BBQ Party Games Ideas for All Ages

Embrace the joys of summertime as you gather with loved ones in your backyard or summer house. Take advantage of the welcoming season with BBQs and festive gatherings. But no summer soirée is complete without a dash of outdoor gaming excitement!

Party activities are great for getting everyone involved in the fun. They infuse laughter, camaraderie, and a touch of friendly rivalry.

Dive into our list of BBQ party game ideas to unlock hours of shared merriment.

1. Giant Jenga

Towering excitement awaits as you carefully extract wooden blocks. Make sure not to topple the colossal structure! Strategies and steady your hand while laughing with friends. Remove blocks from the middle layers to test the opponent’s skills.

A kid pushing a giant Jenga block
Image Credit: Flickr, Alpha

2. Giant connect four

Engage in giant-size strategy battles with vivid discs, striving to form a line of four. Quick thinking and anticipation lead to triumph. Focus on both offence and defence to outmanoeuvre your rival.

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Two kids setting up giant Connect Four
Image Credit: Flickr, Alpha

3. 4-legged race bands

Collaborate with a partner as you sync your strides and compete against others. These bound bands add a whimsical twist to racing. Remember, communication is key to maintaining rhythm and balance.

4. Tug of war

Harness your team’s strength and determination to pull opponents across the line. The ultimate test of teamwork and raw power! Lower your centre of gravity for added stability.

A team of girls playing tug of war
Image Credit: Flickr, ILRI

5. Human pinata

Blindfolded participants swing to uncover sweet treasures, combining suspense with hilarity. Guide the swinger’s aim for entertaining outcomes. Consider creating varying swing distances for different ages.

Kids playing pinata
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

6. Human ring toss

Be the target or tosser in this interactive game, testing accuracy and coordination. Encourage diverse throwing techniques. Vary the distance to amp up the challenge.

7. Balloon keep it up

Keep balloons afloat using any body part except hands. Assign point values to balloons based on difficulty.

8. Bean bag toss

Hone your aim by tossing bean bags into different point zones. An easy-to-learn classic for all ages. Experiment with tossing techniques to master accuracy.

DIY cornhole game
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

9. Ladder golf toss game

Toss bolas to secure points on a ladder-like structure. Skill and precision lead to victory in this backyard favourite. Top tip: Aim for the top rungs for maximum points.

DIY ladder golf toss game
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

10. Human football

Envision football without the ball! Teams compete by moving opponents’ ‘goalposts’. Communication and strategy are vital. You’ll want to use coordinated moves to defend and attack!

Human table football game
Image Credit: Flickr, Tim Parker

12. Potato sack race

Classic fun unfolds as participants hop toward victory in potato sacks. Keep your balance and pace to cross the finish line first. To gain an edge, here’s a trick: practice quick jumps!

Kids lining up for a second potato sack race
Image Credit: Flickr, Joe Shlabotnik

13. Horseshoes

Master the art of tossing horseshoes around a stake. Precision and technique determine ringers and points. Opt for a consistent throwing stance for accuracy.

A kid playing horseshoes game outdoors
Image Credit: Flcikr, Joe Shlabotnik

14. Washer toss

Fling washers into cup targets for points in this casual yet competitive game. Adjust your throwing style for varying distances. Aim for a soft landing to prevent bouncing.

15. Lawn darts

Toss darts at rings on the ground, aiming for the centre. A blend of skill and aim is key to success. Go for underhand throws for better control.

Giant lawn adrts
Image Credit: Flickr, Scorpions and Centaurs

16. Kan jam

Teams aim to deflect or slam-dunk frisbees into a can, earning points. Collaboration and well-timed throws are essential. Encourage each team to communicate with your each other for perfect throws.

A man playing Kan Jam
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

17. Pong golf

Combine golf and pong as players chip balls into numbered cups. Precision and strategic shot selection are crucial. Top tip: Aim for cups with higher point values.

Giant pong golf backyard game
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

19. Kubb

Topple rival Kubbs with wooden batons, then conquer the king. Tactical throws and defensive manoeuvres are central to this Viking-inspired game. For accuracy, aim to develop a consistent throwing technique.

Grandma playing a Kkub game in the garden
Image Credit: Flickr, Matito

22. Giant checkers

Amplify the classic game’s thrill with oversized pieces, enticing all ages. Encourage strategic thinking and friendly competition. Plan moves ahead to capture your opponent’s checkers effectively.

Giant checkers game
Image Credit: Flickr, Alpha

23. Kickball

Blend soccer and baseball in an energetic team sport. Kick for distance, aiming to score runs and enjoy spirited matches. Plan outfield positioning to catch opponents off guard.

24. Bocce ball

Embrace leisurely elegance as players roll balls to target the pallino. Precision and tactics play a key role in this social lawn game. Top tip: Aim to knock opponents’ balls away while aiming for the pallino.

Bocce balls in green and red colours
Image Credit: Flickr, George Chase

25. Trac ball

Test your hand-eye coordination by throwing a ball with a tethered racket. Engage in dynamic rallies, perfect for active gatherings. Practice controlled throws for accurate shots.

26. Croquet

Navigate the course with mallets and balls, aiming to pass through wickets. Gentle strategy and careful planning set the pace. Use opponents’ balls as blockers to gain an advantage.

Lawn croquet game equipment
Image Credit: Flickr, camknows

27. Spikeball

Vigorous 2-on-2 play centres around bouncing a ball off a net. Quick reflexes and teamwork are essential for high-energy action. Anticipate your opponents’ moves to position yourself effectively!

Spike ball game
Image Credit: Flickr, Elvert Barnes

28. Badminton

All you need is a net (or something similar)to transform your backyard into a badminton court. Adding a badminton net to your garden is also a great children’s play garden idea!

A girl playing badminton on the lawn
Image Credit: Pexels

30. Giant kerplunk

Tension builds as players remove sticks from a giant tower, hoping to avoid a cascade of marbles. Delight in suspense and skilful strategy. Start with lower sticks to minimise marble movement.

Giant kerplunk
Image Credit: Flickr, Daniel Mee

32. Backyard mini golf

Create your own putting greens for lighthearted golfing fun. Test precision and finesse, crafting unique holes for endless challenges. Considering using obstacles creatively to elevate the difficulty.

Backyard mini golf
Image Credit: Pxhere

33. Lawn twister

Add a twist to the classic game with a larger mat, inviting laughter and contortions. Flexibility and balance are key. Assign colours to body parts to eliminate confusion.

35. Milk jug water balloon toss

Savour wet and refreshing fun as teams toss water balloons into suspended milk jugs. Aim for accuracy and dexterity. Gauge the wind to adjust your throwing angle.

Family team playing water balloon toss
Image Credit: Flickr, Chris Yarzab

37. Pool noodle targets

Craft archery skills by flinging pool noodles at hanging targets. Test precision and aim in a safe and enjoyable way. Experiment with different throwing techniques for accuracy.

38. Outdoor angry birds

Set up your own Angry Birds course. It’s way better than playing it on your phone! 

42. Slip & slide

Embrace summer’s joy with an exhilarating slide on a water-soaked surface. Race and laughter combine for carefree entertainment. Keep a steady, balanced posture for maximum speed.

A kid in a slip and slide game
Image Credit: Flickr, Michael Korcuska

43. Tiki toss

Hone your aim by swinging a ring onto a hook, creating an addictive challenge for all ages. Focus and practice lead to mastery. Adjust your swing strength based on distance.

44. Limbo

Groove to the rhythm as you bend backwards, aiming to clear the limbo stick. Flexibility and rhythm are the keys to success. Top tip: Start with higher sticks and gradually lower them.

Family playing limbo game outdoors
Image Credit: Flickr, Jim Ellwanger

45. Cards against humanity

Embark on a humorous, unpredictable card game that sparks laughter and witty responses. Ideal for adult gatherings!

'Card against humanity' card piece
Image Credit: Pxhere


It can be challenging to keep your guests entertained whilst you’re cooking on your charcoal BBQ. This makes party games the perfect distraction! With this guide, we hope you’ve some inspiration to liven up your next cookout.

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