Rattan Corner Sofa Sets

Complete your patio or add some life to an awkward corner of your garden with our Rattan Corner Sofa Sets. Providing stylish and comfortable seating at a handy right angle, we offer a number of rattan sofa sets with capacities from four up to massive 8-seater sets

At BillyOh, we provide Rattan Garden Furniture this is stylish, comfortable and, best of all, affordably priced. Browse our selection of rattan corner sofas below, or explore other materials with our complete range of corner furniture sets.

BillyOh Salerno 4 Seater Corner Rattan Sofa Set With Storage


BillyOh Milan 6 Seater Rattan Corner Sofa Set

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Rattan Corner Sofa Sets UK

A simple dinner at home can turn into a fancy moment when done in the garden. Aside from creating special moments, it can also help you save money instead of going to expensive restaurants.

However, you will need comfortable and stylish garden furniture to complete the elegant outdoor vibe — and our range of corner rattan garden sofas are made for such need!

Whether it’s a dinner date or you simply want to spend time with family or friends, your garden will be the perfect place to create great moments with our rattan sofa sets. The range of stylish designs will surely make your garden look more attractive.

Ensuring great durability, our rattan dining sets have an outstanding build quality. Made from reliable polyethylene (PE) rattan, they are able to withstand unexpected weather conditions. This is as PE rattan can resist embrittling whilst also having protection against UV rays causing the chairs to fade in colour.

The majority of our sets include a rectangular table, topped with a strong tempered glass surface that makes it withstand the pressure of holding a large number of plates and meals. Additionally, this feature makes cleaning quick and easy, and your mess should be gone in a wipe or two. Each part of the set is also made with high-quality construction, supported by a strong aluminium framing.

For their modern corner shape design, these sofa sets allow you to save space in the garden whilst blending well with the surroundings. It makes our corner rattan sets ideal for properties with limited outdoor space.