Wooden Arches & Arbours

A wooden garden arch or arbour is a beautiful addition to any garden! They allow you to highlight a favourite area in your outdoor space, helping guests be drawn to and appreciate these spots. Our garden arches are also perfect for defining entranceways and garden paths - becoming a focal point of your garden.

BillyOh Bluebell 48” Fir Wooden Planter

BillyOh Bluebell 48” Fir Wooden Planter

£75 £131 SAVE UP TO £56
BillyOh Flora Pair of Fir Wooden Planter Boxes with Lattice Trellis

BillyOh Flora Pair of Fir Wooden Planter Boxes with Lattice Trellis

£85 £197 SAVE UP TO £112
Pantheon Athena Fixed Seat Arbour

Pantheon Athena Fixed Seat Arbour

£112 £193 SAVE UP TO £81

Pantheon Atlas Garden Arch

Raised Wooden Barrel Planter

Raised Wooden Barrel Planter

£80 £99 SAVE UP TO £19
*Subject to delivery postcode


How long do arches and arbours last?

Due to them being outside in the elements and inclement weather, wooden arches and arbours are exposed to the same deterioration over time as all wooden structures. However, regular cleaning of debris and protecting your archway with wood treatment can help to extend its usage life. With proper care and maintenance wooden arches can see a life expectancy of 15-20 years. That's why we use Fir in our archess due to it's strength and durability.

What is a garden arch?

A garden arbour is a decorative structure, usually comprised of two trellis side walls, an arched top and sometimes a back wall. The front is left open, creating an entrance to a space where you can place seating to create a little nook. Otherwise, the archway can be used to frame garden pathways or act as an entranceway. The trellis walls and curved roof are perfect for hanging plants or encouraging climbers and vines to grow.

Where do you put an arch or arbour?

Start by selecting a clear and level section of your garden. If this isn't an option, you could even consider placing your arch on a patio or decking or concreting in the posts (which may also combat against rot). Then, think about what you want to use the arch for - is it intended to be an entrance or a feature in itself? Finally,  think about tieing it in with your garden design and where you want to look out to from your arch. Perhaps you want to place it near some sensory element like a waterfall?

Garden Arches & Arbours

Shop from our wide range of arches and arbours in our wooden range made from high-quality fir. Get the stamp of BillyOh approval in every purchase at a budget-friendly price and revitalise your outdoor space today!

Arch Design

Our arches come in a range of designs; you can find a rustic arch or ornate arch, depending on the style you're searching for. Browse traditional arches that are perfect for weddings and garden parties. Or, make the most of an arch or arbour's trellis to decorate it with your favourite climbing plants.

Whichever BillyOh design you select, you'll find the same high quality - each archway is durable, hard-wearing and weather-resistant whilst being extremely affordable.

Wooden Arbours

A garden archway can provide so much more than just a place to hang plants or garden decorations. They're the perfect structure to pair with a 2 or 3-seater garden bench for a little outdoor reading nook (or somewhere to enjoy a glass of Chablis). They can be customised to become a feature for all your birthdays, garden parties, and even weddings!

Get your creative juices flowing by checking out some more garden shade ideas for your outdoor space.

Product Size

With a range of sizes on offer, you can find an arch or arbour to fit your outdoor space - no matter where you decide to place it. Create a pathway to a secret alcove in your garden, or an entranceway to your main outdoor seating area - the possibilities are endless.

Price and Delivery

Get ready for upcoming events today with fast and free delivery to most of mainland UK on our wooden arches and arbours. And, with easy-to-assemble parts, there's no need for an assembly service - simply put it together yourself upon delivery.