Creative Easter Garden Ideas for a Festive Outdoor Space

Easter is just around the corner! Looking for creative Easter garden ideas to do with the kids?

Easter is a wonderful time for families to gather around in the garden and get imaginative. Besides playing fun outdoor game ideas, decorate your backyard to welcome the season.

There are endless decor concepts you can use to light up your holiday outdoors. And if you’re looking for a list, you’ll find creative inspirations right here!

1. The Easter garden

Creating an Easter garden is a great way to share with your kids the real story behind this festivity. In the midst of egg hunting, why not recreate this tomb scene and add a meaningful centrepiece to your patio?

Easter garden landscape with wooden crosses
Image Credit: Flickr, Lawrence OP

2. Yarn Easter egg wreath

This DIY Easter egg wreath isn’t your ordinary holiday wreath. Made of yarn, it can be the centrepiece of your outdoor setup this season. The pastel hues will definitely be an eye-catcher; put one on your front door, backdoor and your shed’s.

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DIY egg wreath on the door in pastel colours
Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures

3. Easter bunny pots

The perfect budget-friendly Easter craft that works as a decorative piece on your patio table or as a gift! Best of all? This DIY project only takes minutes to make and will only cost a few dollars.

4. Plastic Easter egg toadstools

Bring a little life to your garden this Easter and add a whimsical touch with these egg toadstools. Add them to your fairy gardens, landscape, or use them as garden markers.

Take a look at how to make these Easter egg mushrooms for yourself here.

5. Hatched egg tree ornament

Get your Easter tree and complete the look with adorable little ornaments. Featuring hatched eggs, inside, there’s a fuzzy chick nestled in. 

Display this lovely tree in your garden room, patio dining space, or the entryway table of your home.

Colourful egg toys on tree branches
Image Credit: Pxhere

6. Chalkboard sign and bunny garlands

Celebrate the holiday with a sweet chalkboard sign draped in bunny garland. Display it in front of your garden room or near the fence to warmly welcome your guests.

7. Carrot pallet sign

This oversized bright orange carrot is made from a repurposed pallet. Decorate with fun baskets, greenery and colourful eggs, and the sign screams Happy Easter!

8. Patio dining table arrangements

Your patio table shouldn’t be an exemption when decorating your outdoor space with Easter decors. Draw inspiration from this charming table arrangement just in time for the season.

Add pretty tablecloths, Easter eggs, bunnies and spring flowers in one setting.

Easter dining table arrangement
Image Credit: Pexels

9. Easter egg tree

Instead of leaving the branches bare, adorn them with colourful egg ornaments. All you need is ribbon and Easter eggs to get started. Use any type of egg for decoration, such as crepe-paper type and dyed wooden ones.

DIY Easter egg tree
Image Credit: Hippo PX

10. The Easter basket planters

What better way to introduce your garden to the season with suitably themed planters? These aren’t for the kids to hunt eggs or anything.

Rather, they are planters made from hypertufa, ready for any kind of weather, and they can be outside all year!

11. Spring urn arrangement

Pick your favourite Spring blooms and combine them with Easter eggs in a nest, sprigs from a willow bush, and vintage lace. This makes a charming side door, gate, fence decor – or table centrepiece.

12. Egg popper tree

Equal parts decoration and activity, this is a must-have Easter piece! Hang the eggs on a tree and let the kids pull and pop, gathering sweet treats as they go. It’s a reverse egg hunt suitable for kids and adults.

13. Garden string lights Easter version

It’s always fun to add a few spring touches and some egg-inspired decor to gardens. And making little Easter-themed crafts with the kids adds to the enjoyment. These DIY string lights fall into that category.

14. ‘Joy’ wood sign

Remember what the holiday is all about with this inspiring signage. This one-piece Joy wood sign is engraved with “Happy Easter” and can be painted any colour.

15. Easter egg pinata

What could be more exciting than letting the kids explore their own egg pinatas, full of Easter egg goodness for all to enjoy? Filled with candies and chocolates, it also makes a fun diversion to keep kids and adults busy.

16. Bouquet arrangement for your Easter table

A creative Easter-themed centrepiece that amps up your patio in an instant! Make this festive yet straightforward bouquet with a basket of your choice, bright egg decors, and Baby’s breath.

You can add bunny ears, deco mesh, ribbon, and faux flowers for a low-maintenance option.

DIY Easter bouquet arrangement in pots
Image Credit: Pxhere

17. Pastel garden topiary

Take a cue from this light and fresh Easter decor for your next DIY project. With soft hues of egg blues and mossy greens, many will appreciate the new addition to your outdoor space.

Create a small egg topiary tree as a table centrepiece or a bit bigger as a lawn decoration.

18. Wooden yard carrots

Take the opportunity to make your garden ‘wildlife friendly’ for rabbits this season – at least! If you or the kids own a few bunnies around, these wooden yard carrot decors will look amazing in your yard.

19. Mini rabbit Easter village

This enchanting mini rabbit village will surely get the kids’ attention and forget about the egg hunt for a while! A lovely fairy garden idea, this woodland hamlet can help your garden stand out among the rest!

20. The bunny crossing sign

A cute DIY bunny crossing sign to pop in your garden or front yard, ready for the Easter egg hunt! Add cutely decorated buckets, and your little Easter bunnies will have fun finding some chocolate eggs.

Make sure to ask for your kid’s help when recreating this project for more fun!

21. Easter egg succulent planters

Make your own DIY succulent planters with Easter eggs! Ceramic egg planters are perfect for planting small succulents. After Easter, re-plant them in your garden to grow and thrive in spring decor.

Easter eggs on succulent planter
Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures

22. Newspaper moss bunny

Who would’ve thought you could create something like this with garden moss? And with a few newspapers, you can recreate this moss bunny decor – a great addition to your Easter garden!

23. Eggshell display

Thinking of hosting a simple alfresco dinner this Easter? This eggshell display makes the perfect centrepiece for your dining set!

Empty the eggs, rinse and decorate. Pick a few flowers from your garden, or put candles inside to add a warm glow.

24. Bunny coffee pot warmer

Enjoy a sip of coffee on your patio this season with an adorable handmade cafetière warmer. For this project, you’ll need a felt, fold it in half, and cut your rabbit motif.

Stitch from the neck up at the back and round to the base at the front. Leave the back free to slip over your hot pot. Sew a pom-pom and a popper at the back to complete the look.

25. The Easter basket grass

The perfect DIY for kids to learn the world of gardening! Growing an Easter basket grass is a great starting point.

They’ll surely love watching the wheat grass grow on the windowsill or in their little garden. Add decorative pieces like a wooden bunny or eggs for interest.

Easter basket grass
Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures

26. Themed container garden

When it comes to container garden ideas, the possibilities are endless. This special season, get your plant containers in theme for a fun, seasonal look. Mix foliage, flowers, eggs, and small rabbit statuary!

Easter themed container with bunny sticks
Image Credit: Pixnio

27. Carrot button ornament

Put your spare buttons to good use this Easter season and create something for it to spruce up your garden. Take these carrot ornaments made from orange buttons, for example. They’re easy to make and will be a fun addition to your tree.

28. Plant a lollipop garden

Add a touch of magic to your Easter garden. Let your kids enjoy the wonder of their imagination as they watch these jelly beans grow into lollipops. Plant them directly into the soil or small pots – just like this one!

29. A bird’s nest

Add some organic texture and charm to your Easter/spring decor with a bird’s nest from twigs and branches. Perfect as a table decoration, centrepiece and even ornaments – you’ll love it!

Alternatively, use an old berry basket, then fill it with dried grass, leaves, and twigs.

Easter bird's nest table piece
Image Credit: Pxhere

30. Themed napkin ring

Tiny details are important and don’t forget the other table decorations. For your alfresco dining, an Easter-themed napkin ring surely will make a difference!

Whether it’s a bunny, eggs or carrots, napkin rings are great for rocking at your Easter brunch.

31. Spring bird and tulip sculpture

You can add a series of bright tulips at different spots in the garden. Ensure the colours of the flowers chosen are lively.

Add a decorative spring bird at the top for an Easter charm. The design will also look amazing on your large container pots.

32. Easter egg solar lights

This season, make the most out of your garden until the late evening with adorable Easter egg stakes as a light source. Use the solar lights to decorate your lawn or path.

Or simply anchor them anywhere in your yard for a festive, seasonal display.

33. Repurposed floral display

Decorate your patio or garden entrance with something simple that matches the theme. The owner of this creative display used an old watering can with beautiful spring blooms coming out of it.

The crate underneath it houses a bird’s nest with Easter eggs for a seasonal touch.

Repurposed Easter flower display
Image Credit: Pxhere

34. Chalk bunny footprints

This is something your kids will truly enjoy doing! Cute decorative details that can be used to welcome or guide your guests through a path all the way to your yard. 

Considering they’re made with chalks, they are quite easy to wash out (tip: do it thoroughly).

35. Yarn tree garland

Easter egg yarn garland for trees is adorable and fun to make! All you need is several colours of yarn.

A glue mixture where the yarns will be hardened and then wrapped around an egg-shaped object. Once it hardens, string them together to make the garland.

36. Grapevine topiary

This isn’t your ordinary Easter or spring-ish themed decoration. The topiary might not look Eastery, but the details and shape add up to the look.

There are little beads in the grapevine, which somehow resemble eggs. To add the season’s charm, add a nest underneath with eggs filling it.

37. Bunny egg cart

Mr. Easter bunny with his cart filled with big, colourful eggs! What a lovely decoration to have in gardens, patios, and porches.

The car is covered in flowers and eggs wrapped in a colourful cocoon. The life-sized bunny finishes this Easter scene off in style.

38. The Easter cross

This project lies more on the religious side of Easter – a cross draped with a fabric or wreath. Decorative bunnies and eggs placed nearby to lift the solemn tone a bit. Perfect in both front and back gardens.

39. Burlap flag

The burlap creates a sturdy and embroidered base for the egg, which you can create with old, colourful fabrics. Once that’s done, display it on a flagpole and put it on a show in your garden. 

To get the complete materials and instructions, read this guide.

40. Nest vase centrepiece

For a festive table display, create this Easter nest vase centrepiece! Here, the nest vase is filled with pretty tulips but feel free to choose your own blooms for display. Get extra and add mini beads around the nest, imitating mini eggs.

Easter nest vest in a teacup
Image Credit: Rawpixel

41. Plant a fragrant climber

Grow something in your garden that will remind you of Easter year-round. If you have vertical space, pick a climbing plant that will bring colour, fragrance and memories. Jasmine, Honeysuckle or Rose would be a lovely Easter treat!

42. Host a plant hunt

The Easter season wouldn’t be the same without an ‘Easter hunt’, but it doesn’t always have to be for eggs. This year, go for a unique route, such as hunting plants!

Write a list of your plants and send friends and family off to find them to win the prize.

43. Easter fairy garden

Besides our Easter bunny village, a fairy garden also makes lovely decor for the season. This little world is created with tiny plants, furniture, and a fairy contained in a basket.

A Popsicle stick is cut and painted with a holiday message.

44. Egg painting competition

Take your annual Easter egg competition to the artsy side with a painting challenge. To make it extra fun, open the competition up to everyone, not just children.

The eggellent entries will be displayed around the garden to give the winners pride! Or they could take it home as a trophy or souvenir.

Green egg with bunny painting
Image Credit: Pxhere

45. Easter garden cleaning

The calendar says Easter – the perfect time of the year to get some cleaning done in the garden. It doesn’t have to be strenuous.

Mowing the lawn, cleaning the furniture, and simple tidy work will do! There’s no better time to roll up your sleeves, make your yard beautiful, and show off all these DIY decors!

Full bloom Easter garden
Image Credit: Flickr, scrappy annie


You can’t ignore your garden when decorating your home for Easter. And you don’t have to be the most crafty person to put up a festive outdoor adornment.

Our list of Easter garden ideas will surely help you make your outdoor space Easter-ready. From eggs to bunnies, there’s a wide selection of springtime favourites included. 

Challenge yourself and bring these decorative items right out the front door and onto your porches and lawns. Let us know in the comments below your top picks.

We’ve also put together FAQs below in hopes of answering more of your questions. Make sure to check them out!

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About two weeks before the Easter season is a good time to start decorating your home.

Many of us associate spring with Easter like we associate winter with Christmas. The best time to start decorating for spring is about three to four weeks before Easter.

Never miss the chance to decorate your garden fence idea with Easter eggs or bunny garlands. You can create these garlands yourself, even better with the kids!


Cut egg or bunny shapes out of paper, string them using thread and attach them to the fence. Add colourful ribbons for a pop of colour.

For this, you need ribbons, scissors, and hot glue.


Cut a 20" piece of thin ribbon and attach the midpoint of the ribbon to the bottom of the egg. Using hot glue, wrap the ribbon around the egg and attach the end to the top.


Let it dry, then tie the eggs onto the branches and trim excess ribbon.