Garden Dining Ideas for a Stylish Alfresco Space

Al fresco dining should be enjoyed more, especially when the sun is out and the weather is warm. And creating your own dining space in your backyard or balcony is a cost-efficient way to do it!

Curating the perfect alfresco entertaining space doesn’t have to be complicated. Especially when you already have the right outdoor dining set in mind.

Without further ado, here’s a list of our top pick garden dining ideas you can steal for your next patio revamp!

1. Under the tree

Enjoy alfresco dining like never before and dine being close to nature under trees. Take delight in familiar home-cooked meals with garden lighting suspended from the branches.

A simple yet cosy set-up that’s great for warm weather.

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A family on a garden alfresco dining under the tree
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

2. Sheltered but open

Take advantage of warmer weather and move mealtime outside with an open dining set-up. Take inspiration from this chic space!

Install bistro lights and add a working fireplace to cast an enchanting glow at night.

Sheltered but covered garden alfresco dining
Image Credit: Pxhere

3. The indoor-outdoor dining way

Garden dining can be more fun when you have a few interior comforts to enhance the experience. For this concept, keep the outdoor living room and dining separate or connected.

4. Stay warm with a table-top heating

Think of how you’re going to provide warmth at night to keep the conversation going. A simple solution is a dining set with an in-built table-top fire pit – just like the BillyOh Capri!

Other options include dedicated patio heating.

BillyOh Capri Firepit Rattan Corner Sofa Set
BillyOh Capri Firepit Rattan Corner Sofa Set

5. Set the table to impress

Use a cloth or runner in a complementary or contrasting shade to the yard’s colour scheme. Place items at different heights, such as candles and flower arrangements, for emphasis.

Harry Potter birthday table setup
Image Credit: Flickr

6. Take a spot on the veranda

Relish the views and outdoor air without the hazard of outdoor elements on your veranda. Here, the Mediterranean-style veranda is the perfect backdrop to the rustic dining set-up. The colour palette focuses on rust paint.

Resort outdoor lounge
Image Credit: YGT

7. Outdoor lounge bar

A sensible and efficient design where the cooking and bartending can be done next to the dining areas. This is great if you love entertaining outdoors! Check our garden bar ideas for more.

8. With BBQ on the side

A patio dining with a BBQ is a smart idea, especially if you love barbecues and entertaining outdoors. Recreate this cook and dine hub with a wood dining table and chairs and a small garden kitchen.

Our BBQ shelter ideas might also give you extra ideas!

BillyOh Indiana 4 Burner Gas BBQ Kitchen with Sink
BillyOh Indiana 4 Burner Gas BBQ Kitchen with Sink

9. Onto the rooftop

If you have a balcony or a rooftop deck, consider setting up your own alfresco dining hub. Here, the penthouse has a rooftop that features a kitchen and outdoor dining.

The open space offers the best view, but you may extend the roof all the way, such as with wooden slats.

Moroccan rooftop lounge
Image Credit: YGT

10. Dine on concrete

Concrete is a tough and long-lasting material and great for outdoor dining sets. Take this concrete-topped table with wooden legs, for example.

It offers a sleek, modern look, and a bench can be added for added seating.

11. Make use of your patio deck

When it comes to patio deck ideas, adding a dining area is a great way to make the most of the decking. It doesn’t matter how big or small your dining table is. You can always come up with a plan with the right decking layout.

Furnished patio decking
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

12. Poolside alfresco

Or make use of your backyard pool and host a charming dining occasion. If you have a pool house, you can enhance your outdoor entertaining experience. Top tip: Add colour-changing pool lights!

Poolside entertainment space with an al fresco experience
Image Credit: Flickr

13. Go functional with an extending dining table

Maximise the available space in your garden dining area with an extending table. Keep the size as it is to fit snugly, and then extend it out when needed to seat more people.

The BillyOh Windsor comes with a choice of 4 or 6 chairs (in a range of styles), to help you cater for your needs.

BillyOh Windsor 1.2m-1.6m Extending Table Outdoor Dining Set (4-6 Seater)
BillyOh Windsor 1.2m-1.6m Extending Table Outdoor Dining Set (4-6 Seater)

14. Position your lounge seating nearby

Situate your dining area next to your outdoor lounge area. This allows for an easy dessert to after-dinner drinks transition.

15. Enchanting breakfast nook

Enjoy in the morning and start your day by having your breakfast in a romantic, cosy garden or balcony nook. The trellis structure covered with vines, and the vintage chandelier gives off a medieval fantasy vibe.

Tropical-inspired breakfast nook
Image Credit: Flickr

16. A portable dining setup

If you have a small yard, make your dining set a portable one. And a bistro set makes the perfect companion for alfresco dining for two.

When you’re done eating, fold them up and tuck them away and use the space for morning yoga, for instance.

Sölback Polywood Grey Bistro Set
Sölback Grey Bistro Set

17. A rattan set for a touch of class

Rattan garden furniture adds a classy, rustic and timeless charm to any garden design. The BillyOh Modica, for one, is comfortable and will easily fit into any backyard style. 

Conveniently tuck it away into a cube to save space when not in use. The set contains six armchairs and four stools that can be used as extra chairs or footrests.

BillyOh Modica 10 Seater Cube Rattan Dining Set
BillyOh Modica 10 Seater Cube Rattan Dining Set

18. Provide shade with an awning

With an awning, you don’t have to worry about the sun or a little drizzle when dining in your garden. The bright colour chairs give the space a pop of colour, contrasting the creamy shade of the awning.

Mini garden seating area covered on a pergola awning
Image Credit: Flickr

19. Out but in a glass house

The glass walls and ceiling and concrete flooring will give you an outdoorsy ambience. Set up a rustic table and chairs to give bucolic charms of the woods.

This calls for a glass greenhouse or sunroom weekend makeover!

20. Relaxed Mediterranean setup

Think of natural materials and lots of natural textures for decors. For your dining set, opt for aged furniture. Metal and wood-slatted chairs will also offer a delightfully relaxed feel.

21. Table for two, please

Thinking of inviting a loved one for a romantic garden date with home-cooked meals on the menu? Perfect for a small patio and balcony, a two-seater wooden dining like this will do the magic.

Make sure to add candles and hang globe lights to set the mood!

Diner table setup by the seaside
Image Credit: Pexels

22. Hidden in a screened pergola

Add privacy to your outdoor dining experience by installing privacy screens. This elegant white pergola features slat screens on three sides and a curtain at front.

The wood decking and rattan accents inject a hint of rustic to the minimalist design.

23. Your very own shed diner

One of the best things about sheds is that their purpose isn’t limited to storage solutions. They make a great secret meeting place and a secluded space to enjoy your meals while in touch with nature.

Take inspiration from this repurposed shed that was converted into a dining shed.

24. Parisian vibe balcony dining

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony in your apartment, make use of the space with a tiny dining area. In this small terrace, the owner decorated it with a set of wooden bistro, which gives a major Parisian vibe!

25. Mix and match the furniture

Don’t settle for a basic furniture arrangement outside. Skip the boxed table-and-chairs set, and mix and match the pieces! Here, the dining table and bench make the blue wicker chairs stand out more.

26. Cosy alfresco on the porch

For an outdoor dining area that’s protected from the elements, your porch will do the work. Set up a table and chairs, and install some curtains for flair and added privacy – just like this one!

Porch alfresco with BBQ
Image Credit: Pxhere

27. Replace chairs with large cushions

For an impromptu gathering, switch up the typical outdoor dining setup. Forgo the chairs and go for large outdoor cushions instead. This might work for you if you want a more relaxed, but still elegant, approach.

28. Go full-sized

Host a crowd with an oversized garden dining table. Take advantage of your outdoor square footage by adding a table that seats more than eight.

This is perfect especially if you tend to host a lot during summer.

29. Into the woods

Do you have a wooded area to your garden or a little forest? If yes, then take your alfresco dining beyond the deck and get a little closer to nature.

Go all out and bring the table, dining chairs, tablecloth and more to create a surreal and very special set up.

30. Less is more

There’s no simpler way of creating an alfresco spot than with a generous table and a few comfy chairs. There isn’t much going on, making everyone see and hear each other.

Check our minimalist garden ideas for more inspiration.


There’s nothing quite about having summer meals while bathing in the sun. All the way to toasting a glass of wine and enjoying a hearty meal under the stars.

This makes garden dining a wonderful experience. It sets the perfect scene for your most memorable meal with loved ones.

We hope our garden dining ideas will inspire you to make the most of your space and dine more outdoors!