Small Tropical Garden Ideas UK

Thinking of transforming your small British garden into an exotic oasis?

Luckily for you, you can now create your own tropical hideaway in your garden using clever planting and colourful decorations. We’re not just talking about introducing your humble space to garden furniture and decors.

Have a look at our curated list and get a great deal of inspirations and tips! Are you ready to create your own tropical garden?

1. Open garden with small palm trees

Palm trees are a staple for any tropical garden if you have the space. Add other lush greenery to create an exotic hideaway right in your backyard. 

Small palm tree
Image Credit: Planet Net

2. Tropical plants

Use tall tropical plants and trees as screening to block out unsightly buildings and walls, then add sculptures and decorations to get the holiday feel you’re looking for.

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Tropical garden plants
Image Credit: Flickr, Peter Reed

3. Jungle plants

Or go even more exotic and go for deep jungle plants to decorate your backyard. Make sure they can still grow outside the jungle, though.

Jungle garden landscape
Image Credit: Pxhere

4. Wooden deck and flowers

Simple wooden decking is the perfect base for an exotic garden. The winding path, unusually shaped flower beds and clever use of screening help this small garden feel larger.

Wooden deck with built-in bench and planters
Image Credit: Flickr, cultivar413

5. Path with lights and tropical plants

Add lighting to accentuate particular plants and light your way through the garden after dark.  

Tropical garden pathway at night with lights
Image Credit: Flickr, Reggie Wan

6. Tropical corner

A simple bench or seating spot with some tropical plants will help you enjoy your corner garden every day. 

7. Plant dominance

Filling your garden with plenty of lush, green plants creates a great jungle effect.

A landscape garden forest style
Image Credit: Rawpixel

8. Light wood deck and table

Tall trees and leafy climbing vines will give your garden a jungle feel and provide extra privacy from your neighbours for those cosy dinners outside. 

9. Bench amongst plants

Place a bench amongst the plants in your garden for some afternoon relaxation in your ‘jungle’.

Stone bench amongst plants
Image Credit: Flickr, Wonderlane

10. Modern urban jungle garden

Add some tropical-style plants into your raised garden bed for a jungle feel but in a neat, modern way.

A landscape garden forest style
Image Credit: Rawpixel

11. Thatched gazebo

If you’re looking for protection from the sun (or rain), add a thatched gazebo to your jungle-themed space. 

Thatched garden gazebo
Image Credit: Geograph UK

12. Exotic paradise garden

Add a deck or even a jungle hut to make your garden totally different from anyone else’s. 

Exotic tropical plant species
Image Credit: Pxhere

13. Tropical plants and a simple L-shaped couch

A simple seating area like this L-shaped corner sofa is perfect for relaxing in a small garden filled with plants. The tall bamboo plants give the garden extra height and block the view from any nosy neighbours. 

BillyOh Salerno 4 Seater Corner Rattan Sofa Set With Storage
BillyOh Salerno 4 Seater Corner Rattan Sofa Set With Storage

14. Fish lake and exotic garden

Bring your garden to life with a tropical pond full of fish and other wildlife.

Tropical garden pond with plants
Image Credit: Flickr, cultivar413

15. Patio jungle with leafy layers

Small and cosy, with multi-coloured, leafy plants to make it look full and pretty.

Jungle greenhouse

16. Large leaf tropical plants

The larger the leaf, the more tropical the plant looks. Perfect for exotic planting schemes, this rice-paper tree is a fast-growing, woody shrub.

It bears huge, fresh green leaves up to 60cm across and is suitable for cultivation across the UK.

Lush green plant leaves growing in tropical forest
Image Credit: Pexels

17. Plant-dressed fence

Use climbing plants and vines to disguise your fence and make your garden look even bigger.

Ivy garden living wall
Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures

18. Small gazebo with flowers

A gazebo makes the perfect resting spot on a sunny afternoon while enjoying your wild garden colours.

19. Tiny garden with tropical plants

A small space means a cosy space! Just fill it with appealing plants and add a bench for a comfy spot to enjoy your handiwork.

Small tropical plants
Image Credit: Plant Net

20. Exotic plants and wooden chairs

All the lush trees and bushes give this seating area the feel of a jungle hideaway. Grab a cushion for your sun lounger and forget about the world. 

21. Compact space-turned multi-purpose garden

If you’re short on space, keep tall trees to the borders of your garden to give yourself extra privacy from overlooking neighbours without encroaching on your relaxing space.

Just create a small seating area to enjoy the outdoors and a spot of lawn for your pets or children to play. 

22. Rock resting spot with exotic plants

A small place to rest in your garden while admiring your tropical plants.

Stone garden bench
Image Credit: Timothy Valentine

23. Tropical plants and modern deck

Having some tropical plants doesn’t mean you can’t have a modern-looking garden. Just keep it neat with raised planting beds and pebble borders. 

24. Jungle plants and privacy fence

You could add a privacy fence with a trellis so you can add some climbing flowers or vines.

Bamboo garden screening
Image Credit: Pxhere

25. Exotic colourful garden

Plenty of palms and exotic flowers will transform your garden into a tropical paradise. 

Exotic tropical blooms
Image Credit: Pxhere

26. Jungle garden with fire pit

Add a fire pit to your tropical garden so you can still enjoy sitting out on cooler days or in the evenings.

BillyOh Alaska Metal Campfire Fire Pit Ring
BillyOh Alaska Metal Campfire Fire Pit Ring

27. Simple jungle garden with bench

The key to a tropical garden in the UK is to fill it with a mixture of exotic and British foliage to get full, lush green garden beds. Don’t forget to add a seat from which to enjoy it!

28. Tree ferns and timber slatting

Transform your long, narrow garden using palm trees to add extra height and privacy. 

Rows of tree ferns
Image Credit: Flickr, webmink

29. Tropical garden and small path

Fill your backyard with tropical plants and bushes, leaving only a small path to wind your way around your garden. 

Small tropical garden path with white stone edging
Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures

30. Tropical plants and pebbles

Some tropical plants don’t need much water or soil to grow beautifully, so decorate their base with some attractive pebbles and stones for a neater-looking bed.

Tropical plants on pebbles
Image Credit: Flickr, Wonderlane

31. A picture-perfect pergola dripping in vines

To create an oasis in your garden, create a place to sit and soak up the atmosphere. Take a look at this pergola dripping with vines, with a raised decking enclosed with rope balustrades.

What a serene place to lounge in!

Wooden pergola with creeping vines
Image Credit: Pxhere

32. Create a statement with architectural forms

Did you know that a plant alone can provide you that unique architectural form in your garden? Look at this foliage; its exotic style is impactful, contrasting evergreens.

You can’t go wrong with striking shapes when choosing plants for your tropical garden.

33. Incorporate vibrancy and height into garden borders

A mix of height with tall, towering plants like bamboo and bananas is a great choice for garden borders. Not only can they provide a protective canopy for lower-growing plants, but also the dense planting will help create the feeling of a jungle.

Tropical greenhouse
Image Credit: Pexels

34. Brighten up shady spots

You don’t want your tropical garden to look dull and plain, even in the shady parts of your yard. This outdoor setup with warm tones preps up the overall space.

Add shade-loving plants like hostas to achieve that jungle-like ambience you’re after. Don’t forget the bamboos!

35. Citrus trees in pots

You can turn your patio into your dream tropical oasis with just vines and some citrus trees in pots. Display the containers in summer and group them prominently on the patio or deck.

Small citrus trees in pots
Image Credit: Rawpixel


It is possible to create a tropical garden hideaway, right here in the UK. The trick is to mix exotic plants with British ones and use an evergreen backdrop so your garden is alway lush and green.

Add some height with tall plants, such as bamboo and palm trees, and fill out your beds with shrubs and bright flowers to give your garden the exotic feel you’re looking for. 

Hopefully, our compilation of tropical garden ideas has provided some useful design tips for when it comes to creating your own jungle-themed space. So why not sit out in the garden and enjoy your new tropical space?

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