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Safes and Cashboxes

Whether you need a safe or a cash box for the home or for a business, you can find a quality and reliable solution here at BillyOh.

Metal Lockable Cash Box with 2 Keys

Trueshopping Portable Key Safe

Trueshopping Portable Key Safe

*Subject to delivery postcode

Safes and Cashboxes UK

Quality Cash Box

Depending on what sized cash box you need you can shop from key and electronic-pad options for locking mechanisms.

Added Security

Keep valuable items safe in your home, or ensure keys are ready for safe pickup if you run a B&B with our range of key safes and key boxes.

Great For Customer Service Roles

If you need a place to store petty cash onsite at a business or even a school fete, pick up a heavy-duty and reliable cash box from BillyOh. We stock safes and cashboxes to suit all needs and budgets - from administration services to prized possessions in the home.

Choose a Code or Key Lock

A lockable cash box is perfect for transporting funds and for constant opening and closing - great for bake sales! Provided with a quality key, this is a cost-effective storage box. But for added levels of security, we also offer models with larger capacities and easy-program code locking.

Shop The Range: A Commitment To Price and Quality

Whether it's quality cash boxes, camping washbasins, or a new mailbox - BillyOh has everything for your home and outdoor needs. Shop from our wide range of products to accessories homes and garden buildings, confident that you're buying from a business with over 20 years experience!