7 Kid-Friendly Foods To Serve On Your BBQ Party

There is nothing more memorable than gathering your friends and family outside to enjoy a cocktail or two, and savour some tasty barbecue recipes. But with the little ones in tow, you should consider throwing a kid-friendly BBQ party by preparing appropriate food for them.

Make sure that your little ones are enjoying the party while adults are grilling food and sipping wines. Allow them to unwind as they will go back to school soon when the warm season ends.  


The best thing about organising an outdoor party is that you don’t have to think much about the mess. So, here are the snacks you can serve to fill the kids’ little tummies!

  1. S’Mores

It will surely be a kid-friendly BBQ party as grilled food blend in well with the classic taste of s’mores. Prepare some bowls and fill them with chocolates, marshmallows, crackers, and a peanut butter spread.

  1. Sundae Toppings

Let the kids unleash their creativity by garnishing their own ice cream with various toppings! Allot a small table for the fun toppings like chocolate sauce, colourful sprinkles, fresh fruits, chocolate chips, candies and mini marshmallows.

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  1. BBQ Burger

With this crowd-favourite on the grill, it will surely be a kid-friendly BBQ party. Attract the kids to consume a heavy meal with some tasty burgers!

You can also lay the buns, grilled patties, cheese, and toppings on a platter to let kids prepare their own burger. Finger foods like french fries and calamari can be included in the bar as well.

Since you are doing the barbecue with kids around, make sure to rid your party from some crucial grilling mistakes that most people aren’t aware of.

  1. Colourful Fruity Drinks

Keep the kids hydrated with some colourful drinks! Put in some icy fruit cubes in their water to make it look interesting to taste.

You will be able to give them a healthy thirst-quencher as they get active with all the fun summer activities.

  1. Fruity Popsicles

Refresh a hot summer day for the kids with some fruity popsicles for a kid-friendly BBQ party!

Under the scorching heat of the sun, give the little ones some time to cool off and enjoy colourful, frozen lollies. Choose the kids’ favourite flavours, then mix them with the usual popsicle recipe.

  1. Mac ‘n’ Cheese Salad

Kids will always love mac and cheese! Serve this family favourite on your barbecue party to please the little ones’ tummies.

If you want the kids to have something healthy to eat, you can create a mac and cheese recipe with some carrots and broccoli.

  1. Salmon Skewer

Most of the time, it’s hard to make kids eat fish. But, a delicious salmon skewer will surely entice them to delight on a fish treat!

You can also make it a taco dish and add some avocado slices, gem lettuce, fresh salsa, and coriander.


Summer will surely be fun with a well-organised bbq party whether at your own yard or somewhere fancy. Of course, it won’t be complete unless every tummy is full, including the little ones.

So make it a kid-friendly BBQ party by serving these snacks with your delectable barbecue recipes so everyone will have fun! And don’t forget to use the best grill for the occasion!

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