Steel Smoker


  • 2 tiers and 3 hooks to roast food at the same time
  • Ventilation holes on side & adjustable air vent on lid
  • Coal tray with grate at bottom
  • Easy clean compartments come apart for practical cleaning use
  • Side handles makes it easy to carry or move
  • Suitable for use with charcoal, smoking logs & wood chips
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Why buy the BillyOh Arizona BBQ?

Versatile </br>Charcoal Grill
Charcoal Grill

3 different levels to grill, cook and smoke

Control </br>Airflow

Comes with ventilation holes on the side & an adjustable air vent on the lid

Charcoal </br>or Wood
or Wood

Suitable for use with charcoal, smoking logs & wood chips

Side </br>handles

Side handles make easy to carry

What is it made from?

3 in 1

Practical 3 layer chamber for different types of cooking, grilling or roasting.

Temperature gauge

Quickly and easily keep an eye on the cooking temperature of your charcoal grill with the external thermometer.

Steel drum construction

The steel body makes for study charcoal BBQs with a black powder-coated finish for a premium and stylish look.

Hanging section

Hanging section with hooks included in the lid for smoking fish or bacon

Water Bowl

The integrated water tray keeps the temperature at a constant low to perfectly smoke or can be used to steam vegetables.

Air damper flap

The temperature of the Smoker is controlled easily by the air damper flap at the top of the lid and by 2 front located doors.

And much more...

  • Split design
  • Accessible front doors
  • Thermometer
  • Traditional style and use
  • Black finish
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Comprehensive instructions
  • Easy assembly

BillyOh Arizona

Smoking vs Cooking (Direct Heat)

Unlike a traditional barbecue, a charcoal smoker acts as a heat diffuser. Smokers use indirect heat to cook BBQ products whilst lending them a traditional smokey flavour.


This BillyOh BBQ is perfect for cuts of meat as well as fish and even vegetables. Due to the low and slow cooking process, you can have tender meat that falls apart in your hands.


Suitable for use with garden charcoal, smoking logs & wood chips, you can use a combination of wood chunks and wood chips in this smoker grill. Playing around with cured and flavoured pellets and chips can help you find a unique flavour suitable for any dish.


Cooking Temperature

This charcoal grill features adjustable air vents, perfect for slow cooking. Plus, with a built-in thermometer, you can keep an eye on the internal temperature. Simply open or close the vents to give more or less airflow to the grill grates.

You can stay in complete control of your smoking with steady temperatures that let you hone in on those perfect temperatures for smoked meats.

Barbecue Smokers

Here at BillyOh, we offer many types of smokers including offset and barrel models and those with adjustable hand cranks.

Barrel Smokers (Vertical Smoker)

Much better than an ugly drum smoker (UDS) made out of question materials, your premium BillyOh vertical smoker will serve you (and your guests) for a long time to come. 

This pit barrel cooker features an upright cooking chamber with a modular design and functioning tiers for layered cooking. These portable products are a real hit with grillmasters and come at a very affordable price. Complete with increased inches of cooking space on the various shelves and a charcoal grate at the bottom for easy cleaning. Simply remove the charcoal tray to be good as new.


And you can get your BillyOh smoker with fast and free delivery at no extra cost to most of mainland UK. What are you waiting for?

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our products.


Most charcoal smokers aren't the same as charcoal grills. They use indirect smoking to cook food at low temperatures over long periods. However, with a modular BBQ like the BillyOh Arizona, you can get the best of both worlds - smoking and grilling.

Having set a fire at the bottom of your Arizona drum smoker, hot air will rise as smoke to the top of the drum. It will pass over the food on your grill grates and cook it indirectly. Then it will exit via the air vents at the top and suck in the fresh air at the bottom of the drum, creating a convention current.

A modular drum smoker like the BillyOh Arizona is your best bet if you want flexibility at choice at an affordable price. Portable and easy to clean, this BillyOh smoker features durable steel construction and a modular design for smoking and grilling.