Garden Room Ideas to Upgrade Your Property

Do you want to add value to your home by improving the outside space? A great way to do this is by adding garden furniture or a room like a log cabin.

This is an extension of your house that doesn’t have to be part of the main dwelling and can be used for many purposes, such as entertaining guests or doing homework in a peaceful environment.

In this blog post, we’ll share some great garden room design ideas to inspire and excite you.

Let’s dive in.

1. Garden room living space

Why not have your living room in the garden and call it your own garden house? It can provide you with a nice space to relax and be with the family outside of the house.

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Minimalist garden room living space
Image Credit: Pexels

2. Contemporary garden retreat

We all need a place to grab a good book and let the hours pass. This cute cabin garden room design is the perfect place to enjoy the outside space.

Log cabin retreat
Image Credit: Pexels

3. Green retreats

Make the most of windows and natural light to make your own greenhouse room close to your house. Add in garden furniture, let your plants enjoy lots of light from the sun, and create the perfect space for a quick retreat!

4. Guest bedroom

Friend coming over but no extra bedroom at home? No problem! Create a guest bedroom with your garden room.

A guest bedroom with a single bed
Image Credit: Pexels

5. Triangular playhouse

A budget-friendly way to keep the children busy and avoid boredom. This playhouse also makes a perfect addition to fun garden play area for kids!

6. Dinner Table

Bring the whole family together for a special dinner by adding a dining table into the space. This garden room features a glass ceiling and large windows to make it feel like part of the garden.

A woman pouring juice on glass
Image Credit: Pexels

7. Garden gym

No more running in circles in the backyard. Work on your whole body without leaving home.

Add air conditioning units so you can make the most of your home gym even in the summertime.

BillyOh Studi Garden Room Mocha
BillyOh Studio

(Image Credit)

8. Garden room lounge

Sometimes it’s nice to have your friends gather in the garden and enjoy a beautiful day. If you have an unused corner in your yard, you know what to do!

Luxurious garden room lounge with wood and gold concept
Image Credit: Pexels

9. Modern garden room structure

A little getaway to reconcile with nature or concentrate on your work.

10. Minimalist MUJI hut

Go minimal! The smaller the room, the easiest to keep it clean. 

11. Combination garden room

A small shed beside the garden hot tub always helps to keep the house dry and clean. Alternatively, you can use a gazebo concept such as this one below.

BillyOh Quadra Timber Gazebo
BillyOh Quadra Timber Gazebo

12. Small garden office

Nice of you to come! Please, step into my office. This micro garden room is a great office space.

A mini garden office setup
Image Credit: Pexels

13. Snug as a bug

Or a bigger option, to keep an eye on the children while focusing on your work.

14. Classic small garden room

The afternoon tea just hits different out here.

15. Shipping container garden room

With some little tweaks, an old shipping container can have a very useful second life.

Shipping container garden room on renovation
Image Credit: Flickr, Decaseconds

16. Garden pergola

A simple wooden roof and an L-shaped couch can transform a corner of your garden into a whole new area.

BillyOh Orchid 83" Fir Wooden Garden Arch
BillyOh Orchid 83″ Fir Wooden Garden Arch

17. Wood garden shed

Got the space? Turn your garden shed into a fully equipped guest-house.

A cabin fireplace with a glass of wine on top of the surface
Image Credit: Pexels

18. Garden small gym

Not all gyms have to be huge. With a few items, you can take care of your health.

Mini dumbbells, weighing scales and gym ball
Image Credit: Pexels

19. Modern garden space

No walls, just a lot of light and becoming one with nature while having a nice chat. Big windows and glass double doors can give you that amount of natural light.

20. Circular outdoor living garden room

A 180° view of your garden while protected from the afternoon sun.

21. Modern wooden garden room

Wooden walls, yellow lights and black frames go hand -in -hand when trying to achieve that modern look.

22. Garden office in shipping container

A few brushes of paint can turn a shipping container into a calm space to work in the afternoons.

Garden office in a shipping container
Image Credit: Flickr, Citrix Systems

23. Simple wooden garden room

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of space. Just a couch to relax.

24. Zen garden lounge

A lot of windows and a clear roof to take all the light as possible. This concept is perfect if you want to have one of those garden retreats on the Internet.

A man in a hoodie sweater meditating over a yoga mat
Image Credit: Pexels

25. Garden office shed

Looking for more garden office ideas, storage hacks in particular? Bikes tend to take up a lot of space in the house. But no more!

26. Personal garden gym

Some work to lift up the terrain but an amazing outcome to stay healthy without leaving home.

A garage gym conversion
Image Credit: Pexels

27. Cosy backyard

A tree as a roof and light holder works just fine for a nice, romantic dinner outside. This one would look amazing if you have a contemporary garden theme.

28. Garden studio room

If you don’t like the look of wood in your garden room, some brushes of paint for a studio garden room like this will do the trick!

Minimalist garden studio room setup
Image Credit: Pexels

29. Relaxing patio

A tall roof with hanging plants and a couch for some deep conversations in the backyard. What a great way to spruce up your corner garden!

Two women enjoying their leisure time on a patio
Image Credit: Pexels

30. Outdoor kitchen

Bring a lounge outside, or bring a kitchen! No smoke inside the house and more daylight that you could ask for.

Add a garden bar area in the corner to enjoy the outdoors more into the late evening.

31. Relaxing modern garden room

Down a few steps from the garden, this small room awaits with some books and couches to relax and let the hours go by. A garden furniture like rattan can provide you with the right comfort for years to come.

32. Contemporary garden shed

For a movie night in the garden shed, followed by stargazing on the garden.

Contemporary garden shed in white
Image Credit: Pexels

33. Plant roof garden room

To connect with nature and wake up every morning in the woods.

34. Add a pool house for a perfect garden

Who would’ve thought that this rustic classy pavilion is made of reclaimed timber? Not only does it provide a year-round al fresco dining, but also an entertainment space by the pool.

Talk about luxury!

Cabana-style pool house
Image Credit: Pexels

35. Garage with a living space

This wooden garage is combined with a room above which could be used as a home office or a garden pub. The oak-frame structure gives off a countryside touch to the space.

36. Art studio

If you’re looking for an extra living space for your hobby and art collections, why not transform your outbuilding into an art studio? Make use of the extra space for painting, pottery, as well as a storage for your wonderful creations.

A small painting of clouds
Image Credit: Pexels

37. Children’s play area

Kids nowadays are increasingly seeking gratification in technology. But with playhouses, parents can get them introduced to the glory of outdoors!

They make great garden building ideas for homeowners living with kids.

Two little girls playing a doll house
Image Credit: Pexels

38. Insulated garden office

Thinking of working in your garden office all-year-round? You better make sure the building structure is equipped for the winter season.

By this, we mean getting an insulated garden office to maximise it throughout the year.

Round -Up

So, there you have it, a range of garden room ideas and inspiration to transform your outdoor space.

By adding a room to your garden, you increase the functionality of your home. Often increasing the value of your property in the process.

But as we’ve seen. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, with a little imagination you can make your own garden room on a budget. And feel free to check out our range of BillyOh garden rooms via the button below.

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Garden rooms are the best solution for those who want to have an entertaining space, or a dedicated area for play, hobbies, work or study. If you're one of them, a garden room can be a great investment for you and an excellent addition to your space.

If you're planning a garden room with a toilet or a shower room, it's necessary to apply for Building Regulations. Large garden rooms of 30 sqm or more will also need building regulation approval.

Garden buildings can have a lot of uses. You can utilise it in your outdoor space as a lounge area and have your afternoon nap there.

When a garden room is used as living space, such as an occasional guest room, there's no need for planning permission.

Generally speaking, yes! According to experts, most outbuildings add around 5% to the overall value.

A yoga studio or garden office, for instance, are relatively hassle-free ways to increase the value of your property. They're easy to put up and usually cheaper than a full-on extension.

There are actually two questions to answer here – can you physically live in a log cabin permanently? And can you according to law?

This blog post can answer all your questions so make sure to check it out!