45 BBQ Salad Ideas For a Healthier Backyard Bash

There’s nothing better than spending sunny days with family and friends, eating lovely BBQ food and making memories. But what’s the perfect accompaniment to BBQ food?

We think it’s more than just a delicious, summery salad and cool beverages. So we’ve come up with an extensive list of ideas to give you some inspiration.

Let’s jump in!

1. Corn salad

An all-time classic, sweetcorn salad is the perfect side dish for a BBQ. You could even cook your sweetcorn on the BBQ to give it a lovely flavour. 

An all-time classic, sweetcorn salad served on the table

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2. Italian pasta salad

Add some Italian flair to your BBQ cuisine with a colourful pasta salad.

A bowl of Italian pasta salad

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3. Buffalo chicken salad

For those guests who are trying to avoid the usual bread rolls found at a BBQ, you need a more substantial salad. Add some delicious seasoned chicken that’s been cooked on the BBQ for a healthy dish.

A big bowl of chicken buffalo salad

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4. Watermelon feta salad

Watermelon chunks, finely chopped basil and tangy feta are all you need for this refreshing salad, perfect for sunny days. 

A bowl of watermelon salad with feta cheese

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5. Coleslaw salad

Coleslaw is always popular and super easy to make, so great if there’s a last minute BBQ and you don’t want to show up empty-handed.

A bowl of coleslaw salad

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6. Grilled corn

Not really a salad, but still a tasty and cool side dish for your BBQs.

Grilled sweet corns with melted butter

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7. Corn-tomato-avocado salad

This sweetcorn, tomato and avocado salad consists of just a few simple ingredients with an amazing result, perfect to go with your BBQ food.

A healthy bowl of salad with corn, tomato, and avocado

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8. Pimento cheese pasta salad

Pimento, or sweet peppers, make a great accompaniment for a cheesy pasta dish. You could add some meat from the BBQ or keep it veggie. 

A large plate of pimento cheese pasta salad being served outdoors

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9. Bruschetta pasta salad

This simple Bruschetta-inspired creation gives you another pasta salad option, this time with a little more of an Italian feel.

Saucy bruschetta pasta salad in a large bowl

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10. Rocket salad

This one just screams freshness. It’s the perfect pairing for pasta or some mouth-watering meat from the BBQ. 

Rocket salad with dried sunflower seeds and cheese

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11. Cheddar bacon ranch corn

A little bit of American cuisine, this is another great way to serve some corn with your BBQ. Add some bacon crumbs, melted cheese and ranch dressing for a succulent side dish. 

Grilled ranch corn topped with cheddar and bacon

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12. Fruit salad

There’s a mix of fruity flavours in this easy-to-make salad for your BBQ. Try adding different toppings for a variety of finishes.

A healthy bow of fruit salad with variety of berries

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13. Homemade pickles

Making zingy pickles is not as hard as you might think, and they are great with burgers.

Homemade pickles on glass jars

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14. Mediterranean chickpea salad

If you have some vegetarian guests, this beautiful filling salad is the perfect addition to your spread. 

A bowl of Mediterranean chickpea salad with loads of toppings

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15. Grilled pineapple salsa

Caramelised pineapple gives this salsa a sweet, zingy flavour that will go with meat, seafood or plant-based protein. 

Grilled pineapple salsa in a white bowl

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16. Cheesy campfire potatoes

Wrap some new potatoes in foil, add some butter, cheese and herbs, and place them on the grill for around half an hour for a delicious side dish. If you’ve no room on your BBQ, you can throw them in the oven instead!

Cheesy campfire potatoes wrapped in tinfoil

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17. Bloody Mary pasta salad

Add everything you need for a bloody Mary, except the vodka, of course.

Bloody Mary pasta with lots of cherry tomatoes and fresh olives

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18. Balsamic steak salad

Cook your mouth-watering, marinated steak on the BBQ and then add it to a beautiful sweetcorn salad for a great BBQ salad. 

Balsamic streak salakd

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19. Mexican corn salad

This creamy, cheesy sweetcorn salad is a twist on Mexican street corn that’s easy to eat and works perfectly with BBQ food. 

A large serving of Mexican corn salad

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20. Strawberry watermelon caprese salad

This is a fruit salad with a twist! Add mozzarella, basil, olive oil and seasoning to your fruit for a simple salad that all your guests will love, including the kids!

Strawberry and watermelon caprese salad in a white bowl

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21. Grilled brussels sprouts

Sprouts aren’t just for Christmas! Cook them on the BBQ either on skewers or wrapped in foil for a flavoursome side dish. 

Then add a glaze or sauce of your choice!

Grilled slices of cabbages

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22. Loaded cauliflower salad

This super tasty, low-carb version of a potato salad would make a great side dish for your BBQ. 

A bowl full of cauliflower salad

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23. Summer panzanella

The super easy summer panzanella dish provides plenty of delicious vegetables to go with your meat and fish dishes. 

Summer panzanella side dish BBQ salad

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24. Bacon baked beans

These homemade baked bacon beans add a tasty, sweet and smoky side dish to your BBQ spread. They take some time to make but the end result is worth the wait!

Baked beans with bacon toppings

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25. Fried pickles

These deep fried pickle slices make an addictive appetiser. Save some room for the BBQ, though!

Fried pickles with dip sauce

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26. Grilled potatoes

Or just ditch the foil and place the potato slices directly on your grill. Don’t forget to add some butter or olive oil so they don’t burn, and rosemary, garlic and salt for flavour. 

Sliced potatoes being grilled on a charcoal grill

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27. Grilled fajita chicken salad

Add your spiced chicken from the BBQ to a delicious fresh salad for a great BBQ dish.  

Grilled fajita chicken salad with sliced green lemons

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28. Toasted sesame oil mashed potatoes

Use vegan butter for your mashed potatoes so they can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Toasted mashed potato with sesame oil

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29. Bacon, corn, spinach and ranch pasta salad

Everyone loves bowtie or ‘farfalle’ pasta. Add tasty ingredients such as bacon, sweetcorn and spinach.

Don’t forget to add the dressing such as ranch or caesar for a delicious side dish everyone will love. 

Bacon, corn, spinach, and ranch salad

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30. Creamy corn salad

There are so many great sweetcorn salad recipes to try out. This simple recipe is filled with veggies and a simple sauce made from greek yoghurt, mayo and coriander. 

Creamy corn salad in a large bowl

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31. Hot giardiniera relish

Use diced vegetables and hot peppers for a spicy relish to top your hotdogs or burgers.

Hard giadiniera relish in a clear bowl

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32. Parmesan courgette and tomato gratin

This fresh and flavourful courgette and tomato bake combines vegetables with herbs, garlic and cheese for a delicious BBQ side dish. 

Courgette and tomato gartin with parmessan

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33. Rainbow antipasto salad

Use any leftover antipasto ingredients you may have to create a colourful, appetising pasta salad for your guests to enjoy. 

Rainbow antipasto salad bowl with olives

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34. German potato salad

This German take on a potato salad uses a warm dressing of bacon, mustard and vinegar rather than mayonnaise for an unexpected zing. 

German sweet potato salad in a pan

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35. Caprese pasta salad

A classic caprese with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. Just add some pasta for a more filling side dish.

Caprese pasta salad in a large clear bowl

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36. Grilled cowboy caviar

This take on salsa is more filling than your usual dip but works great with tortilla chips or as a side salad for your BBQ. 

Grilled cowboy caviar salad

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37. Bacon jalapeno corn salad

This creamy chilled salad takes all the ingredients of a jalapeno popper and transforms them into a tasty side dish. 

Corn salad with bacon and jalapeno toppings

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38. Broccoli salad

A green and healthy side dish to go with your BBQ meats. 

A small bowl of broccoli salad

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39. Santa Fe corn salad

Not only colourful but really tasty, too. Perfect side dish for your BBQ.

Santa Fe corn salad with beans

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40. Bacon ranch grilled potatoes

Ranch sauce adds the perfect touch to almost any side dish in your BBQ meal. Try it on your grilled potatoes with bacon and herbs.

Grilled potatoes with ranch bacon in tinfoil

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41. BBQ chicken pasta salad

Another great way to use pasta for your BBQ salad. This time, add some BBQ chicken for an amazing taste.

BBQ chicken pasta salad with a variety of garnish

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42. Strawberry balsamic pasta salad

Strawberries are a lovely sweet addition to any salad. Add balsamic vinegar, feta and spinach for a delicious pasta dish. 

A bowl of strawberry pasta salad with balsamic dressing

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43. Mango and pineapple salad

Grilling fruits makes them super sweet and heightens the flavours. Toss them in a mouth-watering salad for a delicious side dish. 

A healthy bowl of salad with mango and pineapple

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44. Healthy pickle pasta salad

This crunchy, colourful pasta salad provides a healthy choice for your BBQ. 

Healthy pickle pasta salad in a large dish

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45. Cowboy corn casserole

Grilled sweetcorn, cheese and bacon are the stars of this creamy casserole that’s bound to steal the show at your BBQ.

Freshly baked cowboy corn casserole

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A BBQ guide like this will surely help throw the best backyard bash in the neighbourhood!

See? There are so many delicious salad recipes out there to try, and we hope we’ve captured the best of them in our list. 

A tasty salad will make the perfect accompaniment to your BBQ dishes so be sure to give your guests plenty of choice, some healthy and some more indulgent to cater for everyone’s tastes. 

Now go grab some ingredients and try them out on your family!

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