50 BBQ Area Ideas for Year-Round Grilling

If you love to entertain friends and family in your garden, a great BBQ area is essential!

We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the top 50 ideas for incorporating a BBQ space into your backyard for those summer parties. 

Let’s jump in!

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1. Cedar BBQ area

Wood is the first choice when preparing your garden for the BBQ season. Add a roof cover so you can still BBQ if the great British weather decides to take a turn for the worse. 

And spotlights mean you can carry on cooking after dark!

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A garden BBQ area made of cedar wood with black finish metal frames

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2. Long modern BBQ area

If you have the space, you could build a whole outdoor kitchen with work surfaces and a sink. You could even have matching planters to tie it in with the garden. 

Long modern BBQ area that also serves as an outdoor kitchen

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3. Enclosed wooden BBQ area

Or if you’re short on space, create a cosy area on your patio for your BBQ so you can have your friends over for a grill.

Enclosed wooden BBQ area in the poolside

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4. Aerial marble BBQ

This modern, freestanding design adds an appealing corner to your house that’s dedicated to cooking and relaxing with friends.

A garden BBQ area made with modern, freestanding aerial marble design

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5. Outdoor bar with BBQ

An outdoor bar area is perfect for serving lovely family meals, and some drinks along with them.

An outdoor bar area with BBQ station

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6. Outdoor cedar mini kitchen

You don’t need much space to build yourself a kitchen outdoors. This cute, compact version has everything you need for BBQs and parties to save you going back and forth to the house. 

Cute, compact outdoor cedar mini kitchen

7. Concrete cooking station

When talking about practicality, nothing beats concrete. You can shape it any way you like and it’s easy to maintain, plus it provides a modern finish to your outdoor cooking station. 

8. Secret BBQ area

When the door is closed, it just looks like a storage room in your garden. But open it up, and the magic begins! 

Plus the door will protect your cooking area from the elements when you’re not using it. 

A secret BBQ area that opens up

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9. Wood and plants

Add some soft lighting to set the mood, so your cooking area can become an amazing place to enjoy at night. This is a perfect setting for hosting the perfect BBQ party!

A modern outdoor kitchen area surrounded with wood and plants

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10. Simple BBQ and bar

You don’t need a huge setup for your BBQ and a small bar to sit and have some drinks with your meal. 

Simple BBQ and bar with one grill and two stools

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11. Small white BBQ area

Incorporate your BBQ area into your raised garden beds to make it fit in with your garden theme. Have a seat and relax while the meat is on the grill.

Small white BBQ area with wooden cabinets

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12. Bar and BBQ Shed

Build your own garden bar and BBQ shed so you can enjoy garden parties in all weathers with your friends and family. 

A garden BBQ set up in a shed building

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13. Simple BBQ shack

Build your own shack for your BBQ so you can still cook even when it’s raining. 

Simple BBQ shack made from pallets

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14. DIY brick BBQ

Brick BBQs are a classic and they last forever. Plus they’re easy to build yourself!

DIY brick BBQ ideal for small gardens

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15. Stone outdoor kitchen

Stones are also a great material for a durable BBQ area. Maybe even throw in a sink and for washing up or fill it with ice to keep your drinks cool!

 Stone outdoor kitchen with a sink and storage cabinets

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16. Modern outdoor bar and BBQ

Simple, yet modern-looking. Perfect to have some friends over for an evening meal outdoors.

Modern outdoor bar and BBQ with wooden structure and concrete table top

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17. Backyard BBQ area

Add a pergola above the grill to avoid extreme sunlight or a little rain.

Backyard BBQ area with pergola above

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18. Small BBQ shelter

Maybe you don’t need a whole pergola or shed for your BBQ area, just something to cover the BBQ itself to protect it from the rain.

Small BBQ shelter with a small open shed for cover

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19. BBQ area on deck

If you have room on your deck, you can place the BBQ there and save some garden space. 

 BBQ area on a wooden patio deck

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20. DIY pergola for BBQ

You can easily craft the shelter for your BBQ yourself from wood and tin panels. Maybe make it a little bigger than your BBQ to give you space for a little bar or drinks area.

DIY pergola for BBQ made from wood and tin panels

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21. Small BBQ area with bench

Cooking on a BBQ can take some time, so place a small bench next to it, so you can rest while the food’s cooking.

Small stone BBQ area with bench next to it

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22. Huge backyard BBQ area with canopy

If you have plenty of space on your patio area, add some comfy seating and spend whole afternoons back there.

Huge backyard BBQ area with canopy

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23. DIY wood BBQ area

It’s great to have some space for chopping and serving your BBQ food. If you’re handy with wood you could even build your own to fit your space.

DIY wood BBQ area

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24. Small outdoor kitchen

The term “outdoor kitchen” sounds like a big space outdoors. But that’s not necessarily true; a small setup can go a long way, too.

This is an excellent way to add value to your property as well!

Small outdoor kitchen with a classic and retro vibes

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25. BBQ and fireplace area

Add a fire pit into your BBQ area to keep you warm during your evening gatherings in your garden. 

BBQ and fireplace area in one place

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26. White and dark wood area

This classy BBQ area has stylish slate worktops and dark wood to fit with the modern garden theme. Add some useful cupboard space around the BBQ to keep some logs or coal and your BBQ tools. 

White and dark wood classy BBQ area

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27. BBQ shack and bench

No need to have the whole kitchen outside if you don’t want it. But a little roof for your BBQ area is always great. 

BBQ shack and bench with grill and smoker

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28. Bespoke outdoor kitchen shed

This contemporary outdoor kitchen takes up minimal space and can be closed off when not in use. The door can also provide a great shelter if the weather is bad. 

Bespoke outdoor kitchen shed with an opening door/canopy

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29. Simple grey BBQ area on wall

You could go for a small, simple outdoor cooking area with cupboard space for your tools and storage for logs for your BBQ. 

Simple grey BBQ area on wall

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30. Outdoor modern BBQ on deck

Black wood gives this simple BBQ area a modern, stylish feel that matches the garden fencing. A black built-in fridge is a great addition and goes well with the theme.

Outdoor modern BBQ in on deck

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31. Small fridge in outdoor BBQ area

Add a fridge to your outdoor kitchen to keep your beverages cold so you can make less trips to the kitchen.

Small fridge in outdoor BBQ area

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32. Modern BBQ area with lights

Create a modern-looking garden by using white tones in your raised beds and outdoor kitchen area. Add some lighting to transform it into a party area at night.

Modern BBQ area and outdoor space with lights

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33. Modern BBQ and table deck

This beautiful stone bar and BBQ give this garden a great party space. The downlights mean this area can be enjoyed into the evening too. 

Modern BBQ and table deck

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34. DIY BBQ concrete area

You can create your own unique BBQ using a steel barrel or drum and giving it a paint job. 

35. Modern wooden BBQ area

Build a modern BBQ area right outside on your deck, to have some shelter but still be able to enjoy the view of your garden and keep an eye on the kids.

Modern wooden BBQ area

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36. Outdoor relaxing spot with BBQ

Add a BBQ into your cosy seating area so you can spend the whole day enjoying your outdoor space. 

Outdoor relaxing spot with BBQ and cosy seating area

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37. Discreet BBQ area for small garden

If you don’t have much space for a huge setup, a smaller one gets the job done as well. Plus, it looks really appealing. 

This modern example can be hidden away when not in use. 

Discreet BBQ area for small garden

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38. Rustic BBQ area

If rustic is more your style, build your own BBQ area using weathered wood panels and stone walls. 

Rustic BBQ area made from weathered wood panels and stone walls

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39. Marble and bricks outdoor BBQ area

Grey tones and marble worktops create a cool, relaxing space for your outdoor kitchen and BBQ. Add some comfortable chairs and enjoy your meals at the bar. 

Marble and bricks outdoor BBQ area

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40. Appealing BBQ corner area

Get your cook on in this cool, casual outdoor cooking space. If you have enough space for this kind of setup you could include a pizza oven to enjoy pizza nights with friends.

Appealing BBQ corner area

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41. Simple wooden table for BBQ

You don’t need a huge setup for your BBQ area. Keep it simple with a standalone BBQ and a bar area for serving your delicious food!

Simple wooden table for BBQ

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42. Black and white poolside BBQ area

Black and white always go great together, and a BBQ area is no exception. With sleek white walls and stylish black granite worktops, this simple outdoor kitchen would be a great addition to any garden.

Black and white poolside BBQ area

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43. Small corner BBQ area

Again, no need for a huge setup in your backyard if you can fit all you need into a smaller space. This corner kitchen under a shelter has everything you need to enjoy a BBQ.

Small corner BBQ area

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44. Modern spectacular BBQ area

Grey worktops and deep dark tones look amazing next to this modern BBQ. You can even place a decorative clock to keep track of cooking times.

Modern spectacular BBQ area in grey

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45. Concrete and wood simple BBQ area

Concrete is a great, lasting material, perfect for outdoor construction, such as this modern, industrial-style BBQ area. 

Concrete and wood simple BBQ area

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46. U-shaped bar and BBQ

Add a stylish bar to your garden space to keep the conversation and drinks flowing when there’s someone cooking.

U-shaped stylish bar and BBQ

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47. Stone BBQ area with pergola

Add a shelter or pergola to your BBQ area to give you some protection from the sun while you’re cooking. 

Stone BBQ area with pergola

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48. Beautiful wooden BBQ area

Black worktops give a whole new look to your BBQ area and make it easy to keep clean.

Beautiful wooden BBQ area

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49. DIY brick BBQ with tables

If you’re building your own, why not add some worktop space next to your BBQ for you to plate up your BBQ food. It’s a simple but practical design that’s easy to create. 

DIY brick BBQ with tables

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50. Floating BBQ

This built-in BBQ has a sleek, stylish design that will fit into any garden design and won’t take up much space.

Built-in BBQ grill with a sleek, stylish design

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There are so many BBQ designs out there to fit any size garden space and match all kinds of garden styles. From charcoal vs gas BBQs to hybrid, you have so many options out there!

Whether it’s standalone BBQs you’re looking for or whole outdoor kitchen design inspiration, we hope you’ve found some ideas to help you convert your garden into a social space you can enjoy.

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