The Ultimate List of Garden Screening Ideas

No one wants to deal with pesky neighbours and nosy passersby when trying to relax in their own backyard, right?

So if you’re looking for ideas for garden screening and privacy  – you’re in the right place! Start enjoying your shed or outdoor living space without the hassle of people peering over your fence or walking up to your door. 

Check out our ultimate list of best and effective garden privacy ideas to make sure no one ever bothers you again!

1. Gazebos

Gazebos are ideal for larger lawns and party areas. Screen yourself from bad weather, or opt for a model with draw across curtains for a place to nap in the afternoon!

This type of garden building offers a great sense of seclusion to your haven.

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BillyOh Quadra Timber Gazebo
BillyOh Quadra Timber Gazebo

2. Bamboo plants as garden fences for privacy

Lightweight, flexible, tough, and high tensile, bamboo is just one preference when building a boundary wall or garden fences. Natural materials like bamboo are also cheap, adding a natural touch that’s particularly suited to sunny, warm climates.

bamboo fence screening

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3. Pergolas

Pergolas make excellent shaded walkways, lounging or dining space in your yard. Add a climbing plant, or opt for tall plants and potted plants, to add a sense of privacy to your space.

pergolas with table setting and paper lanterns

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4. Living grown wall

One of the best garden privacy ideas out there is creating a living wall with wall-mounted planters. This natural choice for garden screening idea works great on the front of a side entrance.

a living wall with greenery in a timber frame

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5. Metal screening

Build a screen that offers a total sense of seclusion but plenty of style and lighting with laser cut metal screens. Then simply top it off with some rattan garden furniture, like in the picture below.

metal screening for a patio with rattan furniture

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6. Horizontal wooden screening

Horizontal wooden screens create a nice partition, at the same time giving your climbers strong support to hold on to. Timber screening also ties in naturally with decking.

horizontal wooden screening with hanging chair

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7. Wildlife wall

For an awesome idea for garden screening, stack up your old broken pots, waste wood, logs, straws, bricks and twigs to make a wildlife wall.

wildlife wall with pink flowers in front

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8. Tall trees

Huge flowering tall trees placed right outside your living room window offers a great look to the house and a natural screen. Allow yourself to look out and enjoy the view whilst screening you and your families from passersby.

white blossom tree in front of house

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9. Gabion walls

Need a weather-proof wall for your garden? Then, the Gabion wall is the most efficient solution.

A Gabion wall is a cage filled with rocks or a mixture of sand and soil which offers both screening and a structure on which to raise flowerbeds. Neat!

Gabion walls mixed with bushes, serving as a garden screen

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10. Garden screening rolls

Reed rolls make great privacy screens and the space for wall-mounted plants. You can also easily attach reed screens to existing fence posts with staples or ties.

11. Trellis-style fencing

A wonderful way to showcase your flowering vines, garden trellis fences offer excellent privacy and cool fencing. They are excellent garden private ideas you can opt for.

trellis style fence with table and drinks pitcher

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12. Decorative panels

Artificial plant or trellis panels bring you a nice way to cover unpleasant looking walls or fences. Try weaving in some real climbers into it to give a natural look.

The natural look and colour can also keep you shaded and screened without blocking out natural light.

artificial plant panels with outdoor seating and cushions

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13. Frosted glass fencing

Frosted glass fencing is a superb way to maintain your privacy while bringing in natural light. Slide across or hinged gates offer privacy without letting anyone see in.

frosted glass fencing

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14. Tall grass

Like to have a natural fence? Plant tall grasses. Tall flowers and especially grasses can even be used to grow over a canopy frame for high garden screening ideas!

tall grass with chairs and a table in a clearing

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15. Honey rattan weave

If you want some garden screening from the neighbours, then the right choice to give balconies and outdoor spaces a trendy look could be honey rattan weaves. Add a new breath of life to your outdoors.

honey rattan weave screen for a balcony

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16. Decorative metal accents

Laser-cut metal decorative sheets can make stunning wall accents to your yards and also act as an acoustic screen if you live near a road.

decorative metal screens in front of a house

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17. Sliding screens

Keep your garden or backyard fenced with sliding wooden screens. These screening panels in the picture below are great for allowing dappled sunlight in but not the heat of the day!

sliding screens in front of a garage

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18. Free-standing screens

Very commonly used in commercial pools and resorts, these free-standing screens are portable and durable. Bamboo and willow garden screening tend to work especially well.

Free-standing garden screen made of metal for a robust setup

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19. Lattice screens

Lattice screens can double up as wall-mounted planters and privacy screens. So add a touch of greenery while allowing for some shade.

lattice screens

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20. Hedge screens

Border your pools with some cool bushes instead of the usual garden fences.

hedge screen in front of a swimming pool

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21. Colourful windbreak

A simple bit of summery fabric can make a colourful windbreak, giving you the privacy you need at your picnic spot.

colourful windbreak beneath a tree with colourful stools

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22. Bamboo planters

Bamboo screening panels can keep your garden cool and provide natural fencing.

bamboo planters in a garden with a pent roof shed

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23. Slatted fence panels

Slatted fences are not only trendy but also nature-friendly

slatted fence panels with a curved patio bench

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24. Woven panel fencing

For a beautiful look and total privacy, woven panel fencing is the best. It allows for light and airflow through the gaps so it’s great for you and the neighbours.

woven fence panels

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25. Pallet fencing

Take up a DIY project, and build a fence from old pallets.

And you can see loads more ideas for using DIY pallet right here.

red pallet fencing

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26. Black horizontal slats

Add a gate to your fence or Gabion wall using black horizontal slats. This style works especially well on driveway gates.

black horizontal slat gate between gabion walls

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27. Privacy hedging

Evergreen hedges are excellent garden boundary options. They give you a sophisticated look and act as a natural privacy screen.

privacy hedging in a garden with stone bird bath

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28. Woven willow twigs

Fences made out of woven willow twigs are durable and elegant. Garden willow screening is also great for adding to the feel of a magical fairy garden.

woven willow twigs with planters and wellingtons on shelving

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29. Vertical plank screening

For people who want plenty of light and a bit of privacy for their own corner, vertical planks are just the thing and they offer a great, natural alternative to metal garden screening.

vertical plank screening with white patio furniture and striped rug

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30. Stained horizontal screening

Stripes have a way of elongating a small garden. A screen made with horizontal panels can visually help enlarge your space.

The gaps between the planks keep your patio well lit, at the same time, well-ventilated.

Stained horizontal screening that helps elongates the space

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31. Natural wood stain

Wood stains come in a variety of colours and they make an excellent choice if you prefer a natural-looking garden screening style. This design features low lustre, matching the shade of garden furniture.

Natural-looking garden screening style made from a natural wood stain

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32. Beams and balustrades

The style of this garden screening lays the wooden planks sideways, making the screen thicker. At the same time, it leaves wider gaps between planks to let light and air in.

This concept works best if your wooden screen is secured atop a stone wall.

Garden screening that lays wooden planks sideways with gaps in between

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33. Go for frosted glass screening

Have a look at this full-sized frosted glass screen with wooden sides. The timber base adds up robustness to the overall structure of the glass screen, withstanding harsh weather conditions.

Plus, the design helps to secure the tempered, shatterproof, frosted screen.

Frosted glass screening with timber base structure

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34. Faux bamboo fencing

Faux bamboo may do the trick if you wish for low-maintenance, natural screening plants. Be sure to choose high-quality bamboos that give an authentic impression.

Faux bamboo lined up on the patio providing shade and privacy

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35. Eco-mesh and flowers

Wire mesh fencing alone is too plain and doesn’t provide enough cover in terms of privacy. But covering it with bright flowering vines, you’ll have a more discreet garden screen.

Wire mesh fencing covered with bright flowering vines

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36. Irregular modern design fence ideas

Perfect for an urban garden, this irregular yet effective screening idea adds instant privacy to the space. For the screening materials, you can go for a metal frame or wooden fence.

Modern garden fence with irregular pattern design

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37. Screening trees like the Italian cypress

Famous in Italian landscapes, the elegant shape of the Italian Cypress adds height and rhythm to yards. It’s fast growing and drought resistant, making it a perfect addition to your contemporary space.

Italian cypress used as a garden screening for added privacy

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The Round-up

Well, there you have it – the best and effective garden privacy ideas in the UK and from all around the web! So whether you choose natural garden screen solutions like bamboo and hedge for privacy or metal and modular fencing, you won’t be short of ideas.

And if you liked this post, tell a friend or let us know in the comments. We’ll keep coming back to update it when we find the newest and hottest garden screening ideas, we promise.

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Yes, you do have a right to add privacy to your outdoor space. The same goes for security cameras, but they should only film within the confines of your garden or property.

If you're thinking of using a garden building like a shed or pergola, it should be 2.5 metres high. If they're more than 2 metres from the boundary, they can be up to 4 metres to the top of a pitched roof.

Plus, the eaves should not be higher than 2.5 metres, as per UK planning permission rule.

In addition to outbuildings, you can't go wrong with a wooden fence, evergreen trees, bamboo fencing, or a garden trellis with climbing plants on. They add a sense of privacy in natural ways.

Single story extensions to the side of your garden space should be no more than 4 metres in height. Plus, no wider than half of the original size of your property.


If you have a double building extension, you can't go closer than 7 metres to the boundary.

Your neighbour doesn't have to change their boundary fences just because you want them to. You also can't make changes to your side without their permission, such as painting it.