How To Landscape A Sloping Garden: Sloping Garden Ideas

We all know that a sloping garden space can be difficult to work with. Plenty of muscle power is also needed just getting stuff up and down, such as your BillyOh Windsor table, from your garden shed.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite inspiration from around the web for you to get started on designing your slope. Are you ready to have the most breathtaking and unique outdoor space in town?

Let’s dive in!

1. Ivory stairs

Ivory stone stairs with white flower beds create the feeling of extra space. 

Ivory stone garden stairs with flower beds

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2. Three-level garden

Make the most of your sloped garden by creating levels with different uses; add raised beds, a lawned area and a patio with seating.

3-levelled garden idea

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3. Retaining wall

Is your garden on an incline? Slice it in half with a retaining wall and create a two-level backyard.

Retaining wall creating a two-level backyard.

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4. Bench and fire pit

A relaxing spot in your garden for some stargazing. Decorate it with your favourite garden fire pit ideas so you can enjoy the outdoors into the late evening!

Backyard fire pit setup perfect for stargazing

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5. Two-level wood finish

A relaxing wooden finish to the furniture on the first level, and some comfy chairs and pure grass on the second.

 relaxing wooden finish outdoor living space

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6. Ample backyard

Beautiful stone steps and tiered raised beds are a great way to make the most of a sloped garden. 

A garden with beautiful stone steps and tiered raised beds

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7. Black tile backyard

Slates paving stones make a stunning patio and steps.

Slates paving stones in colour black

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8. Wooden three-level backyard

Make the most of a small but steep sloped garden by adding stairs and tiered planters to improve the space.

Steep sloped garden with stairs and tiered planters

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9. Pebble steps

Shallow, pebble-filled steps are a simple, budget-friendly solution for sloping garden ideas

steep sloped garden by adding stairs and tiered planters, giving off a simple-look garden

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10. Grass-covered steps

Keep your steps looking natural but building them into your lawn. 

Grass-covered garden steps

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11. Wooden stairs and planters

There’s no wasted space with this design – build planters into the sides of your steps.

Wooden stairs and planters for no wasted space

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12. Split level family garden

The perfect patio for a family dinner outside and plenty of lawn space for the kids to stretch their legs.

13. Small garden with steep slope

A very steep backyard, solved with some gabion stone planters and modern steps.

Gabion stone planters and modern steps

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14. Wooden planters and picnic table

A very sloped hill transformed into a cosy backyard by using tiered wooden planters, a picnic area and a lawn at the top. 

A sloped hill transformed into a cosy backyard by using tiered wooden planters and a picnic area

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15. Round table

By building a round retaining wall into the hillside, they’ve created the perfect space for a dining area.  

A round retaining wall into the hillside, creating a perfect space for outdoor dining

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16. Sectioned backyard

Sectioning off a long, narrow garden gives the feeling of more space. There’s room for planters, a seating area and plenty of lawn.

A sectioned backyard, giving the feeling of more space

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17. Backyard with tree

If you’re lucky enough to have a full-size tree in your backyard, build your garden around it and make the most of the natural shade it provides. 

A backyard with a full-sized tree at the centre

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18. Modern-looking wood planters

Use sleepers to add tiered flower beds to your sloped garden.

Modern looking wood planters with tiered flower beds

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19. Modern lighting

Add some floor and wall lighting to your steps and garden edges so you can still enjoy your backyard after dark. 

Sloped garden idea with modern lighting

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20. Small garden with flamingos

The retaining wall also serves as a comfy sofa, just by adding some cushions. 

A retaining wall with added cushions, serving as a comfy sofa

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21. Modern oriental garden

Plenty of natural wood and Japanese paper lanterns give this garden an oriental feel. 

Oriental garden vibes with natural wood and Japanese paper lanterns

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22. Backyard with slide

If you’re clever with your space, you can even fit a slide in for the kids! The red slide makes a great children’s garden design idea, too!

A red slide beside the wooden steps outdoors

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23. Oak sleepers as retaining wall

Once a messy sloped hill, now it’s a leveled garden with a strong retaining wall.

A levelled garden with a strong retaining wall on a messy sloped hill

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24. Wooden terrace garden

When creating the steps to reach the top of your garden, make good use of the space to the sides.

Wood terrace garden

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25. Multi level deck

Why settle for one deck, when you can have several? It’s a truly unique way to create steps in your garden.

A multi-level deck, creating unique steps

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26. All grass

Keep it super simple with some stone steps fitted into the grass.

Stone steps fitted into the grass

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27. Contemporary chic garden

If grass is not your thing, keep it contemporary with decking and pale-coloured paving stones.

Contemporary chic garden with decking and pale-coloured paving stones

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28. Railway sleepers

No natural grass? You can always use a little artificial grass and railway sleepers for a chic, modern garden.

Another modern looking garden with artificial grass and railway sleepers

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29. Stone stairs

If you have a hill in your garden, why not build some stone steps into the hillside to go exploring anytime you like?

Stone steps into the hillside

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30. Tall walls

If you’ve got a very steep garden,  build high retaining walls and decorate them with lighting and a seating area.

High retaining walls with lighting and outdoor seating

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31. Plank steps

A budget-friendly option to get to the top of the hill.

Budget-friendly DIY steps made from planks

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32. Small greenhouses

With a few garden beds and mini poly tunnels, you can create your own greenhouses in your backyard.

Garden beds and mini polytunnels

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 33. Intermediate level sloped garden

This sloped garden involves an intermediate level that can be reached via a set of stairs. The whole space looks like it’s covered with a moss-coloured carpet.

Tip: Set up an outdoor sitting area with a fireplace to maximise the space.

Intermediate level sloped garden that can be reached via stairs

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34. Borders decorated with planters

Maximise the retaining walls bordered by stairs and decorate them with large outdoor planters. This is a great way to create an appealing transition between the sloped areas.

Borders decorated with planters, creating a transition between the sloped areas

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35. Sloping garden divided into tiers

Take a look at this sloped garden divided into tiers. The landscape design provides you with each section that you can dedicate for your plants or something specific.

You can have large planter beds for veggies, herbs, and flowers organised on different levels.

Sloping garden divided into tiers

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36. Terracing

This technique creates different levels within the garden, generating a variety of ‘zones’ to your space. Plan a seating area on the most stable portion of your garden and frame plants around it.

It will make your garden space more welcoming!

A terrace garden set in a sloped yard

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37. Edging

Always leave an edge around your garden. It will help you properly border your space and avoid destabilising your fences.

Sloped garden with brick edging

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38. Planting trees

If you haven’t established a solid foundation on your sloping space, planting well-rooted trees will do the job. This will help keep the soil sturdy and prevent wind and rain from easily eroding your garden.

39. Foundation

You can seek professional help or do it yourself (if you’re experienced) when levelling your garden and building its foundation. Opt for railway sleepers, breeze blocks, and natural stone as safe materials to keep your garden soil in place.

A simple sloped garden with foundation

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40. Levelling

If you wish to level some parts of your sloped garden, one obvious technique is to level it out. Levelling out your garden will depend on how steep the slope is.

Sloped garden with multi-levelled area for entertainment and relaxation

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Sloping gardens are often seen as a challenge and less appealing than their ‘flat’ alternatives, but I think we’ve proven that with a little imagination, you can make your sloping garden into a stunning place to relax and entertain.

For more creative inspirations, might as well check out our ultimate list of garden design ideas .From adding garden furniture, water features to privacy and shade tips and landscaping – we’ve got everything you need!

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