75 Garden Pond Ideas

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Garden ponds can bring your outdoor space to a whole new level. Adding one in your garden is a great way to encourage more wildlife into your backyard.

You can provide an ideal habitat for a variety of wildlife, including frogs, fishes, and insects. Ponds are a great source of food and water, as well as a home or breeding ground for them to utilise.

If you’re planning to start a pond in your garden, here are 75 ideas that you can use for your own inspiration. This guide will walk you through a curated list of beautiful designs and ideas to create a unique garden.

Let’s dive in!

1. Canoe pond

Make your pond that bit more original by building it in a canoe! This is probably one of the coolest abstract pond ideas we’ve ever seen, don’t you agree?

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A canoe-inspired pond with greens and flowers around

(Image Source)

2. Two-tier wood-framed raised pond with water feature

If you’re looking for a more modern-style pond, this 2-tier wood frame raised pond is a great design and construction. Add extra levels and a simple water feature, plus some stone statue decorations.

A two-tier wooden frame pond with stone statues

(Image Source)

3. Waterfall with small koi pond

Give your koi fishes a great environment, just like this waterfall pond. Add a waterfall amongst the rocks if you’re looking for a more natural-looking pond.

This is a brilliant pond idea, especially if you have small garden space.


A waterfall and pond made from stones

(Image Source)

4. Small koi pond with water feature

Looking for ways to upgrade the look of your humble garden pond? Enhance your small pond by adding a water feature to create a calming atmosphere.

A miniature koi pond

(Image Source)

5. Mixed metal water fountain

Go for more of a rustic, homemade feel for your water feature, using various metal parts you can find around your home.

A DIY fish pond made from metal stock tank

(Image Source)

6. Disappearing water fountain

If you’re short on space or have small children or pets, a disappearing water fountain could be for you. The water sits underground so they’re safer than a standard pond.


Disappearing water fountain with pebbles/stones surrounding it

(Image Source)

7. Charming water feature

A miniature pond is perfect for small spaces. Build up the edges with flagstones and cute ornaments, and voila! You now have a mini garden pond to call your own.

A cute, tiny water feature with a frog stone statue and water lilies

(Image Source)

8. Tea pot fountain

Make use of your old teapot and incorporate it into your existing pond. As a result, you can have a unique water fountain in your yard.

Make sure to surround the pond with colourful flowers to enhance its appearance more.

Recycled old teapot used as water feature decoration/fountain

(Image Source)

9. Water garden

Add some plants to your pond to create the perfect water garden. The greens will surely breathe new life into your water garden.

Mini water garden pond made from wooden blocks

(Image Source)

10. Bamboo fountain

There’s no doubt that a little bamboo can do wonders for your garden pond. Use bamboo to bring Japanese garden-vibes to your water feature.

A piece of bamboo used as a mini fountain

(Image Source)

11. Copper spout

Add upscale appeal to any fountain or water feature with a copper spout. They can fit well into both modern and traditional landscapes.


Water feature with a copper sprout

(Image Source)

12. Life on the ledge

A stone ledge is a classy and compact way to add a waterfall to your raised pond.

A raised pond with stone ledge

(Image Source)

13. Pond and fountain

Looking for a unique garden water feature style? Build your own mini fountain within your pond using a plant pot.

How about that?

A mini fountain within a pond

(Image Source)

14. Wildlife pond

If a more organic-looking pond is your thing, create a wildlife pond like this one using natural materials. Literally anything you can find in your backyard, such as old pots, plants, and a garden light.

A wildlife pond made from natural materials

(Image Source)

15. Lush and colourful wildlife pond

If you’re looking for a more preened wildlife pond, carefully arrange some plants around the edge to attract wildlife.

A preened wildlife pond

(Image Source)

16. Tub and solar pump pond

This is a great way to create an instant water feature as there’s no wiring involved with a solar pump.

DIY pond made from tub and solar pump

(Image Source)

17. The big, bad bowl pond

A contemporary design like this can turn your pond into a raised centrepiece. I mean, look at that! So simple yet it adds a statement.

A mini pond made from a big concrete bowl

(Image Source)

18. Oakie-dokie

Add a wooden border to your pond using sleepers to add a touch of natural class. The flower bed perimeter will tie it back in with the rest of the garden.

Oak-wooden style garden pond

(Image Source)

19. Fenced-off

Adding a fence around your pond not only increases safety for small children and pets; in this case the bamboo fencing and mini stone bridges give it a Zen Garden feel. It’s like a miniature garden within a garden.

A mini garden with bamboo fence

(Image Source)

20. Building bridges

Create your own mini island getaway in your back garden by adding bridges over your water features.

A mini bridge which leads to a garden retreat with outdoor furniture and a mini pond

(Image Source)

21. Sunny koi pond

Create an idyllic koi pond in a sunny space in your garden to encourage wildlife.

An idyllic koi pond in a sunny space

(Image Source)

22. Professional koi pond

Transform your garden with this incredibly designed koi pond. The stone bridge makes it even more exceptional.

An incredibly designed koi pond with stone bridge


(Image Source)

23. Carved deck tiny pond

A cute water garden carved into the decking creates an enchanting space for wildlife.


A cute water garden carved into the decking

(Image Source)

24. Space saver garden pond

A miniature pond hidden away in the decking is perfect if you’re short on garden space.

A miniature pond hidden away in the decking

(Image Source)

25. Natural filtration

For a more natural-looking koi pond, line the bottom and sides with stones and use plants as a natural filtration system.

Natural-looking koi pond,

(Image Source)

26. Montcalm street contemporary patio

This innovative oblong pond with stunning water features allows wildlife to flourish.

An innovative oblong pond with stunning water features

(Image Source)

27. Focal point

A stunning design like this will make your pond a real focal point in your garden.

A stunning-looking pond that creates a real focal point in your garden

(Image Source)

28. Cubic footage

An imaginative use of decking creates an ultramodern island-style seating area.

An ultramodern island-style seating area above the pond

(Image Source)

29. Reflective source

Adding mirrors to your garden creates the feeling of extra space and light.

A mirror as a reflective source, adding extra space and light to the pond and overall garden

(Image Source)

30. Widened borders

Use paving stones to create a path border to your pond and add a splash of colour with a surrounding flower bed.

Paving stones as the pond's border

(Image Source)

31. Lighted zen container pond

Create a Zen garden in a raised tub pond by adding lights and plants.

A mini zen garden in a raised tub pond b


(Image Source)

32. Bubble container pond

With bubble fountains, the water bubbles rather than flows over a distance so they’re easier to make yourself, but you still get the calming trickle of running water.

A container pond with bubble fountains

(Image Source)

33. Paver pond with fountain

Create your own pond edging with leftover paving stones to create a unique built up water feature.

A pond with leftover paving stones as the border

(Image Source)

34. Small waterfall pond

This pond may be small but it surely does give a luxurious vibe. Take a look at those stones with unique shapes and patterns!

A mini waterfall pond surrounded by stones with unique shapes and patterns

(Image Source)

35. Waterfall pond

If your outdoor space can offer you enough space for a large garden pond, why not consider this design? It’s a 2-in-1 water feature: a pond (home for your koi fishes) and a waterfall (increasing the value of your home).

A 2-in-1 water feature: a pond (home for your koi fishes) and a waterfall (increasing the value of your home)

(Image Source)

36. Recycled tractor tire pond

The beauty of creating a DIY garden pond is you can use old materials, such as a recycled tractor or any vehicle tire. Thanks to the round shape of tires, you can achieve a circular pond with a stream.

Recycled tractor tire pond with a stream

(Image Source)

37. Rectangular pond with wooden deck

Make your regular and rectangular pond look more lavish by incorporating wood elements around it. Take a look at this wooden deck. It surely does add a statement.

A pond with wooden elements

(Image Source)

38. Simply preformed garden pond

Have you ever dreamed of having a beautifully landscaped pond with beautiful flowering plants and a waterfall? Take this DIY pond project this weekend to create a small koi pond in your backyard.

DIY small koi pond project

(Image Source)

39. Puddle drop

Never underestimate the power of small garden ponds. This charming pond can be a great addition to your yard design, garden or landscaping ideas.

A charming pond filled with water lilies

(Image Source)

40. Symmetrical centre

Front yard and backyard landscaping ideas that incorporate a small pond, some decorative rocks, and a water fountain can add harmony and balance to the exterior of your home. This symmetrical centre pond, for instance, can improve the way your home looks and feels.

A symmetrical centre pond

(Image Source)

41. Social gathering space with a small pond

A garden is a cosy place that offers relaxation and simple entertainment after a long day, be it at work or school. So there’s no reason not to make it the best.

Have a look at this simple social gathering space with a mini pond on the side. Imagine spending your afternoons there after a tiring day!

A simple social gathering space with a mini pond on the side

(Image Source)

42. Cascading pond

This mountain lake koi pond design looks so natural and beautiful that we added it right away to the list the moment we saw it! With plants around, you can have a mini paradise in your own backyard.

A mountain lake koi pond design

(Image Source)

43. Reflective depth

The water is so clear it enables you to see the depth of this garden pond. This one will surely add a touch of beauty and tranquillity to your space.

Plus, you’ll have a much better view of your koi fishes swimming around the pond.

A fish pond with reflective depth

(Image Source)

44. Cosy corner pond

Even if your outdoor space is small, you can still incorporate the soothing and cooling effect of water with this mini pond. Decorate it with your chosen stone and plants to boost its appearance.

A cosy corner pond

(Image Source)

45. Garden pond with floating eclectic lighting

With a garden pond, a few fish and plants, you’ve got your own mini ecosystem in your yard. What’s more, if you add these cool floating electric lighting!

Not only does this can add a fantastic feature to your garden, but also it can make your entire property look so elegant.

A garden pond with floating eclectic lighting

(Image Source)

46. Biopool and biodiversity


Imagine spending your summer time while swimming in this ecological pool. This concept is intended for bathing, whereas the other part is for water purification.

Thus, they’re called biological or ecological. The treatment is carried out based on natural self-cleaning activities.

If you want to have a closer relationship with nature, this can be your best bet!


A pond that intended for bathing, whereas the other part is for water purification


(Image Source)

47. Swimming dock

A pond that doubles as a swimming pool

(Image Source)

48. Small pond design ideas for small spaces

If you want to keep your lawn but at the same time incorporate a garden pond, take a look at this design idea! The owner created small ponds on each side, with a pathway in between.

T-shaped backyard and garden pond

(Image Source)

49. Tiny zen

This tiny zen-inspired pond will help attract more wildlife into your garden, such as birds, frogs, and butterflies. You can also use the small pond to keep some koi fish, too.

A tiny zen-inspired pond

(Image Source)

50. Best of both worlds

This garden pond design screams luxury and sophistication! The waterfall, the brick oven on the side that can double as a fireplace, and some garden tables and chairs around the pond is such a dream!

A waterfall, a brick oven on the side that can double as a fireplace, and some garden tables and chairs around the pond


(Image Source)

51. Raised wooden garden pond

Wooden sleepers make a great landscaping project and fish ponds. This DIY raised wooden garden pond can be a beautiful addition to your garden or landscape design.

A raised garden pond made from wooden sleepers

(Image Source)

52. Above-ground pond

This above-ground pond surely can bring the subtle beauty of water and nature in your garden. Featuring a mountain and a trellis, what an attractive water feature to have outdoors!

An above-ground pond featuring a mountain and a trellis


(Image Source)

53. Shade garden pond

A garden pond with shade

(Image Source)

54. Peaceful pond

A garden pond in a peaceful environment


(Image Source)

55. Tiny watering hole

A pond with crystal clear and blue-coloured water

(Image Source)

56. Antique masonry

A pond that resembles a well

(Image Source)

57. Contemporary reflection pond

A contemporary reflective pond

(Image Source)

58. Wishing fountain

A wishing well fountain

(Image Source)

59. Maximum minimalism

Minimalist and modern garden pond

(Image Source)

60. Small pond with stones and pebbles

Small pond with stones and pebbles

(Image Source)

61. Raised pond

A wooden raised pond

(Image Source)

62. Reflection round pool pond

A round pool pond

(Image Source)

63. Stone garden pond

Stone garden pond

(Image Source)

64. Koi water garden brick and wooden pond

Koi water garden brick and wooden pond

(Image Source)

65. DIY miniature pond

DIY miniature pond

(Image Source)

66. Garden pond and deck

Garden pond and wooden deck

(Image Source)

67. Recycled bathtub pond

Recycled bathtub pond

(Image Source)

68. Ultimate koi corner pond

Ultimate koi corner pond

(Image Source)

69. Flagstone

Flagstone nature pond

(Image Source)

70. Mini round-shaped pond within a circular lawn border

Mini round-shaped pond within a circular lawn border


(Image Source)

71. Pond table

A table with mini ponds on each side

(Image Source)

72. Small, double garden pond with waterfall and fountain

Small, double garden pond with waterfall and fountain

(Image Source)

73. Floating pond island

Floating pond island

(Image Source)

74. Elegant and ancient-inspired pond

Elegant and ancient-inspired pond

(Image Source)

75. Pond with large waterfall

A big pond with large waterfall

(Image Source)


Garden ponds have often been seen as dull and boring, but not any longer.

As we’ve seen there’s a wide range of ways to make your garden pond a focal point of your garden, wowing visitors and providing a truly relaxing experience and past time.

We’ll be regularly updating this post, so make sure you bookmark it to ensure you never run out of ideas when planning and creating your new garden pond. Until then, check out our lovely summerhouses via the button below, the perfect place to sit and enjoy your new garden pond from!

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