Large Garden Design Ideas and Landscape Inspirations

If you have a large and long garden, it can be difficult deciding the best way to make the most of your space. So we’ve compiled a list of large garden ideas to help you fill your backyard, from simple planting ideas and vegetable patches to luxurious outdoor seating areas and modern patios.

Let’s go!

1 . Grass and trees

A simple, open garden can be great for family life. Plenty of space for the kids to play and maybe even enough room for a hot tub for the adults!

A simple, open garden filled with greens and trees

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2. Concrete deck and grass

You can build a modern deck outside your house to place some comfy chairs or sofas, so you can relax while keeping an eye on the kids.

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Concrete deck and grass with comfy outdoor seating

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3. Large garden in slope

Add some natural stone steps built into a rockery bed to create a safe way to climb that slope garden!

Large garden in slope with natural stone steps built into a rockery bed

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4. Garden living room

You can watch a movie here or spend an afternoon reading. No matter the use, it’s great to have a small, cosy place in your garden, such as a log cabin, that’s safe from the weather.

A mini log cabin as a garden living room

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5. Amazing multi-level garden

There’s room for everything! You can plant some herbs or flowers, create a patio area with a dining table and a shaded area for relaxing. 

Amazing multi-level garden with some herbs and flowers

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6. Colourful garden bed

Nothing brightens up your garden more than a colourful flower bed. Get creative with the shape to break up a large garden space.

A backyard with a colourful garden bed

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7. Large vegetable garden

If you have the space and the patience, start your own herb or vegetable garden and save yourself some trips to the supermarket. A vegetable garden would also look great at the corner of your small tropical garden.

A large vegetable garden

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8. Modern open garden

If you enjoy sunlight, make the most of it. No pergolas or garden shade; just a symmetrical, open garden with simple trees and plants.

A symmetrical, open garden with simple trees and plants

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9. Deck, grass and shed

A place for sitting and chatting, a place for lying in the sun and a place to keep all your tools safe. It’s all about how you make the most out of the space.

Deck, grass and shed with place for sitting and chatting

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10. Classic benches

A classic addition to your garden, to sit down and relax after a long day.

Classic garden benches to sit down and relax after a long day

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11. White paint and cedar wood

The combination of these two materials and clean lines gives a contemporary look to this garden. The tall trees help provide extra privacy from neighbours.

A combination of white paint and cedar wood in a contemporary garden

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12. Long narrow open garden

Some garden beds and stepping stones are all you need for this setup. Let your side plants grow and keep the grass neat to have a presentable rectangular garden.

Long narrow open garden with some garden beds and stepping stones

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13. Small, low maintenance garden beds

Raised garden beds will bring a new look to your garden. Keep it simple with low-maintenance plants and artificial grass for an easy transformation. 

Small, low maintenance garden beds

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14. Shade and sunlight

With a large garden you can divide the area into different spaces for different uses. You could create seating areas in both the sun and the shade so you’ve always got somewhere to relax.

 A large garden divided into different spaces for different uses

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15. Large garden with seating deck

There’s no better place to sit on a lovely afternoon than this unique circular bench. You can read a good book while keeping an eye on the children playing. 

Large garden with seating deck

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16. Flowers and trees

Or relax under a tree reading your book or playing with your kids. Nothing beats natural shade!

Flowers and trees offering natural garden shade

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17. Slope turned two-level garden

Once a slope in the backyard, with some work, now it’s a classy two-level backyard with a little grass to lay down or for the kids to play on.

Slope turned two-level garden

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18. Modern garden with fireplace

For a luxurious, modern seating area, add an outdoor fireplace to keep you warm in the evenings and some comfortable, stylish chairs. 

19. Modern side pebble decor

It’s all about finding the right materials and lighting to create a modern look in your garden. Simple planting and classic stones create the perfect low-maintenance, contemporary beds. 

Modern side pebble decor and lighting

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20. Rock arrangement

Rocks are a great way to create garden decorations with close to no maintenance.

Rock arrangement as garden decorations

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21. Two decks

Use curved shapes to break up your large garden space and create different areas to enjoy. 

Two decks with curved shapes breaking up the large garden space

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22. Modern black pergola

Use black for your pergola and fencing to add a modern touch to your seating area. Add some hanging lights so you can still sit out in the evenings.

Modern black pergola and fencing

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23. Sunken seating area and bar

A modern design, perfect for gatherings with your friends. 

Sunken seating area and bar in a modern garden setting

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24. Bench and path

Add a winding path to divide up the space and draw your attention around the garden. Place a bench halfway along so you can rest on those hot summer days.

A bench and a winding path dividing the garden space

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25. Modern corner with fire pit

For a modern outdoor lounge, you can’t go wrong with a corner sofa and a stylish fire pit. Add wall lights and a sleek and simple flower bed to finish the look. 

Modern corner with fire pit and stylish corner sofa

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26. Small tea table

For a more traditional style sitting area, take your country kitchen table outside and add some simple chairs and a bench. Pop some cushions on for extra comfort. 

A traditional style sitting area with country kitchen table and simple chairs

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27. Modern raised deck

A sleek staircase helps soften the slope and provides a beautiful raised deck for your outdoor meals.

Modern raised deck with sleek staircase

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28. Table and L-shaped couch

Use raised flower beds and walls to create defined areas in your garden space. This works perfectly in this example, to provide a comfortable seating area to relax and a separate cosy dining space to eat your meals al fresco. 

Raised flower beds and walls created a defined areas in the garden

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29. Enclosed herb garden

If you have plenty of space to fill in your garden, build an enclosed herb or vegetable garden to use in your cooking and save yourself a few trips to the supermarket. 

Enclosed herb garden

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30. Large backyard with small pond

Some stepping stones and a little garden pond with a fountain are great ways to decorate your backyard.

Large backyard with small pond

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31. Path with pergola

This side pergola covers the path so you can get some shade while taking your afternoon walks.

Path with side pergola

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32. Playground in large backyard

If you’re not short of space, bring the fun of the park to your backyard by creating a playground for your children. You could add a trampoline, swing set and wendy house to keep them amused for hours.

Playground in large backyard with a trampoline, swing set and Wendy house

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33. Artificial grass and stepping stones

If a standard lawn is too much work, install artificial grass to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Artificial grass and stepping stones for a low-maintenance garden

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34. Pebbles and lush natives

Keep your garden natural and let it grow as it likes in your flower beds. Keep an area clear for sitting around your fire pit

Pebbles and lush natives keeping the garden natural

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35. Well-kept entrance

Your front yard is the first thing you and your guests see when coming to your house, so it has to be really appealing. Keep your lawns, bushes and trees perfectly manicured to make a great first impression.

Well-kept entrance with manicured lawns, bushes and trees

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36. Comfy seating

When having a large, beautiful garden, maybe all you need is a simple table and comfy chairs to enjoy the space.

A large, beautiful garden, with a simple table and comfy chairs

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37. Modern patio

Use tiles with a satin finish teamed with a sleek wooden bench to create a modern patio area in your garden. 

A satin finish teamed with a sleek wooden bench for a modern patio area

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38. Garden beds and shed

Keep everything organised: your plants in raised garden beds and your tools with a small shed at the back of your garden. You could use tall plants to disguise the shed, as shown here.

Garden beds and shed

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39. White garden batter-sea

Use the same white colour as the fencing and garden beds to paint your shed for a light, modern garden.

White garden battersea for a light, modern garden

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40. Narrow garden with fountain

The soothing sound of running water is a great way to relax. Plus a stone fountain brings added charm to your pebble garden.

Narrow garden with fountain

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41. Curves in square garden

If you have a square garden, use curved shapes in your lawn, patio and even your flower beds to make it feel more open. 

Curved shapes lawn, patio and flower beds

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42. Garden bed with seating

Make the most of your space by building benches into your raised garden beds. 

Garden bed with bench seating

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43. Long garden with round shapes

Round shapes help a long, narrow garden feel wider. The shiny, metal lawn borders give this garden a contemporary look. 

Long garden with round shapes for a wider feel

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44. Vegetable garden

For a more formal garden, add well-kept square beds and symmetrical planting to create a traditional look. 

Formal garden with well-kept square beds for a vegetable garden

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45. Wooden backyard swing

Add a wooden swing into your garden design for a comfortable place to relax and admire your beautiful garden.

A simple garden with a wooden backyard swing

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46. Diagonal garden

Use triangles and right angles to help a narrow garden feel wider. The angled path helps to draw the eye around the garden rather than straight to the back.

Diagonal garden with triangles and right angles

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47. Corner spot and waterfall

Grey is a popular choice for a modern look both inside and outside of the house. The grey sofa, patio and waterfall paired with the white path and cushions give this garden a cosy but contemporary feel. 

Corner spot with waterfall and grey outdoor seating set

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48. Huge rustic deck

A large classic deck works well with a traditional house, and makes a great place for outdoor dinners with your friends or kids. 

Huge rustic deck with a traditional house

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49. Modern pergola and pond

Sit back and relax here every day while looking at the lights in the water. Relaxation guaranteed.

Modern pergola and pond

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50. Moroccan courtyard

Red tones look great in the sunlight and under the moonlight too. Use bold colours for the floor tiles and wall to give your garden a Moroccan feel. 

Moroccan courtyard with bold colours floor tiles

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51. Use a variety of colours and patterns for the plants

Have a look at this large garden. It has a great use of colour and patterns for the flowers, broken up in patches on vibrant colours.

It lines the path perfectly, making your guests, neighbours, and even passerby happy to pass through!

Flowers in a variety of colours and patterns broken up in patches

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52. The beauty of living walls

Living walls are becoming more popular in garden designs, particularly in large gardens. If you want to embrace vertical planting and create drama in your space, this concept is perfect for you!

Vertical planting garden concept living walls

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53. Raised reflective garden pond pool

This rectangular water pond surely will bring light and a sense of space into your massive yard. The rills and raised water features add a dramatic touch, along with the dense areas of planting.

Raised reflective garden pond pool

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54. Trees and sculpted land

Using trees and paving to sculpt your large garden is a simple yet fancy and effective design. This idea can help you create a tranquil spot for relaxation, for children to play, or for a morning run.

It’s one of the best ways to make the most of your courtyard.

Trees and sculpted land in a simple yet elegant looking courtyard

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55. Don’t forget wildlife

Always consider the impact your outdoor space has on wildlife. Owning a large garden means you have the perk of creating bigger bug hotels, huge ponds, to name a few.

This is your chance to create your own wildlife garden!

A large garden with a wildlife-friendly environment

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Large gardens don’t have to be boring, plain spaces with a simple lawn and standard flower beds around the edge. From curved lawns to modern patio areas, hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas to transform your backyard into a multi-functional space to enjoy.

We hope our list of suggestions has inspired you to have a bit of fun with your garden and inject some of your personality to give you a unique space.

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