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Garden Summerhouses for Sale

A BillyOh summerhouse is a beautiful addition to any British garden, and the perfect way to enjoy the warm weather during the sunny summer months.

There's nothing better than stretching out on a comfy chair inside an airy and spacious summerhouse, with the breeze filtering through tall Georgian windows, is there?

At BillyOh, we stock a range of summerhouses to suit everyone's taste and style, from traditional summerhouses with an apex roof and double doors to contemporary summerhouses with a pent roof and a veranda. The perfect place to relax alone or with family and friends, you're bound to find your dream garden summerhouse right here at BillyOh. So get browsing now!

BillyOh Harper Tongue and Groove Apex Summerhouse

FREE delivery in 7 - 10 working days*
Finance from £19 a month (APR 12.9%)

BillyOh Holly Tongue and Groove Apex Summerhouse

FREE Delivery in 5 - 7 weeks
Finance from £36.97 a month (APR 12.9%)

BillyOh Ivy Tongue and Groove Apex Summerhouse

FREE Delivery in 3 - 4 weeks
Finance from £29.04 a month (APR 12.9%)

BillyOh Picton Corner Summerhouse

FREE Delivery in 3 - 4 weeks
Finance from £23.76 a month (APR 12.9%)

BillyOh Tessa Tongue and Groove Reverse Apex Summerhouse

FREE Delivery in 3 - 4 weeks
Finance from £50.98 a month (APR 12.9%)

BillyOh Petra Tongue and Groove Reverse Apex Summerhouse

FREE Delivery in 3 - 4 weeks
Finance from £38.29 a month (APR 12.9%)

BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store

FREE Delivery in 4 - 6 weeks
Finance from £50.19 a month (APR 12.9%)

BillyOh Renna Tongue and Groove Corner Summerhouse

FREE Delivery in 3 - 4 weeks
Finance from £44.9 a month (APR 12.9%)

BillyOh Penton Corner Summerhouse with Side Store

FREE Delivery in 3 - 4 weeks
Finance from £42.26 a month (APR 12.9%)

BillyOh Bella Tongue and Groove Pent Summerhouse

FREE Delivery in 3 - 4 weeks
Finance from £33.01 a month (APR 12.9%)

BillyOh Darcy Log Cabin Summerhouse

FREE Delivery in 4 - 8 weeks
Finance from £50.32 a month (APR 12.9%)

BillyOh Carmen Log Cabin Summerhouse

FREE Delivery in 4 - 8 weeks
Finance from £52.2 a month (APR 12.9%)
*Subject to delivery postcode


How do you stop damp in a summer house?

Perhaps the best way to stop mould and damp growing in your summer house is to make sure you keep it regularly ventilated. Invest in a dehumidifier to try and remove some of the moisture from the air if this doesn't work.

How do I keep my summer house cool?

As well as the obvious answers (opening windows, installing ventilation), installing insulation can actually work in favour of keeping your summerhouse cool as well as warm in the winter. That's because it'll keep colder air in even on super warm days, providing an effective solution to stifling heat in summer.

Are summer houses warm in winter?

Our summerhouses are generally only designed for usage 6-9 months of the year. This is because the 11mm thick walls do not provide ample insulation to keep warmth in during the chillier months. You do have a couple of options, though - we offer thicker walls (up to 44mm) on our log cabin summerhouses, which means they keep a lot more heat in. Alternatively, you can install your insulation in your summerhouse - check out a guide on how to do that here.

Do summer houses need foundations?

Yes, our summerhouses need to be raised off the ground so that the floor doesn't come into contact with the soil or grass. A concrete base can work, or wooden bearers. Anything that ensures that no moisture can be absorbed by the main wooden structure will suffice. Any potential moisture that soaks into the main wooden structure of the building can contribute to damp growth, rot and decay.

Do you need planning permission for a summer house?

Usually no, unless you're planning to live in it. It has to meet certain regulations, such as not being in your front garden, not being closer than 2m to your house and not being over a certain height, but we've designed all of our summerhouses so that they don't break any planning permission rules on our end. For more details on this please refer to this article.

Need some extra space? Always dreamed of owning your own garden building? Pick from our stunning range of beautiful designs to find your perfect garden summer house.

Every wooden summerhouse in our collection is crafted with the customer in mind using quality materials.

Available in a wide range of different sizes and shapes, our selection of bespoke summer houses range from small, compact garden rooms to grand, live-in homes.

Corner summerhouses

Corner summer houses are perfect for people who are conscious of garden space. As the perfect modern summerhouses, they're elegantly designed to fit in the corner of your garden and act as the ideal cosy retreat. Their angular designs make them a sought-after and stylish choice amongst summerhouse fans.

Created with the ideal contemporary summer house in mind, our corner summer houses are laden with customisable features, such as the roof, felt and windows.

The Picton Corner Summerhouse is one of our 7x7 summer houses and is one of our best selling outdoor buildings; it's a great space for relaxation and can transform your outdoor space from being bland and regular to suave and enviable. Designed with corners in mind, the Picton, along with our other corner buildings, are compact, stylish and sought-after for a reason.

Arguably our most popular style of summerhouse, the panoramic views offered by the large double glazed windows at the front of the building are one of it's key features.

Log Cabin Summerhouses

Log cabin summerhouses are the most premium of our summerhouse options. Wide opening double doors and large double glazed windows made out of toughened glass (which take the place of the regular glass seen on our standard summerhouse) ensure a more luxurious experience.

While more expensive, log cabin summerhouses employ the use of thicker wood (up to 44mm wall thickness options are available) and a generally higher quality of materials, meaning they're viable for use for much more of the year. Our traditional summerhouses are designed for summer usage only.

Built to last and feel like a home, a log cabin summerhouse effectively plays the role of a home extension, but in the garden, offering exceptional quality and extra living space at a budget-friendly price.

Summer House Sheds

Need somewhere to store your garden power tools but also eager to shell out on a place you can kick back and relax after a long day in the office? Look no further than our summerhouse-shed range.

The BillyOh Penton Corner Summerhouse with Side Store is the ideal type of summerhouse for anyone who is looking for two things in one. Built with small families, new homeowners and couples in mind, summerhouse sheds provide you with storage and sofa space without compromising or losing any more garden room. It's ideal for storing your garden tools in, and knowing that the quiet retreat of your lovely wooden garden summer house is only metres away.

Tongue & Groove Construction

Each and every one of our quality Garden Summerhouses are built with tongue and groove cladding to ensure prime weather resistance. Tongue & groove panels lock together vertically to prevent rain  from seeping into the building. The panels we use on our summer houses are 11mm thick and are a critical component of the building's protection against harsh weather conditions.

Pressure treatment

We offer the option of pressure treatment on most of our summerhouses. Pressure treatment is one of a selection of dip treatments used in industrial settings, to protect wood from rot, decay and insect infestation on a long-term basis. It relieves the need for the customer to apply any additional treatment any boosts our ten-year guarantee against rot to fifteen years.

Our timber summerhouses are suitable for a variety of purposes and are a versatile outdoor building. Don't feel restricted to using them as a traditional summerhouses; why not branch out and convert yours into a garden office, a playhouse, a storage space or a home gym?