How to Safely Put Out a Fire Pit Flame

A patio fire pit can create unforgettable moments. However, knowing how to extinguish its flame safely is equally crucial. It can mean the difference between a tranquil evening and a potential disaster.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps and precautions for safely putting out a fire pit flame. Read on to ensure your outdoor gatherings remain both enjoyable and secure.

1. Gather the necessary tools

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Before you even strike that first match, it’s essential to be prepared for any situation around the fire pit. Accidents can happen, and quick thinking can make all the difference. Gather the following tools and materials to ensure a safe fire pit experience:

  • Fire extinguisher: Having a fire extinguisher nearby is a must. It provides a rapid and effective way to tackle any unexpected flare-ups.
  • Water source: Keep a bucket of water or a hose nearby. Water is your primary weapon for dousing flames and cooling down hot embers.
  • Shovel: A shovel helps you stir and spread the ashes, ensuring they’re extinguished.
  • Fire-resistant gloves: These protect your hands from heat while handling tools or logs.
  • Fire-resistant blanket: In case of emergencies, a fire-resistant blanket can help smother flames.

Being prepared not only guarantees your safety. It also allows you to enjoy the warmth and ambience of your chimney fire pit with peace of mind.

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2. Safety precautions

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Ensuring the safety of everyone around your fire pit ring should always be the top priority. Here’s why safety precautions are paramount:

  • Proper clothing: Dress in non-flammable, loose-fitting attire. Avoid wearing clothing with dangling sleeves or strings that could catch fire.
  • Staying sober: Alcohol and open flames don’t mix. Stay sober while tending to the fire to maintain clear judgment and quick reflexes.
  • Keep children and pets away: Children and pets are naturally curious. Create a designated safe distance from the fire pit, and supervise them closely. Consider installing barriers or screens to prevent accidental contact with the fire.

By following these safety measures, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of accidents. Moreover, make the most of your BBQ and fire pit in one!

3. Step-by-step instructions

BillyOh Alaska Metal Campfire Fire Pit Ring
BillyOh Alaska Metal Campfire Fire Pit Ring

When it’s time to wind down your outdoor fire pit session, follow these steps. Doing so can ensure a safe and thorough extinguishing process:

  1. Using a fire extinguisher: If you have a fire extinguisher on hand, it’s the quickest way to put out the fire. Stand back and aim the nozzle at the base of the flames. Then, squeeze the handle to release the extinguishing agent. Sweep the nozzle from side to side until the fire is completely out. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the fire extinguisher.
  2. Pouring water on the flames: If you don’t have a fire extinguisher, a bucket of water will do the job. Slowly and carefully pour water onto the fire. Avoid splashing, as this can spread embers. Continue pouring until the hissing sound stops, indicating the fire is extinguished. Be cautious, as steam may rise, and there may still be hot spots.
  3. Stirring and checking for remaining embers: Extinguish the flames with water. Next, use a long-handled poker or a fire-resistant stick to stir the ashes and embers. Check for any lingering hot spots or smouldering coals. If you see any glowing areas, repeat step #2 until they are fully extinguished.
  4. Using a shovel to spread out the ashes: Once the fire is out, use a shovel to spread the ashes evenly across the base. This helps in cooling them down and preventing any hidden embers from reigniting. Continue spreading the ashes until they are no longer hot to the touch.
  5. Ensuring everything is cool to the touch: Do so before leaving the fire pit unattended. Make sure that every part, including the ashes, logs, and the fire pit itself, is cool to the touch. This step is critical to prevent accidental fires and injuries.

Remember that safety is paramount when dealing with fire, and it’s always better to be cautious.


In the world of outdoor gatherings, a fire pit can be a focal point of warmth and camaraderie. However, ensuring safety should never be an afterthought. With the steps above, you can enjoy the enchanting ambience of your fire pit without worry. Remember, preparation, precautions, and proper cleanup are essential. Here’s to many more evenings of shared stories and cosy moments around the fire!

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