The Best Water Feature Ideas for Your Garden

A water feature is one the best garden accessories you can add to your garden, besides garden furniture sets. The soothing sound of running water provides a calming ambience to enjoy at the end of a hard day.

Water features also attract natural wildlife and enhance your local ecosystem. We’ve got bunch of ideas to help you add a water feature to your garden, no matter what space you have!

They can be adapted to fit smaller spaces, so don’t dismiss the possibility of a water feature just because you have a small garden. 

Let’s go with our wicked garden water feature ideas!

1. Pond with statues

A beautiful place to relax, listening to the water splash. The best part? It’s right there in your backyard. 

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The stone surround helps this pond feel more natural and the sculptures up the wow factor.

Garden stone pond, featuring a focal point statue
Image Credit: Pixnio

2. Stunning garden fountain

A fountain is a simple water cycle that brings the soothing sound of running water. Add a traditional touch by using a stone ‘water spouting’’ face.

Grand garden fountain
Image Credit: Pixnio

3. Grey stacked garden feature

If you’re short on space, keep it simple and elegant with a stacked stone fountain. 

Stacked stone garden waterfall
Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures

4. Modern waterfall

Nothing is more relaxing than hearing a waterfall in your garden everyday. This simple, modern style doesn’t take up much space but brings a calming feel to the garden. 

Modern garden rock waterfall pond
Image Credit: Flickr, Caviness Landscape Design, Inc.

5. Backyard creek

Create a natural waterfall in your garden to feel like you’re deep in the woods without leaving your home. The addition of rocks and informal planting help it fit into the garden more naturally. 

Backyard creek with stones and pebbles
Image Credit: Flickr, Fred Ortlip

6. Granite three bowl fountain

Granite is a great material for a fountain and the tiered bowls look amazing with some underwater lights. This modern style fountain only takes up minimal space too so it’s great for small gardens or yards.

7. Carved rustic fountain

Or maybe go with a carved ceramic fountain, which is great for a rustic garden look and, again, only takes up a small amount of space. 

Carved rustic fountain with a lion head
Image Credit: Pixnio

8. Black sphere water feature

Spheres are a popular, contemporary design for water features. Water streams over the surface and glistens in the sunlight. 

Black marble sphere fountain
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

9. Water wall

Create your own rainfall with a doorway into another realm. With this innovative style fountain, you’re guaranteed relaxation from the minute you turn it on and hear the water splashing on the rocks. 

It’s a real showpiece for a larger garden. 

Lined garden water wall
Image Credit: Flickr, Rebecca Bollwitt

10. Rock fountain

A fountain can be built using almost any material. This example uses stacked rocks for a natural-looking waterfall to fit with the garden style.

Rock garden fountain
Image Credit: Pxhere

11. Fish pond

Why not bring some friends to add some life to your backyard? With a deep enough pond, you can have fish to say hello to every day.

Small garden Koi pond
Image Credit: Flickr, Wonderlane

12. Small waterfall with flowers and lights

Add some colour to your waterfall with some flowers and underwater lights. The result will be amazing.

Small garden waterfall with surrounding flowers
Image Credit: Flickr, Andy Rogers

13. DIY attractive fountain

A bowl fountain is a simple way to add a water feature to your garden that’s easy to install and won’t take up much space. This bold, blue bowl is a stunning example. 

14. Front yard pond

You can set it up yourself and add whatever rocks you want to get the look you really desire. Add some simple planting around the edge to make the area look more natural. 

Front yard pond with water fall
Image Credit: Flickr, julie corsi

15. Large pebble pond

This contemporary garden pond idea will fit into any small space and bring visual interest to your garden. Arrange pebbles at the base to give a unique look.

Large pebble backyard pond
Image Credit: Flickr, Wonderlane

16. Waterfall and fire pit

This style creates a real centrepiece in your garden. The fire pit feature makes it also functional as you can relax around the waterfall while staying warm in the evening.

Stone waterfall and pond and fire pit area
Image Credit: Flickr, Caviness Landscape Design, Inc.

17. All stone small waterfall

For a more traditional waterfall, you could build it into your stone wall with a stone and pebble base. Add some formal garden-style planters to complete the look.  

18. DIY round pond

You could recycle an old tin bath or drum to create your own raised pond. They’re easy to install and maintain, and also won’t take up too much space.

Old wooden drum turned into a small pond
Image Credit: Flickr, Geek2Nurse

19. Bespoke water feature

This classic formal garden fountain fits perfectly amongst the symmetrical planting of this garden. The intricate design of the base gives an extra touch of extravagance.

Formal garden fountain in the middle of a courtyard
Image Credit: Flickr, ukgardenphotos

20. Crack on the wall

If simple and modern is more your style, try this minimalistic approach that will still help you relax in your garden.

21. Recycled bottles fountain

Those wine bottles can still be of use, even if you’re out of wine. Turn them into an amazing fountain for a unique water feature.

DIY wine bottle fountain
Image Credit: Pxhere

22. Simple water taps

A simple, classic choice but it still adds a touch of beauty to your garden.

Tap filling bucket with water
Image Credit: Rawpixel

23. Stone-edged pond

This neat little pond has been delicately designed to bring some life to the garden without overtaking the space. 

Stoned edged garden pond
Image Credit: Pxhere

24. DIY fountain in pot

There’s no need for a big setup if you’re on a tight budget. A large ceramic pot can be transformed into a beautiful fountain for your backyard with little effort.

25. Spiral rainfall water feature

If you prefer a more artistic style fountain, this would be the perfect addition to your garden. 

26. Old watering cans

Running water has a relaxing effect. Get creative with some old watering cans and a tin bath to bring that calming effect to your backyard.

Old watering cans fountain
Image Credit: Flickr, Robert Ashworth

27. Wine bottles and pots

Don’t throw away those wine bottles after you’ve finished your wine. You could recycle them to create an amazing water feature so you always have the calming sound of running water in your garden.

28. Small rainfall for garden

Outdoor waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes and make for ideal focal points of relaxed conversation. This modern rain-style fountain will bring the calming sound of rain to your garden on a sunny day.

29. Rainfall with lights

If you add some lights to your miniature rainfall, it will look beautiful at night.

30. DIY backyard pond and waterfall

If you have the space, give your garden an overhaul with a large natural pond. 

Stone pond with waterfall
Image Credit: Flickr, Maggie Osterberg

31. Backyard river

Or even build your own stream to have the sound of a babbling brook all the time and create a focal point in your garden.

32. Aesthetic water feature

If you have a large garden, you could add an extravagant water fountain to create a real feature. Plus, you can sit on the edge and be close to the water and its relaxing sound.

33. Bird bath from old vase

Build your own bird bath using a brightly coloured plant pot. You could add a small plate with seeds to attract some birds to your garden.

Timeless old urn bird bath
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

34. Small stylish waterfall

Grey is always a great colour for a modern and stylish look. This style is great for a small space.

35. Stacked stone fountain

This simple stacked fountain would be perfect to fill an empty corner of your garden. It would be easy to install and maintain, but would transform your space in no time.

36. Sandstone sphere water feature

Spheres are a simple and very stylish solution for a small water feature in your garden. Minimal effort, maximum style.

37. Slim side pond

For a more unique, stylish pond that takes up minimal space, you could go for a thin, narrow style with small fountains. 

Side Koi garden pond
Image Credit: Flickr, Leonora (Ellie) Enking

38. Pondless water feature

Sometimes, the garden is not big enough to have a pond. Luckily, there are still some options for a water feature, like this standalone pot fountain. 

39. Zen mini waterfall

A small water feature to meditate in your zen garden while hearing the waterfall.

Zen mini waterfall
Image Credit: Pxhere

40. Square pond

For a change from the standard round pond, why not go for a square? This style works for a more formal garden where symmetry is important.

Square garden pond
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

41. Koi pond and waterfall

A simple but stylish oblong pond works great for a small space, plus a small drain keeps the water circling back to your koi pond. 

Koi pond with waterfall
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

42. Appealing fountain

Simple yet appealing, so you’ll always have the soothing sounds of water in your garden.

43. Transparent water feature

This unique waterfall uses glass plates rather than stone to pass the water along. The glass helps reflect more light around the garden. 

44. Low budget DIY fountain

A recycled tin bath keeps costs down when creating your own waterfall and looks great in any type of garden. 

45. Modern oasis

This contemporary water feature is a great addition to a modern seating area. Add a fire pit to keep warm for those late night chats outside.

46. DIY water feature on wall

This unusual waterfall would be perfect if you’ve only got a small backyard. Plus, you can spruce up a plain wall!

Water feature on wall with tiles
Image Credit: Pxhere

47. Bubbling urn water feature

Simple to craft yourself and it’s different from other water features you might find. Arrange the stones to make it your own.

Bubbling urn water feature
Image Credit: Pxhere

48. Small bird bath

Encourage birds to visit your garden with a homemade bird bath. Keep it simple with a ceramic plant pot and add some water plants to attract insects for the birds to eat.  

Small bird bath with a bird on it
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

49. Ceramic water feature

Rustic but classy-looking. Add some flowers in the base to make it even more appealing.

50. Raised square pond

Clean lines produce a stylish and modern-looking pond that will bring some personality to your garden. 

51. Window pane falling water feature

This simple and unique water feature, as the name suggests, is made from an old window pane. This falling water resembles corrugated glass except you can put your hands through and play with it!

Tip: Install LED lights in the gravel base to illuminate the water wall at night.

52. Pretty little pail fountain

Your garden water feature doesn’t have to be huge and grand. Even this little pot filled with gravel and water that bubbles up will do!

Add this to your next DIY project; prepare a ceramic pot, gravel, and bits of sea glass for little pops of colour.

Pail, tin tub and old watering can fountain
Image Credit: Pxhere

53. DIY copper water wall

With a sheet of copper, you can assemble this attention-seeking wall fountain. The water flows down from a perforated pipe into a reservoir.

It can serve as a focal point in your garden. Don’t forget to add pebbles!

54. Fun repurposed wheelbarrow waterfall

Create a playful fountain for your garden with this DIY wheelbarrow water feature! It’s made out of boulders, gravel, and an old wheelbarrow.

It’s up to you if you want to keep the rusty, classic look, or repaint it for a more contemporary touch to your space.

55. Loop de loo waterfall chain

Chain fountains have been increasing in popularity, particularly to those who have a zen garden or love to meditate in their yard. Hang it from the eaves and feel the calming water that pours between the chain all-year-round.


Even if you’ve only got a small backyard, you can still transform it into a calming, serene space with the sounds of nature and bubbling water. 

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in our list for adding a pond or water feature to your garden, regardless of the space you have available.

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