26 Garden Bar Designs

There’s a new trend sweeping the internet: a bar in a  garden shed. Also known as the garden bar, this outdoor concept sure does add some sophistication to backyards!

With the rise of she-sheds and man caves, bar sheds put a different take on what you can do to transform your garden building. A pub shed can give you that entertainment area that can be your go-to spot for unwinding and having a good time with your mates.

So instead of mowing the lawn this weekend, wouldn’t you rather be having drinks in your own DIY bar shed with your pals? Don’t know where to get started?

We’ve got you covered. Have fun and get inspired with our favourite 26 garden bar designs and DIY ideas that we’ve curated from around the web

Or check out our video below for 19 awesome garden bar ideas. Cheers. 🥂

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1. Log cabin bar

If you use your log cabin as a man cave, it won’t be complete without a bar setup. Make the interior of your cabin pub warm and decorate it with bar signs and lighting for modern touches. Take inspiration from this BillyOh Nightjar Garden Bar setup!

BillyOh Nightjar Garden Bar
BillyOh Nightjar Garden Bar

2. Entertainment garden bar

This ‘Staying Inn’ bar shed provides maximum enjoyment for minimum size. They’ve simply added a few bar stools and built a little bar surface to serve refreshing drinks. Top with some fairy lights and bunting and you’re good to go!

A simple outdoor pub with few bar stools and built a little bar surface for serving drinks

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3. The 1950s-inspired pub

Step inside and be taken back to a 1950’s inspired bar. Ideal for purists and retro lovers, this classic style looks perfect in traditional garden settings.

Ready to go back to the future?

1950s inspired garden bar interior

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4. Rustic bar shed

How about taking a break in a fresh environment? This American-style rustic look gives you a taste of having a cold one without leaving the country.

Since wood is the primary material used in rustic home interiors, your shed alone is already a win-win!

American style rustic-inspired shed pub interior

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5. The fully-loaded garden bar

This bar shed comes fully loaded with a bar and TV, keeping you and your guests entertained for hours! Meaning you and your family will surely be entertained for hours.

shed with open double doors and a bar and tv inside

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6. Tropical garden bar for summer holidays

Thinking of having a tropical garden bar theme? Then you can’t go wrong with this holiday-themed tiki bar!

If you also have a pool, perfect! With your existing garden building, you can create a tropical garden bar shed.

A tiki-bar inspired garden bar

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7. The Mediterranean outdoor pub

Another great shed pub transformation idea that just screams summer! You don’t have to book a flight to Southern Europe to experience a Mediterranean-style vacation.

Incorporating ceramics, woods, and wrought iron to achieve a Mediterranean-inspired shed pub.

A Mediterranean outdoor pub with incorporated with ceramics, woods, and wrought iron

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8. Classic farmhouse style

If you wish to add rustic charm and a farmhouse touch to your garden, this theme is perfect for you! You can add natural textures and materials for a more modern farmhouse style like wood or galvanised steel.

exposed stone-wall farmhouse covered patio with wood and marble bar and Kamado grill

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9. French country vibe

Combining French-inspired elements in your pub shed can add a nostalgic appeal to your garden. 

Top tip: Consider light, coastal-inspired colours for garden furniture and seat cushions.

A French country vibe garden pub that adds a nostalgic appeal

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10. Airy and open-space outdoor bar

If you own an expansive garden, this design idea will surely blow everyone’s mind! It’s a huge yard that features an L-shaped bar that any host’s fantasy.

A backyard pub like this can accommodate a big crowd. Plus, you get to enjoy drinks while the dishes are being served right off the grill.

A huge yard that features an L-shaped bar on wood decking and a pool

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11. Mixed stone patio pub

Looking for ways to spruce up your outdoor kitchen? This patio bar highlights a bar-height counter designed with stones and topped with marble.

Patio bar with exposed stones, fan, and BBQ in the background

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12. The pass-through concept

On your next backyard shed renovation, perhaps you might want to try this one. The landscape was redesigned and the shed has been rebuilt into a fabulous pass-through pub.

Don’t forget to add bar stools to entertain and impress your guests.

A shed has been rebuilt into a fabulous pass-through pub

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13. Into the woods

Imagine enjoying a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine with a view of the nearby forest. With this bar design idea, you can make it into reality.

Incorporate wooden materials and some greens. This concept would be perfect if your backyard is surrounded by tall trees!

A garden bar with a view of a forest

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14. Outdoor kitchen and bar combo

To make your outdoor cookout experience more pleasurable, a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen paired with a bar sure will work wonders! Take a look at this design.

You’ll get plenty of space to cook, prep, and for guests to enjoy a drink. You may also consider investing in a dining table with a fire pit to warm up the conversation.

A fully-equipped outdoor kitchen paired with a bar

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15. Space-saving fold out pub

Wanting to set up a bar on your patio but the space is limited? No worries!

This style features a long table that can be folded out or down in a space-saving manner. The shelves above act as extra storage for drinks and some bar essentials.

Space-saving fold out pub

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16. Built-in outdoor bar for decks

Make the most out of your deck and create a unique style of outdoor bar. Just add a countertop that will look like it was in-built with the original deck.

This is a creative way to have extra seating without adding a bulky table to your space. Put out the stools and you’re ready for some outdoor entertainment.

Built-in outdoor bar decks with a view of water past trees

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17. Full-sized pallet bar with lights

Having furniture made out of pallets is a sure conversation starter. And this bar is no exception!

It’s a full-sized DIY pallet bar with a roof for shade. You can put up some fairy lights on the roof and paint it in any colour to fit your style.

Making the Ultimate Garden Bar Using Pallets • 1001 Pallets | Pallet bar diy, Pallet outdoor, Backyard

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18. Go for industrial

If you’re torn between rustic and modern design, why not give this industrial concept a shot? This garden bar is raw and almost looks unfinished.

It provides a casual atmosphere for that glass of beer with your friend and any other weekend plans. The galvanised steel barrels and bar top are the focal points of this industrial pub.

Industrial themed garden pub

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19. Small table with a bucket of ice base

Not only is this garden bar design perfect for small yards, but it’s also super creative! I mean, who needs a bulky ice bin if you can make a mini version as the base of the table?

Small table with a bucket of ice base

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20. Wooden bar cart with storage

Hot chocolates are a great thing to serve when having a nice conversation with your friends on the patio into the night. But how about some cold drinks this time around?

If you don’t have a bar cart, you can make one out of wood scraps. Make sure to fill it with a variety of drinks and garnishes.

Wooden bar cart with storage

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21. Red cedar hideaway

Red cedar makes a great kitchen island and bar countertop. You can recreate this stunning bar out of red cedar, too, to add an accent to your outdoor space.

Cedar also fits into many design styles including country, contemporary, and even modern.

Red cedar bar top with half drunk pints

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22. Seaside gazebo with bar

This DIY project may take some time and a bit of effort, but the final outcome will be rewarding! There’s a painted pallet bar in this concept, which is protected by a gazebo.

The vintage glass Moroccan-style pendant lamp also adds a diverse feel.

Seaside gazebo with bar

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23. The pub games shed

This bar shed gives you the whole pub package! With the wide-opening double doors and stools with a dartboard, you’rere ready for an afternoon of fun.

Consider adding a TV or table games for a fun get-together with your buddies.

Readers Sheds The Effin Shed

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24. A bar with a view

Featuring clean, modern lines and materials, this outdoor bar style screams elegance. In this photo, this bar counter was designed to take advantage of the views of Narragansett Bay, RI.

If you live near the shore or a forest, this concept is worth a try.

An outdoor bar that features clean, modern lines and materials

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25. Sidebar pub shed

The goal of this garden pub shed is to make the most of an outdoor space. Constructed from barn wood and stone, the sidebar features a beadboard ceiling.

There’s also liquor shelves and a countertop made from a single piece of live-edge wood. It’s a perfect place to entertain friends while enjoying good foods and drinks.

garden bar gazebo with hammock and cup of coffee in foreground

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26. Bottle cap countertop

Instead of throwing the caps from your beer bottles, do this DIY bottle cap countertop instead and have unique furniture in your garden bar.

This DIY bar countertop was made with corrugated metal, wood, and caps embedded in epoxy.

DIY bottle cap counter top

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You don’t always have to spend tons of money to achieve your dream garden bar. Your creativity paired with good DIY ideas are a great starting point.

The bottle cap countertop sure will leave a good impression on your guests. But if you have space and budget, don’t stop yourself from trying out a few of our more luxury garden bar ideas.

One of our favourites is the open-space outdoor bar and the garden kitchen and bar combo.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you want to customise your garden bar. But we hope these ideas will help spark your imagination and creativity. And click the button below to shop from our garden buildings –  perfect for converting into a home bar!

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