BBQ Party Games Ideas for All Ages

Summertime means plenty of BBQs and parties with family and friends in your back garden. And no BBQ is complete without outdoor games!

Party activities are great for getting everyone involved in the fun and provide a bit of healthy competition amongst the group. Dive into our list of fun outdoor game ideas for hours of fun with the family.

1. Giant jenga

An all-time classic, there’s now a bigger version of Jenga for the whole family to enjoy at your BBQ.

A kid pushing a giant Jenga block
Image Credit: Flickr, Alpha

2. Giant connect four

Another enlarged version of a classic game, connect four is perfect for playing with both kids and adults.

Two kids setting up giant Connect Four
Image Credit: Flickr, Alpha

3. 4-legged race bands

It’s all about teamwork and balance! See who can get to the finish line the quickest. 

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4. Tug of war

Tug-of-war is a traditional team game where you pull the rope to your side to get the flag over. You could add some difficulty to it by having the kids stand on top of a box or crate.

A team of girls playing tug of war
Image Credit: Flickr, ILRI

5. Human pinata

What if the pinata is running around in the garden and you have to catch it to get some sweets? 

Kids playing pinata
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

6. Human ring toss

A twist on the standard ring toss game! Use inflated rubber rings with humans as the poles, and whoever catches the most is the winner!

7. Balloon keep it up

Simple setup, simple gameplay. All you need is balloons and pool noodles!

You don’t need a large garden to play this game.

8. Bean bag toss

Bean bag toss is another easy one to set up but you don’t need the official equipment, you can use simple buckets for the catchers.

DIY cornhole game
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

9. Ladder golf toss game

You can easily craft a ladder golf toss game yourself with some plastic pipes, string and plastic balls. It’s a great game to play as a family.

DIY ladder golf toss game
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

10. Human football

A giant version of table football, the laughs are guaranteed with human foosball. 

Human table football game
Image Credit: Flickr, Tim Parker

11. Giant noughts and crosses

Another enlarged version of an all-time classic, noughts and crosses is perfect to keep the smallest ones in the group occupied for a while.

12. Potato sack race

Sack races are another great choice for kids (or grown ups, if you’re feeling up for it).

Kids lining up for a second potato sack race
Image Credit: Flickr, Joe Shlabotnik

13. Horseshoes

Horseshoes can be played either between two individuals or teams of two people. You toss four horseshoes towards a stake in the ground to score points. 

The players take turns to either throw a “ringer” circling around the stake or get it as close as possible to score.

A kid playing horseshoes game outdoors
Image Credit: Flcikr, Joe Shlabotnik

14. Washer toss

Somewhat close to horseshoes and the bean bag toss, this game requires aim and technique. Simply toss the washers into the target.

15. Lawn darts

This easy lawn darts game is simple. Set your target hoop and take turns throwing your darts to see who can get closest to the centre. 

Giant lawn adrts
Image Credit: Flickr, Scorpions and Centaurs

16. Kan jam

Similar to a regular frisbee game, but instead of throwing it to other people, you aim at a target in a can and your friend tries to help you score.

A man playing Kan Jam
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

17. Pong golf

You can use empty cups for golf practice, or add some liquor and instantly get a fun drinking game.

Giant pong golf backyard game
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

18. Bottle bash

Two teams play and try to knock a bottle off the top of a pole using a Frisbee. Try using plastic bottles to avoid accidents.

19. Kubb

This one is actually older than golf or croquet. Take turns throwing a number of sticks to your opponent’s blocks. 

Takes concentration and practice but brings lots of fun.

Grandma playing a Kkub game in the garden
Image Credit: Flickr, Matito

20. Giant bowling

Every giant version of a game is bound to give you hours of fun at a BBQ or party.

21. Yardzee

A giant yard version of Yardzee for the whole family to have some fun.

22. Giant checkers

If it’s a sunny day, you could host a BBQ for your friends and play some board (or lawn) games.

Giant checkers game
Image Credit: Flickr, Alpha

23. Kickball

Kickball, also known as football rounders, combines elements of football and baseball. If you’ve got a big group and space in the garden, go for it!

24. Bocce ball

This game is a ball sport belonging to the boules family. Several countries have their own version and names for it, but it’s fun to play anywhere.

Bocce balls in green and red colours
Image Credit: Flickr, George Chase

25. Trac ball

Trac Ball is essentially a game of catch using racquets or gloves. It’s fun to play amongst friends while waiting for the BBQ to be ready.

26. Croquet

A legendary yard game that you can easily set up in your garden and have hours of fun.

Lawn croquet game equipment
Image Credit: Flickr, camknows

27. Spikeball

Basically a combination of volleyball and foursquare. Provides great exercise and it may get really competitive, so keep it in mind if you’re throwing a BBQ with some friends.

Spike ball game
Image Credit: Flickr, Elvert Barnes

28. Badminton

All you need is a net (or something similar)to transform your backyard into a badminton court. Adding a badminton net to your garden is also a great children’s play garden idea!

A girl playing badminton on the lawn
Image Credit: Pexels

29. Battlechip

Assign points to every hole and give each player 6 balls. The loser serves the next round of drinks!

30. Giant kerplunk

Another giant version of a classic that you can craft yourself with low cost materials.

Giant kerplunk
Image Credit: Flickr, Daniel Mee

31. Giant dominoes

Dominoes is a great game for all the family. Grab some giant ones to play on a big scale!

32. Backyard mini golf

You don’t need a trip to your local golf course, you can build your own mini golf course to play the day away in your backyard.

Backyard mini golf
Image Credit: Pxhere

33. Lawn twister

Twister definitely has no age, and you can set up a “mat” in your garden with some spray paint. Just cut a simple circle out of some card to create a template.

34. Pool noodle racket game

Perfect to play in the pool if you’re waiting for the BBQ to be ready.

35. Milk jug water balloon toss

Another game that has no age. Be careful not to drop any if you’re not wearing a swimsuit!

Family team playing water balloon toss
Image Credit: Flickr, Chris Yarzab

36. Water gun ping pong

Set up simple target practice for your water guns using golf tees and ping pong balls. Try and see who hits more balls in a short time or how far you can shoot them.

37. Pool noodle targets

Perfect for summer, try making your own targets out of pool noodles and then throwing another noodle or a ball at them. You can assign every target some points to make it more competitive.

38. Outdoor angry birds

Set up your own Angry Birds course. It’s way better than playing it on your phone! 

39. Pool noodle gladiators

Gladiators is a great game for the youngsters (or those young at heart!). Use pool noodles to create your ‘bashers’ to try and knock the other person off their perch! 

40. Water balloon baseball

Not much science on this one! Basically, if everybody gets wet you’re playing it right.

41. Crossnet

Similar to volleyball, but every player gets their own space and they need to protect it.

42. Slip & slide

A slip and slide is great fun for everyone on a hot summer’s day, plus it will help you cool down.

A kid in a slip and slide game
Image Credit: Flickr, Michael Korcuska

43. Tiki toss

The goal is to aim and swing the metal ring and catch it on the hook. Each player gets 10 throws to try and hook it!

44. Limbo

This one needs no introduction. See who’s the most flexible!

Family playing limbo game outdoors
Image Credit: Flickr, Jim Ellwanger

45. Cards against humanity

You can create your own custom card set. There aren’t many games that will make people laugh like this one! 

Someone reads a statement on a black card and everybody chooses the best answer from their white cards. Maybe save it for the adults!

'Card against humanity' card piece
Image Credit: Pxhere

46. Unstable unicorns

Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game about destruction and unicorns. Don’t let the cute artwork fool you, this game is about building your own army… of unicorns!

47. Exploding kittens

Another great family-friendly card game, Exploding Kittens is a game of chance with many possible outcomes and lots of laughs guaranteed.

Exploding kittens card
Image Credit: Flickr, Brett Jordan


It can be difficult keeping your guests entertained whilst you’re cooking on the BBQ and refreshing everyone’s drinks, so party games provide the perfect distraction!

We hope you’ve found some party game ideas in our list to liven up your next family get together and bring some healthy rivalry amongst your guests!

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