How to Cook With a Fire Pit BBQ?

Have you ever felt the allure of outdoor cooking and want to elevate your culinary skills? Then it’s time to dive into the world of fire pit BBQ cooking!

In this blog, we will take you on a journey to discover the joys and intricacies of cooking with a fire pit and BBQ combo. So, grab your apron, fire up the flames, and start the grilling!

Setting up Your BBQ Fire Pit

4 in 1 Fire Pit, BBQ Grill, Ice Cooler, & Round Ceramic Table
4 in 1 Fire Pit, BBQ Grill, Ice Cooler, & Round Ceramic Table

Setting up the grill is essential to make the most of this rustic culinary adventure. Follow these steps to ensure a successful setup:

1. Choose the right location

Select a suitable spot for your fire pit BBQ. Ensure it is in an open area away from low-hanging branches or flammable materials. Check local regulations and guidelines to avoid potential restrictions.

2. Select the appropriate firewood

Opt for seasoned hardwood like oak, hickory, or fruitwood, as they provide steady and even heat. Avoid softwoods like pine. For one, they can create excessive smoke and impart undesirable flavours to your food.

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3. Set up the fire pit safely and efficiently

Dig a shallow pit and line it with bricks or stones to contain the fire. This will prevent it from spreading uncontrollably. Create a flat, stable cooking surface using a grill grate or sturdy metal rack. Keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher nearby for emergencies.

Essential Tools and Equipment

Meat cooking thermometer

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Here’s a list of must-have tools to achieve a successful fire pit BBQ grill session:

  • Fire tongs: Fire tongs allow you to safely handle and rearrange burning logs and hot coals in the fire pit. They ensure you maintain control over the fire’s intensity and position. This helps optimise your cooking environment.
  • BBQ gloves: Heat-resistant gloves are a must-have when working with an open flame. They protect your hands from burns while allowing you to handle hot grates or food over the fire.
  • Grill grate or cooking rack: This provides a stable cooking surface above the fire. It allows for even cooking and leaves beautiful grill marks on meats and vegetables.
  • Skewers and BBQ forks: Ideal for grilling kebabs, sausages, or marshmallows. They make it easy to rotate and cook food evenly.
  • Basting brush: A basting brush is used to apply marinades, sauces, or oil to the food while cooking. It enhances flavour and keeps the food moist.
  • Chimney starter: This tool aids in lighting charcoal efficiently. It reduces the need for lighter fluid. Plus, it produces better-tasting food without chemical residues.
  • Meat thermometer: To ensure your meats are cooked to perfection. It allows you to monitor the internal temperature accurately.

Preparing Your Ingredients

Marinade cuts of meat

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For exceptional fire pit BBQ cooking, use fresh and high-quality ingredients. When you start with the best produce, the flavours of your dishes reach new heights. Opt for locally sourced meats and vegetables, as they are often more flavorful.

To elevate the taste even further, mastering the art of marinating and seasoning is key. For meats, marinate them for a few hours or overnight. This timeframe will infuse them with rich flavours and tenderise them.

Create your marinades using a blend of herbs, spices, oil, and citrus or vinegar. As for vegetables, toss them in olive oil and season with salt, pepper, and herbs before grilling. These simple yet essential steps will transform your BBQ dishes into culinary delights!

Building and Controlling the Fire

Building a fire in the fire pit can significantly impact your cooking experience. There are three primary methods to consider:

Basic campfire

Arrange small pieces of firewood in a tepee or log cabin style to allow sufficient airflow. This method is ideal for quick cooking or providing ambience. However, it might not yield consistent heat for extended cooking.

Two-zone fire

Create two distinct zones in the fire pit. One side with a thicker layer of coals for direct high-heat cooking like searing. Plus, the other side with fewer coals for indirect cooking or keeping food warm.

Charcoal briquettes

Lit charcoal briquettes

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If you’re using charcoal BBQ, evenly distribute briquettes to achieve consistent heat. Adjust the number of briquettes to control the fire’s intensity.

You can raise or lower the cooking grate’s height to regulate the fire’s intensity. Move the food closer or farther from the flames, and use the lid to trap heat for indirect cooking or smoking. Mastering these techniques will give you versatility!

Cooking Techniques

Master these grilling and smoking methods to create various dishes with varying flavours:

Direct grilling

Direct grilling involves cooking food directly over an open flame. It’s ideal for smaller, tender cuts of meat and quick-cooking dishes like:

  • burgers
  • steaks
  • hot dogs
  • skewers

Preheat the fire pit with a hot, even flame to ensure success. Flip the food regularly to prevent burning and achieve uniform cooking. Use the two-zone fire method to sear the outside for thicker cuts of meat. Then, move it to the cooler side for indirect cooking until the desired doneness is reached.

Indirect grilling

Perfect for larger cuts of meat that require longer cooking times. The food is placed away from the direct heat source. Meanwhile, the fire pit’s lid is closed to create an oven-like environment. This method is excellent for roasts, whole chickens, and ribs. Use a drip pan under the food to catch drippings and prevent flare-ups. For extra flavour, add soaked wood chips to the coals for subtle smokiness.


Marinaded meats inside a BBQ smoker

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Smoking involves slow-cooking food using low, indirect heat and wood smoke. It’s ideal for tough cuts of meat that benefit from extended cooking times, like brisket and ribs. Use a combination of hardwood chunks or chips for distinct flavours. Keep the fire low and steady by adjusting the airflow, and allow ample cooking time for the smoke to work its magic.


Cooking with fire pit BBQs offer a unique and unforgettable experience. So, don your BBQ gloves, gather around the fire pit, and let your creativity and skills shine!

Once done, it’s time to clean the grill for storage and next use. Then, you may plan your next outdoor cookout with a portable pizza oven!