BBQ Party Checklist: Tools, Accessories, and Essentials

Hosting a BBQ party is a great way to bring your family and friends together. No wonder why it has become a beloved tradition across the UK.

However, it might seem straightforward to host an exciting summer BBQ event; but many things need to be considered before making this gathering possible.

A successful BBQ party requires proper planning and careful groundwork — preparing your BBQ tools, accessories and other equipment are one of them.

Whether you’re grilling for yourself or the whole family, these tools and accessories are essential as they will help you tame the flame.

Starting from the tools and accessories to the essentials, we’ll tell you everything you need to know. Below, is a complete BBQ checklist that ensures a smooth and fun-filled gathering!

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#1 BBQ Apparel

The first thing on the list is wearing the proper clothes in grilling. For instance, wearing long sleeve shirts is not advisable as they might be a fire hazard.

If you don’t like getting burned, a grilling mitt or a potholder when cooking is crucial as well. I mean, you don’t want your bare hands to get blisters, do you? Gloves are also essential, especially if you’re going to be handling lots of raw meat.

If you are having a BBQ party far from home, meanwhile, it is advisable to pack an extra set of clothes. Remember, you can adopt the smell of what you’re grilling for the rest of the day. So it’s better to have an additional shirt or dress to change in.

#2 Supplies & Cooking Equipment


When it comes to cooking, whether you’re using a gas grill or charcoal grill, the right set of tools is vital to ensure safety.

Here are a few of the cooking equipment and utensils you need to consider, especially if you’ll be hosting a BBQ party outdoors and away from home.

Plenty of Fuel or Charcoal Supply

If you want to tame the flames and keep the grilling going, make sure to have extra fuel for a gas grill and extra charcoal for the traditional barbecue.

Long-Handled Spatula

Silicone and metal spatulas are ideal for grilling, especially with fish fillets and other delicate foods that need a swift flip.

Long-Handled Tongs

Tongs with spring-loaded handles are the perfect tool for grilling. This kind of tong can be used with any food from thick steaks and hamburgers to thin asparagus spears.

Long-Handled Basting Brush

This one is an ideal tool for applying sauce later in the process of grilling meat. A basting brush with heat-resistant silicone bristles is recommended.

Long-Handled Stiff-Wire Grill Brush

Your first line of defence for healthy grilling is keeping the rack neat and clean. So, make sure to carry this tool with you to maintain your grill’s grate.

Skewers and Shish Kebabs

Kebabs are perfect for a BBQ party. It is recommended to use wooden skewers as they are inexpensive and easy to find in a nearby grocery store.

Make sure to soak them in the water for 30minutes before using them for grilling. Metal skewers are ideal if you often grill since they can be reused and require no soaking.

Chimney Starter for Charcoal

A chimney starter is perfect for those people who use a charcoal grill and wishes to light the charcoal, briquette, or lump wood quickly.

Meat Thermometer

If you have one, don’t forget to bring a meat thermometer with you. In this way, you’ll achieve perfectly-grilled meat since you can determine if they are cooked through.

Other essentials that deserve to be on your list:

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Flashlight or grill light
  • Paper towels
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Garbage can