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BBQ Covers

Imagine if we were lucky enough to have the perfect barbecue weather every day. Unlimited burgers, hot dogs, skewers, and drinks. We can't think of anything better. Unfortunately, this isn't the case, and for a good part of the year, your barbecue might not be used. However, many of us don't have the space to store our BBQ grill away, such as in a shed or garden building. Therefore, barbecue covers are your barbecue's new best friend.

BillyOh Heavy Duty Weatherproof Anti-UV BBQ Grill Cover

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BillyOh Outdoor Waterproof BBQ Cover

BillyOh Outdoor Waterproof BBQ Cover

BillyOh Deluxe PE Kettle BBQ Cover

BillyOh Deluxe PE Kettle BBQ Cover

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BBQ Covers UK

Premium Barbecue Covers

If you've got a barbecue grill then you'll probably want a cover made from a breathable, weather-resistant fabric at an affordable price. Our BBQ covers are some of our most popular options for barbecue accessories, made from water-resistant fabric that's perfect for withstanding the British winter.

Helping to ensure ultimate protection from harsh weather conditions we offer a variety of barbecue covers designed to suitably fit gas grills, charcoal barbecues, and even smokers or hybrid BBQs. Our covers are even suitable for BBQ Pizza Ovens!

Choose from either a premium bbq cover, deluxe barbecue cover, or an outback cover. And with either a green cover black cover the barbecue can easily blend into the rest of your garden. Not only that, with a barbecue cover you can be sure your charcoal BBQ, gas BBQ, or kettle barbecue will last the colder months.

Some of our barbecue covers are made using a high-quality polyester interior whilst the surface of the barbecue grill cover is surface coated with PVC. Therefore protecting your barbecue from getting scratched or damaged due to unpleasant weather conditions. Adding grill covers to your barbecue will ensure you are ready to go as soon as the sun makes its appreciated appearance. Just don't forget to prepare your BBQ tools too!

Protects Barbecue From Rust

Made from weatherproof material, a durable cover can protect your barbecue from moisture. That's why our covers are such must-have barbecue accessories. Protect your barbecue from condensation as well as a host of other corrosive elements.

We don't just sell barbecue covers at the lowest price, we sell them with the highest quality. Our barbecue covers are made with high-quality materials and coatings to withstand the elements and securely remain in place to protect your barbecue from rust and damage.

Waterproof materials and coatings will protect your barbecue from rain and other weather preventing the build up of rust. Our weatherproof products are designed to last for years helping to guarantee your BillyOh barbecue lasts for season after season of good times.

A Grill Cover Prevents Harmful UV Rays

You don't need to just protect your barbecue against weather elements, either. Sun protection is vital, so a cover made from UV-resistant material is essential.

The blazing sun can cause your grill's appearance to fade prematurely due to UV rays. This is the biggest reason why a grill cover is important even in dry weather. But, all of these grill covers are designed to provide thorough coverage and block UV radiation to protect your grill's appearance from premature fading.

Protection - Keeps Dust and Insects Out

If you're bought a quality barbecue from BillyOh or elsewhere then you'll want to protect your barbecue from bugs and dirt.

Nothing worse than starting a game day grilling or a family summer barbecue in the backyard than finding your grill coated in dust or bugs nesting inside. With a well-fitted barbecue cover, this isn't a worry. These covers are designed to fit tightly and keep the bad stuff out. If you need a hand keeping your BBQ in great shape with something other than a cover, take a look at our BBQ accessories.