Best Indoor Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your Home

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Following our patio lighting ideas, we’ve also prepared a list of indoor lighting ideas for you!

Beautiful furniture and a strategic layout are key ingredients to interior designs. But you know what sets the mood? Lighting.

Lighting is one of the essential elements of a room, as it can impact how everything else looks. A luminaire that transforms a space, both by the look of the lighting fitting and the glow it throws off.

This is why it’s important to plan your lighting design and consider all the sources of light you’ll need. Ahead, we’re spotlighting the best indoor lighting ideas from the web.

Read on and discover these genius designs and visions that are sure to brighten your home in no time!

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Basic Types of Indoor Lighting

Before deciding on the lighting for your home, you need to understand the basics and their characteristics first. Each type is suitable for a particular space in the house.

1. Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting in living spaces acts as the main light source. It blankets the room in soft light while enhancing visibility.

What’s more, it provides a far-reaching illumination effect. Have a look at this ambient lighting on the living room ceiling that brightens up the whole space.

Studio ambient lighting
Image Credit: Flickr, Incase

2. Task lighting

This type of lighting works well in a contrast light setting. It’s perfect for reading, typing or doing something at a close range.

It puts the spotlight on the task at hand, hence the name. A great example of this Black Metal & Wood Desk Lamp. It’s more ideal than a high glare light all around, perfect for working on a laptop or reading.

Black Metal & Wood Desk Lamp
Black Metal & Wood Desk Lamp

3. Accent lighting

Accent lighting channels concentrated light at a focal point, setting the ambience. It offers a theatrical look by illuminating statement pieces and blurring plain areas.

Use one to highlight artwork, shelves, and architectural flourishes in your home interior.

4. Laser lighting

Laser lighting generates light found across a wide array of fitting types. It travels a long narrow beam, so it doesn’t lose brightness and focus over distance.

It’s the perfect home theatre setup for turning it into a sensational immersive experience.

Green laser lights in the darkness
Image Credit: Rawpixel

5. Recessed lighting

A type of lighting that’s contained inside the walls, ceiling, or floors. It’s an interior design way of describing the lights that lay flush into a hollow opening in a ceiling. Further, it’s an unobtrusive, effective way to light your spaces with class.

Indoor recessed light
Image Credit: Flickr, slworking2

6. Foyer lighting

Foyers make the first impressions, and thus it’s important to deck it with warm and welcoming lighting. Options like chandeliers can bathe the space in soft, golden light – creating an inviting look.

Foyer chandelier
Image Credit: Flickr, Nancy Hugo, CKD

7. Track lighting

There’s another way to direct light from your ceiling toward your floors, and that is through track lighting. Track lights are mounted to and stick out from the ceiling.

They point directly downward, making them ideal for illuminating hallways, kitchen countertops, etc.

Track lighting in the living room
Image Credit: Flickr, HandsLive

8. Pendant lighting

A pendant light is a lone light fixture that suspends from the ceiling with one or more bulbs. It’s sometimes called a drop or suspender – have a look at this black indoor lantern for reference. It’s a simpler version of a chandelier – and more affordable!

22cm Black Metal Lantern with Edison Bulb
22cm Black Metal Lantern with Edison Bulb

9. Wall sconces lighting

Wall sconces extend from the wall, illuminating hallways and side tables. Some types don’t require wiring installation, such as plug-in wall sconces.

The design and features of wall scones also suit outdoor settings, such as this wall dwonlighter.

Wall scones lamp in between a wall mirror
Image Credit: Flickr, sk

10. LED lighting

LED lighting is best known as an energy-efficient alternative to standard light bulbs. LEDs are long-lasting, staying lit for thousands of hours. Most importantly, they diffract in all directions and bathe your room in a soft hue.

LED wall light
Image Credit: Pixahive

Go Beyond With These DIYs

DIY lighting projects aren’t all complicated and time-consuming. Some designs are super quick and easy to recreate.

We pulled out some of the best DIY ideas from the web to help you have more options for home improvements.

11. Wine bottle lamp

Grab an empty bottle of wine and a lampshade to match it. And with a bit of wiring task and screwing in the light bulb, you’ve got yourself a lamp!

This is how most DIY bottle lamp shade projects turned out.

DIY wine bottle lamp
Image Credit: Flickr, Becky Stern

12. Rope cage hanging light

Bring graphic shape and organic texture to any room with pendant lighting made from rope. The material offers an industrial loft style and a vintage retro vibe. Recreate a design that involves metal, or stick to a simpler twine pendant scheme.

BillyOh Cage Lantern with Edison Bulb
BillyOh Cage Lantern with Edison Bulb

13. Tripod lamp stand

Tripod lamps are increasingly popular at high-end designer stores, but they tend to be heavy on the budget. But there’s a low-cost option!

If you have an old tripod, consider making a lamp (DIY) out of it. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also add a stunning piece to your home.

14. Made from mason jars

Mason jars are widely used as home decorations, including as lighting fixtures. A DIY approach will look fantastic in your bedroom, working space, living room, or even by the porch. It’s easy and cheap to make but so worth it!

DIY mason jar lamp
Image Credit: Pxhere

15. Boho fringe chandelier

Attach embroidery hoops together using a waxed thread. Tie wax thread all around the top tier to hang the chandelier.

Then, attach the white tassel fringe to the tiers using hot glue. An easy take on the latest boho home decorating trend!

16. Wood wall sconces

In addition to our 70 DIY pallet ideas, a wall sconce made from wood has been added to one of our favourites! With a few pieces of wood and one screw or nail, you can make these sleek wooden sconces for your walls.

17. Corner lamp

The dark corners of your room are where light is most needed. Don’t let the corners of your home look dull; take this DIY corner ceiling light, for instance. All you need are a triangular plywood frame, lamp socket and cord, and clear acrylic.

18. Dollhouse-inspired table lamp

Got an old dollhouse? It’s time to take it out from your storage and breathe new life into it, such as using it as a table lamp.

Use an existing lampshade and use the lovely house as the base. Have a look at this one!

19. Tree branch lamp stand

Simple yet attractive enough to make a statement piece in a living room or any room in your house. It’s perfect to use as a reading lamp, a corner light, or a way to illuminate your bedroom.

DIY tree branch lamp
Image Credit: Flickr, Mifactori | Lars Zimmermann

20. Wood board corner light

Another great DIY wood lighting idea for indoors! Made of wood or pallet boards, you can recreate this design using strip lights. It’s perfect as a corner stand, adding a classic yet modern touch to the space.

21. Globe hanging light

Light up your world with this clever globe pendant light! One can add a playful vintage touch to your space and brightens up any corner.

This  DIY globe light is simple, but it’s more than just removing the globe from the metal stand.

Hanging globe lighting
Image Credit: Flickr, Judith Doyle

22. Vintage camera

If you have an old and broken camera (especially one from a flea market), make a lamp out of it. The idea is to create a lamp out of the camera lens – simple enough. This guide to vintage camera lamp project will help!

23. Cheese grater

Cheese graters make a practical and eclectic lighting fixture. If you have a few new bulbs at home, give them a home with this concept! The project includes wiring a few light fixtures through a board of wood. Once wired, hang the cheese graters as lampshades.

DIY cheese grater pendant lights
Image Credit: Flickr, MollySVH

24. Barn pulley pendant light

It turns out that a barn pulley can be more useful than moving hays. This pulley light fixture proves that you can make a unique sconce out of it for a fraction of the cost. All you need are a vintage pulley, wiring and plugs for the light, a bulb, and some electrical work.

Barn pulley light
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

25. Pepper grinder and salvaged wood

If you look at this lamp, you wouldn’t think it was made from a pepper grinder and salvaged wood. I guess that’s the magic of DIY projects!

The broken pepper grinder acts as the body, and the one that covers the shade is salvaged wood veneer. Place the bulb, and you have a table lamp.

Pepper grinder and salvaged wood table lamp
Image Credit: Flickr, Judith Doyle

Unique Lighting Fixtures Ideas

From pendants and recessed to over-the-top statement lighting pieces, the options are endless! But here are our top picks (you’ll surely going to love them, too).

Note: Include TrueShopping Lights Collection

26. Multi-tiered pendant light

Multi-tiered pendant lights are inherently modern. They’re characterised by having two or more mini pendants attached to a single canopy or frame.

They also offer many styles to fit a variety of interior design schemes, either in a linear row or cluster form.

27. Modern chandelier

Modern chandeliers are known for the state-of-the-art style they originate from. They also focus on creating furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Unlike mid-century styles, their innovative design and minimalism are perfect for modern homes.

Modern pendant chandelier
Image Credit: Flickr, Nenad Stojkovic

28. Paper shade concept

Paper shade pendants are affordable; at the same time, they look elevated and sleek. A simple statement lighting that emits a soft glow, ideal for living rooms, dining areas, and entryways.

Paper-shade like chandelier
Image Credit: Pxhere

29. Origami bird lights

This bird-shaped light is made to look like a folded origami, illuminated from the inside. Designed by Umut Yamac, the sculptural sconce is made from actual synthetic paper.

A lighting fixture like this will look amazing in a minimalist home setup.

30. Iconic sputnik chandelier

Sputnik chandeliers were inspired by the first artificial Earth satellite, the Sputnik 1. The satellite was a polished metal sphere with long radio antennas, hence the design of the chandelier.

This dining room is a great example of how versatile a sputnik chandelier can be!

Sputnik chandelier
Image Credit: Flickr, Nan Palmero

31. 3-headed floor lamps

A three-tiered arc lamp that adds character and provides abundant light sources, setting the tone for the room. The wide windows offer natural lighting, which also helps make the space open.

32. Whimsical approach

A magical addition to your cottage patio ideas UK, this hanging branch fixture looks so dreamy. Offering a whimsical winter scene, it’ll also look charming for summer. Just replace the colour of the ornaments and add more greenery.

33. Woven rattan pendant light

Rattan has been a part of interior home design, especially in Asian countries. Along with wicker and bamboo, they are natural fibre lighting pieces that are both stylish and versatile. 

Take this woven rattan pendant light as an example. Add it to your living room, providing texture and architectural interest to the space.

Round Woven Rattan Pendant Lamp
Round Woven Rattan Pendant Lamp

34. Funky man mini pendant

Cue the Mission Impossible music! The small humanoid lamp design is like a little man climbing – it’s simply cute and playful.

This mini pendant light is truly a quirky find and humorous, which kids and adults alike will love to have!

35. Moon sconce

Opt for a sculptural sconce that doubles as artwork to spice up your living or bedroom room wall. Take this moon sconce, for example. It emboldens a minimalist lighting fixture with added drama and interest.

36. Shell-like drum pendant

The thing we like about drum pendants, particularly these, is they add intrigue to the interior. In a wide living or dining room, illuminate the space by adding multiple pendant lights.

Here, the shell-like drum pendants match the massive seashell decor piece on the table.

37. Artful ceiling fixture

You can have your own mini-exhibit in your living room with this artful ceiling light alone. It creates a focal point with such details that bounce the light to a dazzling effect. It transforms the room into a cosy and devious sanctuary effortlessly.

Fish chandelier
Image Credit: Flickr, Can Pac Swire

38. Bold statement design

Table lamps can be as bold as chandeliers and other lighting fixtures. So choose bold designs with sculptural shapes and interesting textures like these. Add a style statement to your console table even when the light is switched off.

39. The symmetrical approach

The combination of glass and black metal has a look of strength and elegance about it. Offering a rustic yet modern-ish look, these symmetrical pendants result in a well-distributed elegance.

The symmetry approach is a smart trick to use if you want to create smart-looking rooms.

40. Chandelier fan light

This lighting design is also known as a fandelier – both a ceiling fan and a crystal chandelier. With retractable fan blades, the fan and the light can be used separately.

This eye-catching fandelier is a focal point in itself. Even unlit, it still serves its purpose, making the room well-ventilated.

41. Rattan table lamp

Looking for unique-style desk lamp ideas? This Contrast Rattan Table Lamp will surely look great and functional on your bedside table.

A beautiful table lamp made in a rattan like this is a perfect dose of boho-chic style. And the sleek black base helps the modern lamp blend into all kinds of environments.

Contrast Rattan Table Lamp
Contrast Rattan Table Lamp

42. The Papilio wall lamp

This stylish wall lamp features a white glass sphere mounted behind a metal screen.

The design is quite simple, but what makes it eye-catching is the mixture of materials and forms. A must-have fixture on your wall with lots of character and a strong identity!

43. Jewel pendant light

Truly an exquisite and unusual lighting fixture with a distinctive design. The Jewel pendant light features a double-crossed arch and a delicate look overall.

It can be used as a single standalone light source but also in threes, fours, and tens.

44. Drip-drop

This drip-drop style takes wall lamps to the next level! It shows a clean, minimalist and versatile design, with a sleek base ideal for modern settings. Some designs come with a tiny accent table where you can put an ornament with a spotlight on it.

45. Delicate garden flowers with petals

This chandelier is inspired by a delicate flower with petals. A design like this is always appreciated for its appearance and innovative impact. And by looking at this amazing piece, it’s easy to understand why.

Flower petal chandelier display
Image Credit: Design Milk

46. Hanging hook-like light fixtures

Some indoor light designs can double as decorations and even focal points. One example would be this sculptural pendant lighting with three geometric archetypes.

The overall look puts an emphasis on the sinuous, delicate lines and fluid. Its modular lightness and elegance create the perfect balance.

47. Quite futuristic

It’s simple, sleek and quite futuristic with its subtle light effect. The structure is made of aluminium with a lacquered black finish and an LED light source.

Perfect for any angle and integrating it into different contexts and decors.

48. With complicated but appealing details

A chandelier needs to stand out while providing sufficient lighting for the room. Finding a design that does it all with a hint of art on it can be tricky.

But this unit for Linea has everything you need in one chandelier. It’s a statement piece with a striking sculptural design and enough light source.

49. Mytilus pendant

A pendant lighting inspired by the bottom of the sea, with its structure resembling the majestic waves. The spherical light source is veiled by the stainless steel mesh. 

It gives off a very artistic and mysterious aura, which will look amazing in the living rooms.

50. Vintage with a hint of modern minimalism

This simple and elegant design reminds us of vintage glass lanterns with a hint of modern minimalism. The diversity gives this chandelier a balanced and harmonious appearance.

If you want to add interest to your minimalist garden ideas, amaze your guests with this design!

Dome vintage pendant light
Image Credit: Pixnio


Garden lighting helps create the perfect ambience for outdoor living spaces. So does indoor lighting, setting the right mood in living rooms and throughout the house.

And when looking for ways to upgrade your home decor, good indoor lighting ideas should be at the top of your priority list. The suitable luminaire will keep your entertainment space well-lit, stylish, and functional.

For all your indoor lighting needs, browse through BillyOh’s extensive selection! And don’t forget, we have exceptional outdoor lighting solutions too. Don’t miss out on what’s coming up next: Garden Lighting Explained

We hope our guide will help you develop a successful lighting design and brighten your home for the coming year and beyond. Feel free to check the FAQs below to answer more of your questions!

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You can't go wrong with ambient lights on the living room ceiling for brightening the whole space. And to set the mood while reading, a simple bedside lamp or floor lamp will do the trick.


Moreover, spotlights are great for kitchens, while pendant lights down the foyer look amazing in drawing rooms.

There are plenty of ideas for lighting without the need for wiring. You can still change the ambience of your living space with these few lighting fittings:


  • Light bulbs and lampshades
  • Plug-in pendant lights
  • Plug-in wall sconces
  • Wireless LED motion sensor lights

Match your lighting to your home decor, update old light fittings, and light up dark corners. Most importantly, make sure to have a good list of lighting ideas like this to inspire yourself!

There are three basic types of indoor lighting worth considering for your home. And these are ambient or general lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.

Flush mount lighting sits directly against the ceiling and shines light downward. It is particularly useful as overall fitting in smaller rooms.

Most experts agree that the most flattering light comes from those with a colour temperature of 2700 Kelvins, a.k.a. a warm, soft yellow light.

Mood lamps are used to establish a particular mood within a room. They can be used to illuminate certain areas of a room, such as living rooms and bedrooms.

The main reason is that LEDs have a longer lifespan as compared to traditional light bulbs. They're also available in a wide range of colours and designs.


Most importantly, they can easily blend in with any decor home theme.