BBQ Guide: Top Condiments and Sauces for Your Outdoor Party

Outdoor parties bring families and friends together. It is also a great time to make them enjoy delightful grilled dishes while catching up.

But sometimes, it doesn’t matter how delicious your recipe is, some people really just like their condiments. In cases like these, make sure to have the best sauces and condiments at your next bbq party!

Your Ultimate BBQ Sauce and Condiment Checklist


Most of us use barbecue sauce in more ways than one — add flavour, marinade, baste, top the meat, and act as a condiment for any grilled dish. Whether it be pork, beef ribs, chicken or lamb, there is a type of sauce to enhance your BBQ!

1. Tomato-Based


By far, the most common type of BBQ sauce, this sweet, tangy, and syrupy dressing contains ketchup, molasses, brown sugar and vinegar. It can also include cayenne pepper and a variety of other spices such as onion powder, garlic powder and the likes in its recipe.

It can be used on every type of meat: from beef and pork to lamb and chicken. The tomato-based sauce will go on pretty much anything your barbecue or smoker can turn out.

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2. Vinegar-Based


Compared to tomato-based bbq sauces, those made with a vinegar base are usually thinner and lean more toward the spicy end of the spectrum. They pair best with pork dishes since its astringent flavour helps balance out the fattier meat.

Though it is predominantly based in vinegar, some variants do contain ketchup — though not enough to make it as thick as the tomato-based bbq sauce variety.

3. Mustard-Based


Similar to the latter, mustard-based sauces for barbecue are also perfect for pork, whether you are talking whole hog, pork shoulder, or BBQ ribs. This type of dressing adds a savoury, tart taste to the grilled dish.

But, mustard-based sauces are not limited to pork. They also pair well with the other foods we grill or smoke. They can give our palates a break from the traditional tomato-based dressings.

You can best serve this type of sauce on the side so that your guests can decide how much they want to add to their meals.

4. Mayonnaise-Based (White BBQ Sauce)


Though it might sound strange, Alabama’s famous white sauce does make sense when it comes to BBQ. And yes, it is made from a base of mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise is a condiment which mainly consists of a mixture of egg yolk, oil and vinegar. The idea of using it on barbecue dishes can seem a little weird, but White BBQ Sauce is also not mayonnaise alone. It is a thinned out variant which includes lemon juice and other seasonings.

It is typically served with smoked chicken rather than pork.


Marinating a barbecue with various spices does wonder to its flavour — but condiments and sauces still enhance its overall taste. So, make sure to keep up with this list of condiments for your next outdoor gathering for a fantastic barbecue experience!

1. Ketchup

2. BBQ Sauce
3. Mustard
4. Cheese
5. Relish
6. Hot Sauce
7. Mayonnaise
8. Tomatoes
9. Ranch Dressing
10. Sour Cream
11. Soy Sauce
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