The Best Garden Lighting Ideas on the Internet

Garden lighting is a great way to extend the time you can spend outdoors, whether that’s relaxing in a summerhouse or just generally enjoying your space. It’s also a wonderful addition for entertaining guests, as well as making it easier to see when walking through your garden at night. 

Here are some garden lighting ideas that will help you create the perfect ambience in any outdoor space.

1. Modern shapes

Garden lights come in plenty of exclusive designs to provide a classy look to your yards.

modern shape lighting with round white tables at dusk

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2. Bamboo stakes

Polynesian style bamboo stakes are super impressive looking lights to border your patio or pool. This type of lighting would also look great on a tropical-themed garden design.

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Polynesian bamboo torches

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3. Layer up lanterns

Fire-pit style lanterns add a wow factor to your parties. 

layer up lanterns

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4. Glowing watering can

This DIY project is simple yet extraordinary. Just attach a few strings of LED lights to an old watering can and let the lights flow over your flowerbed. 

glowing watering can "pouring" lights

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5. Small garden lighting

These small lanterns inside glass panes make your space look like a fairy tale. 

small garden lighting around beige marble table with cube chairs

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6. Accent wall lighting

Yellow lights bring the best of any plain accent walls, especially those in the backyard.

accent wall lighting with low growing shrubs

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7. Garden lights

Old fashioned yet never out of trend, these strings of bulbs add a nice charm to your garden fences.

lights on a fence behind a planter

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8. Stylish uplit garden corner

Partially covered wall mount lights give a magical feel to your garden at night time.

stylish uplit garden corner

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9. Garden wall

A simple string of lights hung down over the wall, brings out a party feel to your yard. 

garden wall lighting

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10. Backyard lighting

Use your beams, or pergolas to hang a cord of lights.

backyard lighting

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11. Garden path

Try old metal rims or hoops to attach a strip of fairy lights to bring a glow to your garden path.

swirling garden lights

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12. Fire pit of fairy lights

These look-alike fire pits have fairy lights in place of fire. 

fire pit of fairy lights

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13. Light jars

A DIY project to wow your friends. Convert glass jars and bottles into candle holders.

hanging candle mason jars

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14. Plant lighting

Placing small lanterns inside bushes will give a warm glow to the garden.

plant lighting

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15. Bohemian garden

Put up paper lanterns and charm your guests.

bohemian garden with paper lanterns

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16. Restaurant garden

Big glass containers can be used as hollowed-out candleholders to make the dining experience extra special.

restaurant garden with lighting

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17. Light pots

Two is always better, and a planter that glows is the best garden accessory you can ask for.

light pots

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18. Wood backyard

Lighting goes hand in hand with wooden accessories and never goes out of style.

wood backyard with under bench lighting

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19. Small backyard lights

Tiny bulbs strung together jazz up the mood for a comfortable family get together.

outdoor lighting

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20. Fire pit lighting

Let the fire pit glow even when it is not lit. Thanks to the hidden lights, they glam up your settings and create a cosy environment for relaxation. 

fire pit lighting with sunloungers

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21. Poolside lighting

Pool parties at night are more fun with great lights by the poolside. 

poolside lighting

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22. Light logs

Cracked logs and hollowed-out logs are excellent lantern holders. 

light logs

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23. Backyard cafe lights

These traditional looking lights create the perfect ambience for a backyard cafe.

backyard lights hanging from a fence

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24. Corner tree

Bring the corner to lights by adding a couple of stage lights.

lit up corner tree

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25. Fire pit with lights

Festoon lights and hurricane lamps bring a warm glow to your fire pit area.

fire pit with lights on gravel

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26. Tiny umbrellas

These umbrella style lamps look like small, glowing mushrooms between your ferns.

tiny umbrella lit on a rockery

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27. Minimalist floor lighting

Small spotlights placed at the side of your lawn pathway light up just right for a night stroll. Ground lights are perfect for creating this look.

minimalist floor with lighting

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28. Fire pit patio

Make a magical fire pit patio by hanging some fairy lights.

fire pit patio

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29. Backyard hammock

Your hammock in your backyard needs special lighting to let you enjoy a nice night breeze.

backyard hammock with lights

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30. Rope lighting

These trendy rope lights perfectly camouflage in your garden borders and give out a magical glow.

rope lighting

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31. Oriental vertical lights

Have a decorative pillar or a wooden stand in your yard? It is a perfect place to install a few lanterns.

oriental vertical lights

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32. Picnic table lights

These hanging lanterns light just above your picnic table bringing a happy supper time.

picnic lights

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33. Tree lighting

Trees make lovely partners with fairy lights and create an out-of-the-world charm to your yard.

tree lighting and outdoor table

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34. Modern backyard lighting

These blend-in lanterns throw amazing lights on your flora while staying hidden.

modern backyard lighting

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35. Bottle wall lighting

Old bottles and jars make superb candle holders.

bottle water lighting

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36. Backyard string lights

String up a few bottles with those LED lights and make your hanging lanterns.

backyard string lights

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37. Oriental lamps

Oriental style lanterns are not only charming but also add a rich glamour to your outdoors.

oriental lamps

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38. Minimalist deck lights

Small border lights placed on decks create an amazing pattern of glow.

minimalist deck lights

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39. Pergola with fire pit

Use your pergola to hang up your string of lamps and light up the fire pit area.

pergola with fire pit

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40. Bamboo torches

These bamboo torches can be customised and placed as border lights or bunched up to make your flowers glow in the dark.

bamboo torches

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41. Paw prints solar garden lights

Nothing’s cuter than these solar paw print outdoor lights! Adding a few in your garden pathway might even please your fur friends.

This lighting would also make a great addition to children’s garden design ideas.

Solar paw print outdoor lights

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42. Water feature lighting

The focus point of this garden is the water feature with colour changing, LED fixtures. The accent lighting was used to eliminate the path as well as add depth to the garden at night.

A garden water feature with colour changing, LED fixtures.

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43. Lighten up the landscape

This lighting approach highlights the rocks, casting ample light on the overall landscape and walkway. The lit fire pit at the top adds more interest and warmth to the space.

Outdoor lighting that highlights the rocks, casting ample light on the overall landscape and walkway

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44. Opt for cool and indirect lighting

When outdoor lighting is installed high overhead, seating areas benefit more. For one, there are no harsh bulbs at eye level. At the same time, it creates a cosy, intimate feel.

A cool temperature lighting also gives off a natural moonlit look.

Outdoor lighting with indirect and cool temperature approach

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45. Ducks garden lighting just in time for Christmas

Looking for a bit different lighting ideas this holiday season? Take a look at this battery-powered family of ducks!

They make great garden decorations even after the festive period is over. If you want, you could stick to them all year round.

Ducks garden lighting and decorations

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The Round-Up

So, there you have it. Lighting ideas that will make your garden shine.

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