The Best Garden Pond Ideas on the Internet

In addition to patio fire pits, garden ponds add a beautiful focal point to your outdoor space. Not only that, but such an attractive feature also encourages more wildlife. The calming atmosphere with the soothing sound of water is a bonus!

The internet has made it easier to find inspiration for creating your own. But it can be overwhelming with so many ideas available. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best garden pond ideas from the web to help you get started.

1. DIY canoe

Creating a DIY canoe pond can be fun and rewarding if you enjoy spending time in the garden. Ensure to line the pond with a waterproof material such as a pond liner to prevent leaks. A small boat can also be added to the pond for recreational use.

DIY pond built in a canoe
Image Credit: Pxhere

2. Raised-style of pond

If you’re looking for a modern-formal pond, a 2-tier design can add height to your landscape. For an added extra level, incorporate a garden water feature and statues into the scheme.

Raised garden fountain and pond
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

3. Koi pond with a waterfall feature

Give your Koi fish a great environment just like this ground pond. Add a waterfall amongst the rocks for drama, soothing sights and the water sound. Have it small or big, depending on your plot availability.

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Mini water fall and Koi pond
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

4. Mixed metal water fountain

An excellent corner backyard pond, this idea suits a rustic or contemporary setting. For the DIY approach, you may need a welding skill to put together metal parts and recreate this design.

Metal water fountain
Image Credit: Flickr, Jeremy Brooks

5. Disappearing water fountain

For this approach, a fountain pump (e.g. water and/or air pump) is a must to circulate the water. Plus, tubing creates the water flow. Decorative stones can also be added to the basin for aesthetic appeal.

Top tip: Hide the pump and tubing under the rocks or in a separate reservoir. This will help create a seamless and natural-looking pond.

Disappearing fountain
Image Credit: Pxhere

6. Pond for wildlife

A wildlife pond is a great way to attract and support local wildlife in your garden. Add rocks and aquatic plants to create a habitat for frogs, birds, and insects. Maintain the pond by cleaning it regularly and adding fresh water.

Mini wildlife pond with surrounding greenery
Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures

7. Bamboo fountain

There’s no doubt that a bit of bamboo can do wonders for your natural pond. The natural touches can bring Zen vibes to your outdoor haven. For more, check out these Zen garden ideas.

Bamboo garden water feature
Image Credit: Flickr, bobthemagicdragon

8. Bigger pond for wildlife

Larger ponds need to be deep enough to allow for fish and other aquatic animals to thrive. You’ll also need to consider what pond plants to add to make it a suitable habitat for wildlife. 

The recommended minimum depth is at least 2 feet and 3 feet for Koi ponds.

Big wildlife pond with deck for viewing
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

9. Tub and solar pond pump

A cost-effective and sustainable way to circulate water in your pond or tub. Basically, you’ll need a water pump, solar panel, tubing, and a container to hold the water. Top tip: Make sure the solar panel is positioned in a spot that receives enough sunlight. Don’t forget the solar lights!

10. Fenced-off fish ponds

Adding wood fences around the pond not only increases safety for small children and pets. In this case, the bamboo fencing and mini natural stone paving bridges give the garden a Zen vibe.

Japanese garden pond with fence
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

11. Building bridges

Create your own mini island in your garden by adding bridges over your water features! Not only does it provide a unique and visually appealing feature. But it can also serve as a practical way to cross the pond and access different areas of the property. Moreover, they create an elevated pathway leading to your serene summer house.

Monet's Garden - Water lillies, pond and bridge
Image Credit: Flickr, Elliot Brown

12. Carved deck tiny pond

A cute water garden carved into the decking creates an enchanting space for wildlife. Building a deck around the pond will also create a relaxing space to enjoy the sights and water sound.

13. With seating area

The seating area can be constructed, whether it be a simple garden bench or a more elaborate patio or deck. It can provide a peaceful and enjoyable space for relaxation and entertainment.

Square shaped in-ground garden pond
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

14. Borders with decorative stones

Use paving stones to create a ‘stone path’ border to the pond and add a splash of colour with greens like flower beds.

Rectangle garden pond with concrete borders
Image Credit: Flickr, Ken Lund

15. Bubble container garden pond

Choose a container for your fountain, such as a large pot or basin. You will also need a submersible pump, tubing, and a bubble stone to create bubbles in the water. You can also add plants or other decorations around the fountain to enhance its beauty.

16. Concrete paver pond

A pond edge that features leftover paving stone, creating a unique built-up water feature. Once the pavers are in place, rubber or flexible liners should be added to prevent leaks. The edges of the pond can be finished with decorative stones or plants.

Corner pond with Koi fish swimming on it
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

17. Mini pond waterfall cascade

Preferably, choose a spot that gets some shade during the day. After digging the pond hole and placing the liner, secure the edges with rocks. Add some aquatic plants and fish to complete the natural look.

18. Bigger pond waterfall cascade

If your outdoor space offers enough space for a large garden pond, why not consider this design? It’s a 2-in-1 water feature: a home for your Koi fish and a bigger body of water, a.k.a. the waterfall, increasing the value of your home.

Waterfall style pond surrounded with tall grasses
Image Credit: Pxhere

19. Recycled tractor tire pond

The beauty of creating a cheap DIY pond is you can use old materials, such as a recycled tractor or any vehicle tire. Thanks to the round shape of tires, you can achieve a circular pond with a stream.

A garden pond with an old tire as decoration
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

20. Rectangular ponds

Make your rectangular pond look more lavish by incorporating wood elements around it. Take a look at this wooden deck, which adds a statement to the overall look!

21. Social gathering space with a small pond

A garden is a cosy place that offers relaxation and simple entertainment after a long day, be it at work or school. So there’s no reason not to make it the best.

Have a look at this simple social gathering space with a mini pond on the side. Imagine spending your afternoons there after a tiring day!

Mini patio with mini garden pond
Image Credit: Pxhere

22. Hilltop pond waterfall cascade

This hill pond design looks so natural and beautiful that we added it to the list the moment we saw it! With plants around, you can have a mini paradise in your own outdoor space.

Cascading pond on a sloped garden
Image Credit: Pxhere

23. Clear shallow water pond

For this approach, you’ll want the water to be crystal clear so you can see the depth. This one will surely add a touch of beauty and tranquillity to your urban space. Even better, you’ll have a much better view of your fish swimming around the pond!

24. Cosy corner pond

Even if you have limited space, you can still enjoy the soothing and cooling effect of water with a mini pond. Decorate it with your chosen stone and plants to boost its appearance.

Mini corner pond with mini fountain
Image Credit: Flickr, Adrian Midgley

25. Garden pond with floating eclectic lighting

With a garden pond, a few fish and plants, you’ve got your own mini ecosystem in your yard. What’s more, if you add these cool floating electric lights! This can add an attractive feature to modern garden ideas. At the same time, it can make your entire property look so elegant.

Modern garden pond with eclectic lighting
Image Credit: Flickr, Wonderlane

26. Biopool and biodiversity


Imagine spending your summer time while swimming in this ecological pool. This concept is intended for bathing, whereas the other part is for water purification.

Thus, they’re called biological or ecological. The treatment is carried out based on natural self-cleaning activities. If you want to have a closer relationship with nature, this can be your best bet!


27. Zen-style wildlife pond

Add natural elements such as rocks, boulders, and plants to create a natural feel. To attract wildlife, install a waterfall or fountain to create a tranquil atmosphere. Don’t forget the fish and other wildlife in your pond to create a thriving ecosystem.

28. Above-ground level pond

This above-ground pond surely can bring the subtle beauty of water and nature in your garden. Featuring a mountain and a trellis, what an attractive water feature to have outdoors!

Above-ground garden pond
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

29. Natural swimming pond

Another creative concept to spice up your garden is adding a natural swimming pond. This is a great alternative to a standard pool.

30. Driftwood water feature

DIY garden pond projects come with a handful of perks. One of them is you use almost anything you can find in your garden, mainly natural materials. A great example is driftwood, which makes a charming addition to any water feature. Add bird feeders nearby to welcome more flying creatures into your space.

31. Surrounded by natural stone paving

Stone pavers could surround any type of garden water feature, particularly circular ponds. This design also allows you to walk by it. Add a wooden bridge to connect zones in your backyard.

32. Outdoor hot tub and contemporary pond

Nothing’s better than enjoying a steam bath while pleasing your ears with a water sound from a nearby pond. This idea fits a corner space, butting in a hot tub underneath a pergola for shade. Walk a few steps, and a small water pond will welcome you. Surrounded by stones, the look gives off mountain landscape vibes.

33. Blue water and landscaping rocks

Clear blue pond water is something that many backyard pond owners dream of. Paired with landscaping rocks, you can create a perfect feature in your space, as well as a home for your fishes.

Blue water pond with rocks landscaping
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

34. Floating fountain pump with lights

A floating fountain pump can make your water feature the centrepiece of your garden. In addition to adding beauty, the pump can also provide aeration. This can benefit the fish and the overall water ecosystem.

35. Surround the pond with evergreen shrubs

One of our favourite backyard pond ideas is a natural pond concept with pond edges like this. Moss-covered slabs of stone surround the landscape. And thanks to the freshwater, you can see the Koi under the surface.

Garden pond surrounded with evergreen shrubs
Image Credit: Pxhere


Garden ponds have often been seen as dull and boring, but not any longer. There’s a wide range of ways to make your beautiful pond a focal point of your garden. At the same time, wowing visitors and providing a truly relaxing experience and past time.

We’ll be regularly updating this post, so make sure you bookmark it! That way, you can ensure you never run out of ideas when planning and creating your new garden pond.

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The golden rule is that it should be at least 60 cm or 2 ft deep, particularly if there will be plants and fish in it. For one, shallow water is susceptible to evaporating both in cold and  hot weather.

4 to 6 hours of daily sunlight is ideal for garden ponds. Most aquatic plants grow well with this amount of sunlight.


It's best to position the pond in an area that receives morning sun and afternoon shade. Be it for small or larger ponds.

Definitely yes! Adding one in your garden is a great way to encourage more wildlife into your backyard. Not only that but this can also boost the value of your property.

As mentioned earlier, it's ideal to find a sunny position for your pond to encourage the pond plants to grow as well as attract a variety of wildlife. Moreover, it's also best to dig your pond away from trees and shrubs so the leaves won't swamp the water.