When are the 2024 Euros and what can you do to prepare?

The 2024 Euros are fast approaching and are as popular as ever. The Euros in 2024 are starting on Friday, June 14th, and are set to end on Sunday, July 14th. While you don’t have long to wait until kickoff, we’ve got some tips to help your garden ready for one of the biggest events this year!

Everyone Stay Seated!

You’ll likely have family or friends over so you can all watch together, but you need to make sure there is enough seating for everyone, or you’ll have people leaning on furniture, or sitting on the floor, which is no fun for anyone.

Using or purchasing any lightweight garden furniture is a great way to help alleviate these issues, as they are often compact enough to move indoors allowing for more seating in a pinch. It’ll just need a wipe down to clear it of any dirt or debris and it’ll make the perfect seating addition. Rattan garden furniture is perfect for this as it’s comfy, stylish & lightweight allowing it to be easily moved around your Home & Garden

Halftime Snacks

When half-time is called, everyone has a short time to refill their drink and grab something to eat. So it’s your job as the host to make sure the snacks can get everyone through till the end of the match, and if you aren’t the host, then bring some of these to your friends, but make sure you prepare them in advance to avoid missing any of the game!

Cake in a jar

Impress your friends with a rich dessert that doesn’t dirty any extra plates; simply bake your favourite cake recipe in small jars. Allow them to cool before layering with frosting and toppings. Seal the jars and chill until ready to serve.

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Fruity Desserts

Fresh fruit skewers, yoghurt parfaits, and chia seed puddings are favourites. These desserts offer a lighter, more nutritious option without sacrificing taste. Skewer an assortment of colourful fruits. Layer the yoghurt with granola and berries. Alternatively, combine chia seeds with coconut milk and fruit puree for a healthy and filling dessert.

For more check out our snack ideas for your barbeque party blog and find even more delicious snacks to fill in that halftime gap.

Watching Sports in Your Garden

One of the best ways to experience the Euros is with others, and once your house gets full, there is only so much space you can squeeze people into, which is why we recommend moving to the garden. If you can position your TV either outside or close to patio doors, then you’ll have even more space to gather everyone around. A gazebo is perfect for this since you’ll be able to pop it up quickly and get 10+ people under it with no problem. If you want more of a permanent approach, a summerhouse or log cabin can contain your TV and extra seating while also keeping it as a separate space to kick back after a long day when the football season is on the down low. One of our customers already has this idea and has turned their summerhouse into a football lounge.

After Game Grilling

What better way to celebrate (or cheer everyone up) than with a traditional British BBQ, fire up your grill of choice, whether that be a Charcoal BBQ or a Gas BBQ and you’ll be everyone’s favourite if you can cook some good food after the game has finished. If you need help planning how to host a BBQ Party for the Euros, then check out our BBQ Party Checklist.

Multi Use Firepit

You might not know it, but a multi-use firepit BBQ could be exactly what you are missing from your garden. A firepit can be the centrepiece of your garden seating area and will provide a use for every situation you’ll find yourself in during the Euros. With their deep watertight basins, they make the perfect drinks coolers, Simply fill them with ice and the drinks you want to cool, if you want a low-maintenance BBQ, then fill the basin with coals and add an included grill on top, wait for the coals to reach the desired temperature and begin cooking. At the end of the night, add some firewood, or relight your previous coals to keep everyone sat around nice and toasty.

Now you know when the euros start, and how you should prepare, learn more about what BBQ you should be getting for your garden with our Barbeque Buying Guide