Effective Home Security Ideas to Make Your Property Safer

Burglars are opportunists. And this potential threat alone can cause you stress and worry about the well-being of your family, home and garden buildings.

The key here is not to let your property fall prey to them. So an extra level of security is more crucial than ever, from your front yard all the way to the back with your shed.

Invest in home security systems like security cameras and outdoor lights. But these two may not be enough for your needs, so we’ve prepared extra security tips and ideas, just in case!

1. Set up your home security

The best way to take on this approach is to have a smart home security system. Set up your home with alarm systems like outdoor security lights and CCTV cameras.

These takes are common yet most effective. But they’re only your starting point if you want an improved security level.

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Home CCTV system
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2. Install outdoor security lighting

Speaking of garden light ideas, you can never go wrong with a motion-activated light. Get these smart lights around the perimeter of your house to stop prowlers in their tracks.

No burglar wants to break into your house with a PIR floodlight that features a motion sensor like this!

Biard LED Outdoor Floodlight with PIR Motion Sensor (10-50W)
Biard LED Outdoor Floodlight with PIR Motion Sensor (10-50W)

3. Consider a smart home security system

Smart security systems are connected to the Internet. One allows you to manage all your home devices from one place.

CCTV, doorbell security doors and motion sensors can all be linked with your smart devices. It’s constantly alert, providing real-time notifications from your property even when disarmed.

Smart home security
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4. Invest in alarm systems

When it comes to home security, thieves shouldn’t only be your concern. Consider the possible mishaps such as fire; smoke alarms can come in handy.

In case of such incidents, these devices can detect a fire faster, giving you and your family time to get out.

Home alarm system
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5. Get a security safe

A security safe may be an expensive item to have, but it gives you back the favour a hundredfold. It keeps your valuables, such as jewellery and cash, and essential documents safe.

A compact one that’s fire and water-resistant will secure these items during such a disaster. And we vouch for this Small Electronic Safe!

Trueshopping Small Electronic Safe (4.6 Litre Capacity)
Trueshopping Small Electronic Safe (4.6 Litre Capacity)

6. Mount security cameras

Thieves hate a built-in camera that’s staring them in the face. Install outdoor security cameras near entry points of your property or commercial premises.

You’ll be able to watch them in real-time on your connected monitor. Or review the recorded footage and send it to local law enforcement, if needed.

Home security camera close up
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7. Update your doors and locks

An easy-to-kick door benefits the burglars. If yours has a hollow core with solid wood or metal doors, install steel locking bolts.

A deadbolt with a bolt length, a.k.a. a throw, of at least one inch, is recommended. Steel locking bolts will make it harder for the prowlers to break in.

Key in front door
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8. Level up with window sensors

Windows are just as important to keep locked as doors when it comes to simple home security measures. Robbers can easily use pressure to lift an unlocked window.

Ensure all your windows have working locks or window sensors. Window sensors will notify you right away whenever any person triggers the system. This simply upgrades your home security to another level!

9. Increase security on gates or fences

Garden gate ideas offer both aesthetics and security. But for enhanced safety, consider steel locking bolts for your exterior doors.

Stainless steel deadbolts, for one, are ideal for a gate with or without an existing handle or lever entry. Installing a bright light above the side gate also adds up.

BillyOh Valencia Double Swing Driveway Aluminium Gates with Horizontal Solid Infill
BillyOh Valencia Double Swing Driveway Aluminium Gates with Horizontal Solid Infill

10. Use exterior lighting timers

If you’re looking for a cost-effective home security item, go for a light timer. Lighting timers can turn on your garden lights to a timed schedule.

Turning on and off the lights on your property gives the illusion that you’re home even when you’re not. Thus, burglars are less likely to attempt to trespass.

And to save on unduly high electricity bills, place this Biard Electric Time Delay Switch.

Biard Electric Time Delay Switch for LED Lights
Biard Electric Time Delay Switch for LED Lights

11. Secure your garden building

Whether it’s a shed or a log cabin, one lock isn’t enough. An experienced thief can bypass it by using a screwdriver.

Secure your outbuilding with screws such as Allen or Torx head instead of Phillips head ones. More secured screws like these will foil the would-be bandits.

BillyOh Deluxe 50mm Padlock Protector
BillyOh Deluxe 50mm Padlock Protector

12. Defeat bolt cutters

A determined thief with an angle grinder can cut through nearly any lock. Experts recommend using keyed padlocks that resist bolt cutters.

The thicker a lock is shackled and the less it’s exposed, the more secure it is from these cutting tools.

13. Secure patio doors

Patio door locks are easy to pick. Fortunately, auxiliary foot locks exist. These door locks fasten along the bottom and have a bolt that fits into a grommet, holding the door secure.

Screw the bracket with the pin to the door. Drill holes and insert grommets in the track to let the pin slide into.

Glass patio door
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

14. Take advantage of security anchors

Security anchors provide reliable, tough anchor points, securing your valuable items. They make an excellent form of security and a deterrent for thieves.

Ground anchors are ideal for bikes, trailers and other large items like garden tools. Note: Professional installation may be required.

15. Skip the ‘hidden’ house key

Remove that backup key you keep outside for ‘just-in-case’ scenarios. You may think the key is safe because it’s hidden, but in reality, it’s a boon for intruders.

Forget about placing it under a rock mat, in the mailbox or inside a plant pot. Instead, leave your spare key to your trusted neighbour.

16. Protect your mailbox

Unsecured mailboxes are easy targets, and mail theft is a growing problem. Not only does this signal the burglars that you’re not home, but also they can steal your mail.

This includes your checks, credit card offers, and personal information. Invest in a security mailbox where you need a key to open it.

Modern black maibox
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17. Always keep the garage door closed

An open garage door is more like an open invitation to robbers. You need to be extra careful here, especially if you keep your kids’ bikes and lawnmowers in the garage.

Make it a point to close the door each time you enter or exit the house. This simple habit can be a big changer.

Garage doors Markham
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18. Add a security sign

A cheap yet effective alternative to a full-blown security system is a security sign. Burglars look for easy targets, and the threat of a security system may be enough to deter them.

But you’ll want to make sure to use a legitimate sign; professionals won’t be fooled by a phoney.

ADT Security sticker on the window
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19. Make pathway lights automatic

A peephole isn’t very helpful in the dark; automated pathway or porch lights are your best bet. This type of outdoor light can cover everything from motion-based lights to manual ones.

For a non-automated but effective alternative, get the BillyOh IP44 Stainless Steel Spike Light. Easily tilt the spotlight head to direct the beam angle.

BillyOh IP44 Stainless Steel Spike Light
BillyOh IP44 Stainless Steel Spike Light

20. Have guard dogs

Dogs are great for property and commercial premises security. These smart fur-friends are vigilant to their surroundings. And their extraordinary sense of smell for detecting is also a big plus!

A barking dog can be a great deterrent for burglars. Add a sign that says, “beware of dogs!” to double the threat.

Guard dog on standby
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At the end of the day, it’s up to you what security measures you’ll take to protect your home and valuable items. Whether it’s in the form of adding extra security or getting a guard dog, you’d know what’s best!

As much as possible, don’t limit your options to just alarm systems and outdoor lights. Find more ideas with our home security tips to give yourself peace of mind.

Our team has also prepared FAQs below to answer more of your queries!

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These simple habits and a few investments will ensure to keep your home more secure:


  • Secure your doors and windows
  • Upgrade your security doors locks with steel locking bolts
  • Buy a home security system
  • Keep your valuables hidden with a security safe
  • Install outdoor lighting
  • Lock your garage
  • Make it look like someone is home

Install automatic pathway lights or keep the area outside your house well-lit. Draw the curtains and leave a light on at night in a room.

Use deadbolt locks or steel locking bolts for your doors. Their extra-long screws on strike plates also provide additional security.

Use PIR sensor motion lights and put them on a timer. Get a loud dog, install CCTV cameras on your front and back gate, and stick security signs.


There are only a couple of effective ways to deter burglars. Refer to our list of home security ideas for more!