The Best Fairy Garden Ideas on the Web

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Fairy gardens are a great way to bring some magic into your home. Imagine a tiny, beautiful garden that is hidden away in your backyard or on the porch of your summerhouse. The best part about fairy gardens is that they can be made anywhere with anything!

So check out these great fairy garden ideas for some inspiration. 

1. Beach fairy garden

Some wild grass in a pot of sand, strewn with pebbles and shells, ice lolly stick fencing and a sturdy-looking beach chair also made of ice-lolly sticks produce a cute little beach fairy garden.

Beach fairy garden

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2. Tiered terracotta fairy garden

Stack up a few terracotta pots of varied sizes and add tiny props to give a tiered fairy garden look.

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Tiered terracotta fairy garden

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3. Broken pot fairy garden

Assemble broken pieces from your old pots to make it look like a steppe style fairy garden.

Broken pot fairy garden

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4. Mermaid fairy garden

Ocean blue pebbles and a mermaid doll bring in a tiny mermaid fairy garden in your yard.

Mermaid fairy garden

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5. Terracotta fairy garden

Double up a wide planter as a rest spot for tiny creatures by placing DIY birdhouses and a small birdbath. 

terracotta fairy garden pot

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6. Teacup fairy garden

Place some ferns in a ceramic teacup and add accessories like tiny mushrooms or glass orbs for a teacup fairy garden.

Teacup fairy garden

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8. Light-up fairy garden

Fairy lights for a cute fairy garden to attract those fairies out there.

light-up fairy garden

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9. Wicker basket fairy garden

Old fruit baskets or wicker baskets are good succulent holders that pave the way for numerous creative ideas for a fairy garden.

wicket basket fairy garden

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10. Bonsai tree fairy garden

There is no other place perfect as a bonsai pot to place your fairy garden miniature props.

Bonsai Tree fairy garden

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11. Pine cone fairy house

Pine cones make splendid fairy houses. Just paint some windows and a door and place them among your ferns.

pinecone fairy tree

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12. Succulent fairy garden

Colourful succulents go well with your fairy garden items like a tiny well, or a bench or even a small hut.

succulent fairy garden

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13. Fairy garden patio

Of course, fairies can have their patios. Just give them a cute table and chair and place them on a small bed of pebbles. You can also add arches and walkways.

fairy garden patio

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14. Wagon fairy garden

Convert any old rusted wagon or cart into plant holders and decorate with fairy garden props.

wagon fairy garden

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15. Twig and twine ladder

Entwine twigs to construct a tiny rope ladder for your fairy garden castle.

twig and twine ladder

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16. Wooden fence and hammock

Use those fallen twigs to create fences and you can even put up a hammock for your fairy.

wooden fence and hammock

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17. Flower fairies

Play with old fabrics and some wool to make lovely flower fairies.

flower fairies

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18. Solar-powered fairy house

Stick pebbles on solar lamps, add tiny doors and windows, and voila! A splendid solar-powered fairy house is ready.

solar-powered fairy house

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19. Pine cone roof

Pine cones can be used as rooftops for tiny fairy houses.

pinecone roof fairy garden

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20. Twine beehives

Just twirl a length of twine around a small cup to make twine beehives.

21. Mini toadstools

Your child’s play dough can help you make the cutest toadstools for your fairy garden.

mini toadstools

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22. Miniature birds nests

Some twine, twigs and grass can make a nice cosy bird nest. Accessorise with clay eggs.

miniature bird's nest

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23. Fairy well

Design a rustic looking well for fairies to use.

fairy well

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24. Ice lolly stick bench

These ice-lolly sticks have a versatile use. Create mini benches for fairies to rest.

ice lolly stick bench

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25. Fairy garden tools

Get some pitchforks and spades using old copper wires for fairy garden tools.

fairy garden tools

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26. Fairy garden chairs

Let the tiny beauties take their seats. Bottle caps can help you design stools and chairs.

fairy garden chairs

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27. Dinosaur fairy garden

Place your dino toys for that prehistoric fairy garden.

dinosaur fairy garden

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28. Miniature fairy garden

Go even tiny by using soup bowls for your fairy garden.

miniature fairy garden

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29. Fairy garden terrarium

Bottle up fairy props for your showcases.

fairy garden terrarium

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30. Hanging fairy garden

Create a nest fairy garden and hang it up with your other hanging planters.

hanging fairy garden

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31. Fairy garden fire pit

Decorate an old cup to resemble a small fire pit for fairies.

32. Mushroom fairy house

Too busy for a DIY? Just buy a classy looking mushroom fairy house for your fairy garden.

33. Fairy garden pond

Pebbles, resin and a few fairy dolls will bring you a wonderful fairy garden pond.

34. Fairy garden caravan

Design a tiny caravan out of an old coin box and add swings and other items to bring a more interesting look.

fairy garden caravan

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35. Fairy garden wishing well

A fairy garden is incomplete without a tiny wishing well.

Fairy garden wishing well

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36. Surfer’s paradise

Pull a modern twist by designing your fairy garden as a surfer’s paradise.

fairy garden surfer's paradise

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37. Fairy garden castle

Tall broken pots can help you think of constructing a mighty tiny fairy castle.

fairy garden castle

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38. Glass pedestal fairy garden

Convert an unused glass bowl into a fairy garden to decorate your table.

glass pedestal fairy garden

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39. Fairy garden tree swing

Give the fairies some beautiful looking mini swings.

fairy garden tree swing

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40. Twiggy orb fairy garden

Stick some twigs to form an orb and set up a fairy garden.

twiggy orb fairy garden

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41. Shell fairy garden

The cavity of a conch is a nice place to put up a shell fairy garden.

shell fairy garden

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42. Pumpkin gourd fairy cottage

Dried and cured pumpkin gourd can be perfect to design a fairy cottage.

pumpkin gourd fairy cottage

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43. Teepee fairy garden

Handmade teepees are good options for fairy retreats.

teepee fairy garden

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44. Acorn lantern lights

Stick a small glass orb to an acorn and make lanterns for fairies.

acorn lantern lights

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45. Fairy herb garden

Surround your fairy house with exotic kitchen herbs.

fairy herby garden

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46. Birdhouse fairy garden

Convert old birdhouses into fairy houses.

birdhouse fairy gardens

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47. Tree stump fairy garden

A tree stump makes a nice fairy house with its own terrace garden.

tree stump fairy garden

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48. Wheelbarrow fairy garden

A broken wheelbarrow can be used to create a wide fairy garden.

wheelbarrow fairy garden

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49. Bathtub fairy garden

Create a full-fledged fairy garden using your broken bathtub. 

bathtub fairy garden

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50. Birdbath fairy garden

An unused birdbath is perfect to create a miniature fairy garden.

birdbath fairy garden

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51. Mason jar fairy garden

Oh, fairies love old mason jar houses.

mason jar fairy garden

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52. Windowbox fairy garden

Put those miniature fairy props in your window box.

windowbox fairy garden

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53. Metal lantern fairy garden

Repaint old lanterns and make them look like glass fairy houses.

metal lantern fairy garden

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54. Galvanised wash tub fairy garden

Another wide prop to put up a mini garden.

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55. Wooden box fairy garden

Do not throw away those mango crates! Fairies would like to use them.

A mini garden fairy inside a wooden box

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56. Hanging terrarium fairy garden

An unused fishbowl can be converted into a hanging terrarium.

hanging terrarium fairy garden

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57. Fairy zen garden

Bring in small Zen props amidst your ferns.

fairy zen garden

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58. Vintage suitcase fairy garden

Succulents in an old suitcase, a perfect spot for fairies’ retreat.

vintage suitcase fairy garden

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58. Campsite fairy garden

Give the fairies some break and let them go camping! This DIY campsite fairy garden is on a different level than the traditional ones.

Make sure to add some little knick-knacks, such as a mini picnic table, fire pit, and guitar.

DIY campsite fairy garden

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59. Gnomes little village

A circle of four gnome friends can be seen in this mini garden village. They look like they’re playing something and we have no idea what they’re up to!

There’s a gnome drinking coffee and the stone that looks like a gnome birdbath, too.

Little garden village for the gnomes

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60. Fairy and unicorn dreams

This colourful fairy garden design features unicorns hanging around with the fairies. The bridge and rainbow add more touch and a bit of magic in the mini garden.

Fairy and unicorn garden with rainbow and colourful bridge

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Now that you know all about the different types of fairy gardens, which one are you going to create? Choose wisely! 

The article has given you a ton of great ideas and inspiration. We hope it will be enough for your fairy garden dreams to come true!

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