50 Vegetable Garden Ideas to Grow Your Own Food

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If you’ve always wanted to grow your own vegetables and fruits, but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve compiled a list of the best designs to help you decide how to create your ideal vegetable and herb garden in your available space. Let’s dive in!

1. Enclosed vegetable garden

Keep your veggies safe from your children or your pets by enclosing it in this simple setup.  

Enclosed vegetable garden with wire fencing
Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures

2. DIY tiered strawberry planter

If you’re handy with wood you could craft it yourself for a little place to grow strawberries in your backyard.This tiered style planter is great if you’re short on space.

It’s one of our favourite DIY pallet projects!

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3. Raised sections

If you prefer a formal style garden, build symmetrical planters around a centrepiece, like a tree or water feature. Plant your veggies in separate containers to keep track of them without having them mixed up.

Raised section garden beds
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

4. Potatoes in container

You can grow some things without having a huge planter or garden bed. For example, you can grow potatoes in a simple, small container like this.

Potatoes grown in a container
Image Credit: Flickr,

5. Fenced vegetable garden

You can build a small, simple fence around your vegetable garden to keep your plants safe from pets or larger wildlife.

Fenced vegetable garden with raised beds
Image Credit: Flickr, Rae Allen

6. Tiered herb garden

Build your own herb garden container with separate sections for each herb so they won’t mix when growing. Don’t forget to add labels!

7. Ladder vertical garden

Give an old ladder a second life by transforming it into a vertical garden. It’s a great solution for a small garden with little or no planting space. 

Ladder vertical garden with pot flower display
Image Credit: Flickr, Vilseskogen

8. Modern veggie garden beds with gravel

Use black for your raised planters to give your garden a modern look. You could use a simple grey gravel like this as a budget-friendly base for your vegetable garden.

Speaking of gravel, you might want to check out these gravel garden ideas!

Raised vegetable bed with gravel
Image Credit: Pxhere

9. Breeze blocks flower and herb garden

If you’re on a tight budget, breeze blocks make great planters for herbs, as you can easily keep each one separate, and by building them up you can create a simple vegetable patch. 

10. Vegetables in pots

Some vegetables and fruits are able to grow in pots, so you don’t need lots of space to grow your own. 

Tomatoes grown in pots
Image Credit: Pxhere

11. Huge fenced vegetable garden

If you have a large garden space, create a simple, open vegetable garden to save a few trips to the supermarket! Add a little fence to keep it safe from animals or children.

12. Small vegetable garden with stepping stones

Decorate your vegetable garden with pebbles and stepping stones for an appealing but practical finish.

People making stepping stones near a vegetable garden
Image Credit: Pixnio

13. Tin bath planter

If you’re short on planting space, planters are the way to go. Tin bath style planters bring a rustic charm to your garden. 

14. Wooden garden structure

A wooden structure like this is perfect for a small space against a plain wall. A vertical herb garden and raised planters with trellises will brighten up the space in no time. 

BillyOh Iris 72” Fir Wooden Planter
BillyOh Iris 72” Fir Wooden Planter

15. Raised garden beds with trellis

Install a metal trellis next to your garden bed so your plants have plenty of space to keep growing upwards.

Raised garden beds with trellis
Image Credit: Flickr, Gardening Solutions

16. Removable greenhouse roof for garden beds

Install mesh or netted houses over your vegetable beds to protect them from small animals and insects that might nibble on your goods! 

BillyOh 4000 Lincoln Wooden Clear Wall Greenhouse with Opening Roof Vent
BillyOh 4000 Lincoln Wooden Clear Wall Greenhouse with Opening Roof Vent

17. Tiny enclosed vegetable garden

A small enclosed spot for you to grow some herbs and veggies, and hopefully save a few trips to the market.

Greenhouse and cold frames
Image Credit: Geograph UK

18. DIY raised garden bed

If you’re building your own garden beds, try building them off the floor so you won’t have to kneel to take care of your plants.

19. Big veggie garden with pergola

Why not place a pergola at the entrance of your vegetable garden, to make it look more appealing. You could even add climbing vines and flowers for decoration. 

Vegetable garden with pergola
Image Credit: Rawpixel

20. Arch with trellis

Alternatively, install an iron archway for your climbing plants to grow on, for an appealing entrance to your vegetable garden.

Bean garden trellis
Image Credit: Flcikr, sk

21. White wood vertical garden

Spruce up your vertical garden with a lick of paint to match your garden theme. 

BillyOh Primrose 84.5” Fir Wooden Garden Arch
BillyOh Primrose 84.5” Fir Wooden Garden Arch

22. Vegetable tunnel

Install an iron structure along your garden path and add some climbing vegetable plants to grow around it. You’ll have a veggie tunnel in no time. 

A high tunnel growing various types of tomatoes sits
Image Credit: Flickr, U.S. Department of Agriculture

23. Tiny raised and enclosed garden bed

No need for a huge setup. You can fit one of these in your small garden and grow whatever you like. 

Add a garden gate and some netted fencing to keep the creatures away from your produce.

24. Vegetable garden with gravel and lights

Add some lights for a nice touch and a great view of your garden at night. 

25. Removable garden bed cover

To avoid birds or bugs from damaging your herbs or plants, add a mesh casing to your vegetable beds. 

Vegetable garden raised beds with removable covers
Image Credit: Flickr, Matt Haughey

26. Cedar raised garden beds

Cedar wood raised beds provide a great colour contrast against dark soil and green veggies. 

Cedar raised beds for vegetable garden
Image Credit: Rawpixel

27. Vegetable garden with white fence

Decorate your vegetable garden borders with a white picket fence to match your garden boundary fences for a country garden feel. 

28. Huge spring vegetable garden

If you have the space, fill it up! Plant every herb or vegetable you need to save you some trips to the market.

Late spring harvest vegetable garden
Image Credit: Flickr, woodleywonderworks

29. Simple raised garden beds with gravel

Gravel works great as a low maintenance base between your raised beds. It helps stop weeds coming through but still allows for drainage around your veggies.

30. Wall mounted herb garden

You could use wood or even some pipes to create a wall-mounted garden with very little budget.

Wall mounted herb garden for sale
Image Credit: Rawpixel

31. Vegetable garden in a small backyard

You don’t need much space to create a vegetable patch to be proud of. Just add some simple, rectangular beds and start planting.

This is perfect if you have a rectangular garden!

Side vegetable garden with compost bin
Image Credit: Flickr, Barry

32. Vegetable wash station

Create a spot in your garden to wash the soil from your vegetables after digging them up. Use a simple mesh and wooden planks to create a frame. 

33. Wooden garden beds

Add a raised frame to your garden beds to hang up nets to keep away bugs, birds and other small animals.

34. Trellis vertical garden

Install a trellis for your vegetable plants to grow on. You’ll have a beautiful vertical garden full of fresh produce to enjoy.

DIY bean and cucumber trellis - on the fence
Image Credit: Flickr, woodleywonderworks

35. Vegetable garden in a narrow backyard

Remember, no matter the space, you can fit a veggie garden in your backyard and start growing your own herbs and vegetables.

36. Wood pallet herb garden

Recycled wooden pallets are perfect for a budget-friendly vertical herb garden if you’re short on space. 

Pallet herb garden
Image Credit: Flickr, Auntie P

37. Wood planters in pallet

Alternatively, you could use a wooden pallet as a stand for hanging smaller wooden planters, so you can grow a wider variety of herbs. 

38. DIY raised garden bed with shelf and sections

Add in a handy shelf to your raised herb garden to store your gloves and gardening tools. 

39. Wooden tent vertical garden

Craft your own trellis in the style of a tent for a unique archway and add climbing vegetable plants, like tomatoes or beans. 

40. Deer-proof raised garden bed

If your garden has a mountain or wilderness nearby, include a meshed barrier to give your garden beds some protection.

Deer-proofed vegetable garden with fencing
Image Credit: Rawpixel

41. Fenced vegetable growing area

Create a stylish, fenced-off place in your backyard to grow whatever you like, whilst keeping hungry local wildlife at bay.

42. Tiered vegetable planter

Tiered planters don’t take up much space so they’re great for growing vegetables and herbs in small gardens.

Three-Tiered Cascade Wooden Planter
Three-Tiered Cascade Wooden Planter

43. DIY tiered herb garden

You could always make your tiered planter corner shaped to fit your available space. 

44. Veggies inside, flowers outside

There’s room for everything in this garden. You can add some flowers on the outside to brighten the view.

45. Shoe organiser vegetable garden

Give your old shoe organiser a second life by turning it into a useful vertical herb garden.

Shoe canvas organiser planter
Image Credit: Flickr, Andrea Grover

46. DIY cute garden markers

So you won’t mistake your herbs when they start to grow, make your own name markers using wooden spoons.

DIY vegetable garden markers
Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures

47. Star-shaped garden bed

Get creative with the shape of your raised garden beds to inject some of your personality into your vegetable garden. The symmetry of these beds gives this garden a formal feel. 

48. Herb garden in wine boxes

Recycle your old wine boxes to create unique beds for your herbs and veggies. 

49. Cute small shed

If you’re short on space, install a tall but narrow shed to store all of your gardening tools and gloves. 

BillyOh Master Tall Store
BillyOh Master Tall Store

50. Stone garden beds

You don’t need to have raised planters for a vegetable garden, just transform your flower beds using planks to separate the produce and give you something to step on. 


Whether you’re on a tight budget or you’ve only got a small space to work with, you can still grow your own produce right in your backyard.

We’ve got everything from simple herb gardens to full-size vegetable patches in our list of ideas, so we hope you’ve found some inspiration to get started on your own garden.

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