Cool Garden Hedge Ideas and Tips

There are so many ways you can spruce up the look of your garden. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a whole new feel to your space.

Whether you have a small or large backyard, hedging is a good starting point. This method can help make things look polished and organised. So get your shears and strimmer out of the shed and get ready.

A landscape hedge can make the ideal boundary between neighbouring properties, for example, or provide shade for those summer BBQs.  In this post, our team has compiled garden hedge ideas for you to get inspired with. Applying these design inspirations can be an easy process, especially once you know exactly the style you wish to go for.

Let’s get started!

1. Patio with hedges

For those who wish to have a unique outdoor setup while incorporating some greenery, a patio with hedging is an excellent idea. This hedge design is perfect if you have a wooded area or beach-inspired house setting.

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You can even add a fire pit at the centre to create a more inviting surrounding. Then you’d be sure to draw your family and friends out into this serene garden.

A sunny patio with a hedge wall
Image Credit: Flickr, Twining Valley Nurseries

2. Outdoor hedge maze

A hedge maze is particularly popular among those with courtyards. Basically, it’s an outdoor garden maze or labyrinth in which the walls or dividers between passages are made of vertical hedges.

But even with a small backyard, you can create your own labyrinth hedges. They may have hardy bodies but they’re easy to mould, so you can create intricate designs and shapes, regardless of the size.

Take a look at the photo below at how intricate a hedge maze can be.

Garden hedge maze
Image Credit: Geograph UK

3. Simple and minimal hedging

If you want something simple, this garden hedge design idea is a great alternative. It features minimal edging design with delicate and colourful flowers peeking through.

Just by keeping the flowers behind the edging in your flower bed, you can create a polished-looking space. This is great for keeping all your plants neat and organised.

Minimal garden hedging with spring flower display
Image Credit: Flickr, Bill Abbott

4. Brick pathway with green hedges

This brick pathway alongside simple hedge walls provides the perfect dividing line. It’s an excellent idea for a front yard space with a winding pathway.

If you wish, you can add lighting into the mix for a fancier frontage. A garden hedge design like this will make the neighbour envious, that’s for sure!

Brick pathway with hedging
Image Credit: Pxhere

5. Round garden hedges

Another great and cheap garden hedge idea are round hedges. They’re a superb way to add decorative taste to your front yard or garden area.

Lined round garden hedges
Image Credit: Pxhere

6. Brick-like hedges (stacked hedges)

This cool concept features brick-like hedges, mimicking the look of a garden staircase. These puzzle-looking pieces hedges are one of our favourite garden screening ideas!

If you have a modern garden, courtyard or side garden, you can’t go wrong with this style. It’ll give your area a fantastic look and luxurious vibe that everyone can appreciate.

7. Side hedges

Hedges aren’t just for garden perimeters. Barrier hedges can be customised with white flowering bushes, for example. Now imagine enjoying the summer in your pool with some gorgeous side hedges.

Side hedges that doubles as a garden wall
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

8. Grandiose yard hedges

Who says hedges need to be kept at a minimum? Take a look at these hedges cut across yards, giving off a brilliant looking grandiose garden.

The smaller plants at the base are creating their own hedging, lining a pathway between the larger hedges on either side. If you have a larger backyard, this would be a magnificent design concept.

Or if you have a garden space that can handle larger hedges, this concept is a perfect option too.

Long courtyard defined by hedges
Image Credit: Pxhere

9. Checkerboard hedges

As the name suggests, this hedge design highlights a sort of checkerboard appearance with a variety of plants for each square. The checkerboard pattern also makes an ideal corridor for wildlife.

As for the design, you could interchange the plants within ‘the board’ to fit the seasons. For instance, growing poinsettias out of each square for the holiday season.

10. Giant space hedges

This idea is just like the checkerboard hedges. But this is more ideal for yards with more space.

If you have multiple plants at once that need to be organised, or when you need to box them in, this is a terrific idea. It’s unique and absolutely breathtaking!

11. Hedges with brick walls

Brick walls add colour and texture to a garden, providing plants with a modern backdrop as well as protection from the elements. Paired with hedges, your garden will stand out even more.

The neutral tones of the stone, for instance, makes the green hedges blend perfectly well in a natural setting. Put greens on either side of the path to add more intrigue into space.

Hedges with brick wall
Image Credit: Flickr, Theen Moy

12. Gumdrop-inspired hedges

Gumdrop hedges make a fun entry especially if they’re correctly sheared. These kinds of garden hedges are what you often see in a driveway lined with round little shrubs.

They make an adorable decoration to a driveway setting. Imagine dressing up your front yard with these hedges as actual gumdrops on Christmas!

13. Garden hedges with unique shapes

One of the reasons why garden hedges are popular in most garden settings is they can be pruned and cut into any shape. Take a look at this design concept – the hedges have been cut to feature various shapes.

There’s a heart and the topiary tree creates an attraction and is really interesting to look at. Depending on what you need or want in your outdoor space, you can create something like this.

Hedges clipped in unique shapes
Image Credit: Pxhere

14. Step hedges

Similar to stacked hedges, step hedges are becoming quite popular on many housing estates. They are mostly used to separate front gardens and are a great way to utilise a garden wall.

You can add your own unique spin to them by adding statues at the centre. It may look as if you could actually walk up them –  so make sure to warn your visitors in case they’re fooled!

Hedge steps in the front yard
Image Credit: Flickr, mdavidford

15. Driveway hedges

If you’re looking for ways to define your driveway more, adding hedges is a great idea. On top of creating privacy, hedging is also ideal for dividing gardens and lining the borders of a driveway.

Driveway with hedges and arbour
Image Credit: Flickr, Michael Coghlan

16. Blocked hedgerows concept

Hedges are a natural alternative to a fence line, property line, or along the borders of a house. There are so many ways you can hedge, but this concept of building blocks marks a real hedging masterpiece.

The walkway looked as if it’s made of blocks, featuring the intricate cuts of the hedges. This would be a great design if you have a large garden space that needs a little amour without too much fuss.

17. Minimal hedging

When it comes to gardens, ornate displays with manicured hedges have been the gold standard. But minimal hedging is great for maintaining a space too!

Top tip: If you choose slow-growing plants that require less pruning, your hedges will not need hours of labour-intensive care. They will almost take care of themselves.

18. Hedges and topiary

Hedges are a simple form of topiary used to create boundaries, walls, or screens in outdoor spaces. They make excellent topiaries, a.k.a. live topiary trees.

You can use the same kind of bush utilised for back hedges as they’re low in maintenance. This style of garden hedges can give off extraordinary designs that can leave guests in awe.

Note: Topiary is the art of trimming shrubs and hedges into planned decorative shapes. You may ask for a professional gardener to create the shape or even figure you like.

Hedges and massive topiary in heart shapes
Image Credit: Pxhere

19. Artificial hedge planters

Artificial hedges in planters are as simple as it gets – simply drop them into place and they’re ready to go! This style is also a great way to use hedging in a different way of setting plants.

Round hedges circling a bath tub planter
Image Credit: Pxhere

20. Hedge walls

Hedge walls are such a simple and interesting way to separate or close off the garden. With multiple levels of heights like the one in the photo, you can create a cascading effect.

Along with defining the boundaries of your garden, this style helps set the scene for the planting within. The deep green of the hedges mixed with the lighter green of the lawn can create a fascinating space all around.

Hedge walls
Image Credit: Flickr, Twining Valley Nurseries

21. Natural backdrop hedges

Hedges make an excellent outdoor backdrop, especially for a water feature like a fountain. It makes the garden fountain stand out while adding a luxurious vibe to the overall backyard.

This is a nice concept if you like to utilise the hedges as accents. Take a look at this bowl concrete fountain, for instance.

22. Front porch concept

If you have a low-profile porch, hedges can add interest and charm to your front yard. This garden hedge design also works wonders with a smaller garden idea, showcasing a fantastic porch.  It sure does look great, especially with some rattan garden furniture around.

Front yard defined with well-clipped hedges
Image Credit: Flickr, Wonderlane

23. Long rows of hedges

When it comes to garden hedges, the longer the better. Not only does it make a barrier, but it also provides shelter for wildlife and enhances the look of your landscape. If you’d like to try out this style, make sure to ornate rows of varying coloured hedges.

You don’t normally see hedges in different colours, so this style will surely add some intrigue to your garden. 

24. Hedges and pines

This concept, as the name suggests, features hedges with pines. The hedges act more as an accent rather than the main focal point.

This style is a great way to incorporate hedges into the mix, adding to the overall design of the front or backyard. Along with pines, you can create a space that might remind you of a dazzling Italian countryside garden.

Hedges and pines landscape
Image Credit: Pinoy Builders

25. Lush hedges

Sure, a fence or brick wall can offer an instant solution for adding privacy to your long garden. But lush green hedges can act as a natural and attractive screen all year round.

A lush hedged garden is probably one of the deepest green hedges you can find. It’s incredibly simple-looking yet it highlights an environment that will make you want to sit and stay for a while.

Lush hedges along the garden pathway
Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures

26. Varying hedges

As many garden hedge designs come with one style, this design features different types of hedges. It uses hedges at varying heights – some are even planted in blocks and staggers them with gaps to create a sense of depth.

27. Hedge with archway

For a dreamy, fairytale-like garden, this hedge with archway design is a win-win! It’s also a perfect setup for a country garden or hidden side garden.

On top of the mysticism it adds to the place, the archway filled with beautiful and colourful blooms is just effortlessly stylish.

Lush hedges with archway
Image Credit: Rawpixel

28. Hedges with trees

Today, many homeowners in the UK tend to make hedges by planting one type of evergreen tree in a straight line. While others are coming up with their own twists, just like the photo below.

The hedges look great and sleek with long, tapered trees growing out of them. It’s a style that lets you incorporate some of your favourite garden elements, too.

29. Outlined garden hedges

Be it a formal or informal style, hedges can provide the perfect living fence, wind barrier, and a wildlife sanctuary in your garden. With this type of garden hedge concept, you’ll be able to boost the curb appeal of your property.

The design features green hedges outlining the lawn. Sure, you could increase the look of your yard by planting different crops or plants in the spans of your lawn. But outlined garden hedges are a neat style.

30. DIY tyre hedges

Let’s go a bit left-field for the last one! Do you have old tires laying around your garage you can’t seem to get rid of? We have a solution for you!

Tyres make interesting dividers, fences and enclosures in the outdoor spaces. Just because they aren’t actual hedges doesn’t mean you can’t use them as such to line your garden.

Tyre hedges also make a great addition to children’s garden play ideas!

31. Privet archway hedging

Privet lends itself to pruning and can tolerate shade, and most importantly, provide a dense privacy screen. The archway also can serve as shelter for nesting birds as well as aesthetics.

Tall privet archway hedges
Image Credit: Flickr, xiquinhosilva

32. Unclipped boxwood

This evergreen is left to grow naturally and the unclipped boxwood offers a unique shrubbery look. This is a great design to get a grand hedge look for smaller gardens.

It can help tolerate shades, too.

33. A variety of bushes to welcome texture

This massive garden houses different bushes to create hedges. This concept adds a welcome texture change to the space.

The smooth texture of the hedges of the right contrast the loose, leafy look of those on the left.

A variety of bushes adding variety to the garden
Image Credit: Pxhere

34. Organically shaped hedge pathway

To add uniqueness to your yard, this organically shaped hedge design can make that impact. Its structure creates an interesting and eye-catching arched pathway.

35. The cottage core backyard hedges

The contrasting shapes and colours of this garden and the use of hedges creates visual interest. The use of different hedges shapes and the variety of flowers complement each other.

Cottage-style backyard with hedges
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons


With endless garden hedge design ideas online, it may be hard to choose for your own humble outdoor space. But we hope our garden hedge ideas will give you some inspiration to get started.

It doesn’t matter if you have a larger backyard or a smaller one. You can easily utilise a design concept to fit the scale of your yard space. And if you liked this post – feel free to let us know in the comments. We’ll be coming back and updating it to stay on top of the hottest garden hedge ideas!

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