stainless Steel Contemporary Wall Light

Biard LED Stainless Steel Contemporary Wall Light

from £7.93
Biard LED Twin Emergency Spotlight

Biard LED Twin Emergency Spotlight

from £29 £34 SAVE UP TO £5

Biard Glass & Black Aluminium Lantern Outdoor Wall Light

Biard Glass & Black Aluminium Flush Outdoor Wall Light

Biard Glass & Black Aluminium Flush Outdoor Wall Light

£15.92 £24 SAVE UP TO £8.08

Biard Adjustable Chain Pendant Lamp Outdoor Light

Biard Modern Lantern Wall Light

Biard Modern Lantern Wall Light

£19.39 £29 SAVE UP TO £9.61

Biard Grey Angled Square Wall Light

Biard Silver LED Lighter Wall Light

Biard Silver LED Lighter Wall Light


LED Hanging Firework Light


Cage Lantern with Edison Bulb


Biard LED Stainless Steel Angled Wall Light

*Subject to delivery postcode

Outdoor Lighting UK

Shop From A Wide Range of Garden Lights

Good exterior lights are a staple of any home. They let us know someone is home, potentially alert us to (and hopefully, dissuade) intruders and generally help to bring your vision of the home outdoors. So with everything from spotlights and ground lights to outdoor LED lights to choose from - browse our collection to make the perfect purchase.

Light Your Space In Style

Whether it's for accent lighting outside an entranceway or decorative lighting to fit in with your garden design, we've got an array of options on offer. Pick from solar-powered string lights for a fairytale feel or LED square box wall lights for a contemporary look (as well as everything in between!).

Options For Outdoor Lights

We've got motion sensors to use in conjunction with decking lights or patio lights as well as spike lights for contouring garden features like paths and rockeries. Fixed lights like porch lights and driveway lights are also available.

Think Solar Lighting Instead Of Battery-Powered Lighting

And for those decorative lights, pick between our battery-powered options or energy-efficient solar-powered lights. The light bulbs of solar lights are powered by the sun - making them perfect for outdoor use. Plus, solar lighting can offer a warm, rounded glow. Whereas, one of the key features of LED garden lights - a clear, white light, may be better suited for wall fixtures.

Security Lighting

BillyOh's range of security lights and outdoor sensor lights can help bring you the peace of mind associated with a safe and secure home. You can even deck out outbuildings and decks with our range of porch lights.

Ground Lights

And for garden paths, what could be better than border lights that can be sunk or hidden into flower beds and rock gardens? Our ground lights are just one of the many garden lighting solutions we offer, 

Outdoor Wall Lights

Or, light up your home in style with BillyOh's carefully selected range of Biard wall lights. Shop for exciting exterior lighting solutions across a range of styles and start brightening up your outdoor space today!