Stunning Garden Fence Colour Ideas For Your Backyard

When it comes to garden privacy ideas, fences make an excellent choice. The obvious main reason is that they separate your property from others.

Besides enhanced security, a fence can also boost your garden aesthetics. Just by painting it with the right colour, your border can be more than just for an enclosure!

To inspire you, we’ve put together a list of garden fence colour ideas. We also included a few painting designs to step up the look.

Let’s start with the colours!


To make your fence stand out, opt for neutrals, greens and limes range. Use pale colours to make your backyard appear sunnier, as they reflect the light better.

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1. Light blue

The light blue colour gives a more spacious feeling. Perfect for fences, this shade is a great option for small gardens.

A blue fence will work well with neutral-coloured surroundings and garden furniture. It also gives a luxurious and contemporary feel to your backyard.

Light blue painted garden wooden fence
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

2. Cream

Cream or off-white colour creates a bright, airy feel. This shade also forms an illusion of a larger space.

Moreover, cream offers the best backdrop for greenery, making their colours pop. If you want to have a traditional and elegant looking garden, this colour is your best bet!

3. Grey

Painting your fence in cool grey is the best way to achieve a stylish and modern paradise. This shade is on-trend and versatile, ideal for classic and contemporary style fences.

Light grey painted garden wooden  fence
Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures

4. Pink

Lighter shades of pink also help in making backyards look bigger. For one, a soft pink colour can blur the boundaries of your garden and, in turn, can make the area feel far-reaching.

It’s an attractive option if you’re willing to go a bit more daring and endearing with paint.

Pink painted garden wooden fence
Image Credit: Pxhere

5. Mint green

Green paint colours bring a refreshing energy to outdoor spaces. Lifted straight from nature, a shade like mint helps brighten the yard even more.

Black and white is the perfect monochrome to pair with this shade of green.

Mint green coloured shingles
Image Credit: Pixnio

6. Muted clay

A mixture of red and orange colours muted clay would also look amazing on your fence. The shade pairs well with other casual, balanced neutrals, such as a warm grey or deep brown.

7. Pale Jasmine

A nice off-white colour rather than a grey. Pale Jasmine is also a bit softer than a stark white colour, so it complements any colour. Use this shade to give your outdoor space a fresh and clean look.

8. Sunny lime

Lime is a great contrasting colour to greenery. The sunny lime shade also looks smart when paired with dark furniture. It’s a mixture of yellow and green.

9. Charcoal

Graphite or anthracite colour, charcoal is a dusky shade with a mixture of grey and black with a hint of blue. It’s one of the versatile colour options ideal for garden fences.

It’s also a great neutral paint colour and works well with a crisp white or creamy white.

10. Black

Black complements contemporary garden designs. If you want to frame your outdoor living space, it’s worth considering dark fencing. The black edge gives much more definition than a lighter shade.

Painting Designs

Get your creative juices flowing and elevate the colours with these painting design ideas for your fence!

11. Butterfly and sunflower mural

A lovely outdoor summer scene like this butterfly mural will look amazing on your fence. Plant some softening greenery in large pots in front of it.

12. Tropical

If you think your fence is too plain, consider trying this idea to enhance its attractiveness. Inject some colours by tropical theme painting. This concept will look perfect if you have a tropical garden theme.

13. Under the sea

The under the sea concept makes a little sense in the average backyard. But it does make for a great play-escape full of imagination. Ideal for poolside fences, consider featuring all kinds of fantastic sea creatures!

Under the sea themed wall mural
Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures

14. The “community fence”

For something more friendly and bright, try the idea of painting every single fence post with faces! Invite your kids and your neighbours (if possible) to paint their self-portraits.

15. Chalkboard painted art fence

Although this isn’t a “painting”, but hear us out! By adding a chalkboard on your fence, your children will be able to share their artwork with everyone.

This is where you’ll get your painting design idea! Opt for colourful chalks to add colours to the board.

Black fence that doubles as a chalkboard full of doodles
Image Credit: Pxhere

16. Geometric pattern

Give your fence a colourful, patterned update with this geometric design. Choose your preferred colour and include a variety of shapes if you like for added interest. Squares, rectangles or stripes will make a perfect addition to the design.

17. Tree of life

The image of a mighty tree growing from the earth and reaching toward the heavens is considered a powerful symbol. If you want to add a mythological and religious approach to your garden, go for this painting idea.

There are various designs out there, but the black and white colour is perfect for a simple fence touch-up.

18. Paint stencilled quote

If you’re more than a wordsmith rather than an illustrator, add an inspiring quote on the fence! To create a background, paint the fence with your chosen colour. Use a stencil to add a quote on the fence.

19. Outdoor cactus mural

Traditional in Mexico, Guatemala and Caribbean countries, cactus fences are also a favourite in the UK. The rich green colours add vibrancy to a backyard with less greenery. This is great for adding bright decorations to your garden landscaping.

20. Fence and shed matching colour

The concept is to match whatever colour or painting design you want for your fence to your garden shed. For colours, if you painted the fence in black, paint the shed in the same colour.

But if it’s a painting design, try to extend the “art” from the fence all the way to the shed. However, if you suddenly want to stick to the wood’s natural colour, apply treatment to make the exterior wood appealing.

Wooden fencing covering a garden fence
Image Credit: Flickr, R. Miller


Garden fences help improve security. They also prevent unwanted animals, unauthorised vehicles or people from accessing your land.

In short, a fence keeps the inside in and the outside out. And with the right garden fence colour, your border can help increase your home value!

We hope our list of colour and painting ideas will give your fence the makeover it deserves. Let us know in the comments below your favourite shade and design!

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Green and darker shades offer a more traditional garden scheme. These colours help enhance the natural beauty of your fence.


But as mentioned, if you want your fence to stand out, go for neutral range. Pale colours also help make your garden look bigger and sunnier.

Knowing what will suit your home best is important when selecting your fence. Consider your home's style and your surroundings, and get creative!

Grey is a classic neutral colour that goes well with every home style. It's also versatile that pairs well with edgy modern style fences to classic picket ones.


If this is the vibe you're going for, then yes, it's a good colour for your fence.

After you pick a colour from our list, add some painting ideas to our list as well! Also, pop up a garden bench idea and use the fence as a backdrop.

Yes, as long as the fence is not entirely on your neighbour's property.  Plus, only the fence owner can make any changes to it.


This means if you erect a fence in your garden, your neighbour must ask permission first before painting or staining their side of it.