BBQ Drinks: 8 Best Beverages to Serve at Your Outdoor Party

BBQ gatherings are meant to bring people together on a pleasant day — enjoying a good conversation over some grilled food and of course, refreshing drinks.

If you are about to organise a BBQ party, make sure to serve your guests some of the best foods for a BBQ and the perfect beverages that match their flavour!

Best BBQ Party Drinks

Whether you want your guests to enjoy bottles of beer and wine or simply some colourful fruit juices, here’s a complete list of every drink you can serve at a BBQ gathering!

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Despite the typical notion of pairing BBQ with alcoholic beverages, there will always be one or more guests who don’t drink. You know…like kids, of course.

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1. Soda

two glasses of cola with straws

In terms of refreshments, soda is always one of the more popular choices. And though a glass of good old cola is a great outdoor party drink, you can also mix it up with other non-alcoholic flavours. Just try out some of these caffeine-free soda recipes for a health(ier) alternative!

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2. Iced Tea or Lemonade

white tray being picked up with iced tea glasses on it

If you want your guests to have a variety of non-alcoholic drinks to choose from, make sure to serve them with non-carbonated options too. Check out this recipe for pitchers of iced tea or set up a lemonade bar.

Just think how great it’ll go down with some of the Southern barbecue recipes from our BBQ recipe resource!

3. Punch

assorted fruit punches in large glasses

When it comes to festivity, nothing can quite beat fruit to the punch. You can create your own with the base ingredients or try a couple of our favourites, below.

A combination of apple, orange and pineapple juice with fresh mint leaves for a sophisticated touch is a great start. Otherwise, check out this non-alcoholic fruit punch recipe.

4. Water

iced water in a mason jar in shadows

Needless to say, alcoholic and sweetened beverages are good, but everyone needs a glass of water! You can prepare a jar or pitchers of water plus some cubes of ice for your guests to take or even better – a hydration station!

Alcoholic Drinks

Aside from BBQ food, what can also excite your guests during outdoor parties is the drinks you serve. On a scale of what gets people excited for a party, grilled dishes are probably popularly tied with ice-cold beers and colourful cocktails!

1. Beer

hands toasting pints of beer

Before firing up your gas grill, make sure to stock bottles of beer in the cooler for your guests to enjoy. You can also explore various tastes and brands that go great with steaks, chicken, ribs, and everything else you are planning on cooking in the BBQ.

Just check out the infographic below for pairings:

Beer and food pairing infographic with large cartoon pint
Credit: Chicago Steak Company

2. Wine

hands toasting glasses of red wine

While it may seem common to serve cans of beer for any summer BBQ sesh, you can also turn your outdoor gathering into something a bit fancier with a bottle of wine.

Just check out the chart below to get some ideas:

wine and bbq chicken and fish
Credit: Wine Folly

3. Cocktails

hands cheersing cocktail glasses

Whether you are serving burgers and hotdogs or lobster tail and tuna steak, refreshing summer drinks can add to the festivity.

So if you want to level up the jubilee, you can prepare a pitcher or batch of cocktails for your guests. These simple but colourful concoctions can go great with whatever is on the grill. Just check out this recipe for BBQ cocktails.

4. Whiskey

whiskey cocktail being poured into glass on bronze countertop

While beer is a natural BBQ pairing at cookouts, don’t set your whiskey aside.  A lot of BBQ staples pair with whiskey naturally — though you will need to keep this firewater away from the flames!

Bonus tip: Though your guests usually drink their whiskey neat, you can offer them an ice cube or two if they want something a bit colder or lighter.

Just check out this whiskey and meat infographic below, great for figuring out what to cook next in your BBQ smoker!

Whiskey and Food pairing brown infographic
Credit: Infographic Journal

And once you’ve got all that covered you should have drinks for everyone from kid’s to designated drivers and whiskey aficionados!

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