Garden Privacy Ideas: How To Make Your Garden Private

Garden privacy is a must, and especially for those who spend most of their time in their outdoor space lounging on outdoor sofas and the like (no judgement here!). This also lets you enjoy endless hours in your backyard without worrying about too much sun exposure, and of course, curious passersby.

If you’re looking for clever ways to create privacy in your garden, then this blog post is the place to go. We’ve curated a list of different ideas, as well as pictures to inspire you to create that perfect private garden experience.

These ideas (garden shade ideas) will also come in handy if you wish to add a shady spot to your garden. Let’s get started!

1. Tall wooden fence

A simple choice to maintain your privacy in your garden.

Backyard wooden fence
Image Credit: Pexels

2. Fence planters

Use a more natural screen for your garden with some tall plants and still maintain some colour.

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Fencing with planters
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

3. Black planks

For a more modern look, try black vertical fencing for your garden.

4. Hedge and wood

Plain wooden screens make a great backdrop for an arrangement of well-pruned trees.

Wooden garden screening near a garden shed
Image Credit: Field Outdoor Spaces

5. Light wood

Light wood, alongside pale tones of grey and white, creates a feeling of space.

6. Beautiful bamboo

Give your garden an oriental feel with bamboo fencing. It not only looks great; it’s strong and durable so won’t need replacing too often.  

Bamboo fencing
Image Credit: Pexels

7. Bamboo privacy screen

Bamboo plants also make great privacy screening as they’re evergreen so won’t lose their leaves in the winter!

Bamboo patio screening with three potted plants on deck
Image Credit: PExels

8. Small fence

Small fences allow you to separate distinct areas of your garden for different uses, giving privacy to your seating area.

9. Cosy deck

A modern decked area with a gazebo helps provide privacy from overlooking neighbours.

Decked gazebo
Image Credit: Pxhere

10. Pretty privacy

Trellis with climbing flowers and plants make an attractive privacy screen that changes with the seasons!

Trellis with planters
Image Credit: Pexels

11. Pebbles and fire pit

Black fencing gives a modern feel to this small garden featuring wooden benches and a fire pit. All the privacy you need for stargazing at night.

12. Recycled roof parts 

Get creative with this low-budget solution for your privacy issues. Recycle sections of roofing to create a brand new wall!

13. Tree line

A classic but attractive way to keep your backyard private.

Well-manicured backyard with lined trees
Image Credit: Pexels

14. Modern garden screen

Light-coloured, contemporary-style screening gives off Mediterranean garden vibes. 

15. Hanging plants

Hanging plants bring some life to what was a plain fence. 

Hanging plants
Image Credit: Pexels

16. Wooden pergola

Pergolas give added shade and privacy to your garden. 

A pergola with grape vines
Image Credit: Pexels

17. The sanctuary

Go for a pergola with side panels so you can grab a comfy seat in a cosy corner whilst maintaining your privacy and garden screening.

18. Tall fence with trellis

Add some life to your fencing with some hanging plants. 

White tall fencing with trellis
Image Credit: Pexels

19. Wood to extend wall

Use wood panels to extend your low wall for extra privacy. You could even use some leftover panels to hide that unsightly shed!

20. Vertical garden wall

A way to remain connected with nature while gaining some privacy in your backyard.

Patio living wall with climbers
Image Credit: Pexels

21. Wooden planks

Good for gaining privacy or for separating spaces in your garden.

22. Short wall with trees

Give your boundary some extra height by adding trees and bushes. 

23. Privacy panels

For extra privacy without having to change your fencing, add some wooden privacy panels and gain further some shading. Look for some water feature garden ideas to add a focal point to your space.

24. Small corner

Grow some climbing plants on your wooden screen for that extra bit of privacy. 

Lush garden corner with variety of plants and greenery
Image Credit: Flickr, scrappy annie

25. Black fence

Black fencing gives a garden a more contemporary feel. Add some lighting so you can enjoy your garden space into the evening.

26. Feline friendly rooftop

If you have cats, they’re gonna love this one. Plus it adds some extra shade to your rectangular garden!

Minimalist rooftop patio with shade
Image Credit: Pexels

27. Curtain

A simple, budget-friendly solution if you want to add some privacy to a small space.

Garden room with sheer curtains and a view of the backyard pool
Image Credit: Pexels

28. Flower dividers

You can always add some colour to a simple privacy divider with climbing flowers.

Well-manicured lawn with variety of flowers as dividers
Image Credit: Pexels

29. Raised garden bed with privacy wall

Add raised garden beds along your fencing to bring it to life. 

30. Curtains in the middle of garden

Choose whether to separate your seating area from the rest of the garden with curtains and large umbrellas.

31. Consider frosted glass

Frosted glass can make things feel more private on your patio or rooftop. It creates a modern border while giving the illusion of space.

Decorate it with stylish outdoor furniture and decors for a more modern feel to the plot.

Frosted glass
Image Credit: Pexels

32. Go for a woven steel screen

This concept features a woven steel screen, painted chocolate brown, surrounded with native plants. The flat-bar pedestrian gate contrasts the garden’s spacing and pattern.

33. Or opt for yellow cedar boards

For a house that’s close to the road and neighbour’s garage, screening is key. These cedar lattice boards provide the best screening solution!

The design of this privacy screen covers the garden at several levels.

Yellow cedar board fencing
Image Credit: Flickr, It’s Great To Be Home

34. Colourful dividers for versatility

These stylish dividers create a subtle screen between areas on your patio or the plot next door. The woven cord screen is inspired by the Venetian islands, giving off a pop of brightness to the space.

35. Brick walls with ornamental panels

The corner part of this garden is a little more open – thanks to the solid brick wall and ornamental panels (half-and-half affair). The decorative panels allow light to pass through while offering a sense of privacy to the garden.

Red garden brick wall
Image Credit: Pexels


This post has shown that privacy doesn’t have to cost the earth and can be achieved, even on the smallest of budgets.

We’ll be updating this post with more ideas in the future, so make sure you follow us on social media and you’ll never miss an update.

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