Ground Lights

Looking for something to light up your outdoor space? Well, look no further, because ground lights are the ideal solution. Ideal to place alongside paths or garden boundaries, especially when they're pointing up against walls or fences, these outdoor garden lights are built specifically to live close to the ground.

Choose a quality product from our selection of ground lights below, and transform your garden with new and interesting lighting arrangements. Shop our range below!

Biard Foley Outdoor Stainless Steel Bollard Light

Biard Foley Outdoor Stainless Steel Bollard Light

£24.25 £39 SAVE UP TO £14.75
Biard Garden Spike Light

Biard Garden Spike Light

from £23.19 £34 SAVE UP TO £10.81

Biard Le Mans IP44 Brushed Steel Spike Light


BillyOh IP44 Stainless Steel Spike Light

*Subject to delivery postcode

Ground Lights UK

Our outdoor lighting range has a selection of products, including some great ground lights that can transform how your garden looks! For more information about how you can create a whole new look for your garden with some ground lights, keep reading.

Exterior Lighting

We have an array of light products available here at BillyOh - and our ground lights are some of the best in show! Garden ground lights, such as strip lights or marker lights, can give your garden a whole new look depending on how and where you install lighting. All you need is a creative idea and some BillyOh lights to make it come to life!

Outdoor Ground Lights

We have a wide selection of garden floor lights for you to choose from. But picking ground lighting is all about choosing products that make your ideas come to life.

Add accent lighting with spike lights, or light up a pathway with some contemporary recessed ground lights. If you've got a water feature, then bollard pond lights can make it stand out. Whatever you want to achieve, you'll find a BillyOh light to make it a reality.

Stainless Steel Design

We make our outdoor light products out of stainless steel as it provides the lights with excellent weather resistance and durability. With stainless steel BillyOh lighting, you know that you can rely on your lighting all year round, whatever the weather.

Decorative Outdoor Lights

Installing ground lights is one of the best ways to decorate your garden space. Add some ambience to your social spot with some decking lights or patio floor lights, or give yourself something to look at with colourful ground lights dotted around the perimeter.

LED Lights

Our ground lights use LED bulbs so that they have maximum energy efficiency while still providing great illumination. For an LED ground light that's effective but doesn't break the bank, pick from the BillyOh range - which also includes garden solar lights, for a completely energy-efficient light offering.

Ground Light Installation

Once you've got the garden lights your garden needs, you'll need to consider how you'll install them. Certain grounds lights, such as spike lights, have a required installation depth and may need to be connected to your mains electricity. With products such as recessed ground lights, you may need to have these installed into paving stones or grass with the help of a professional.

Outdoor Lighting Products

Change up your garden with some of our other amazing outdoor lights! Provide perfect ambient lighting with our wall lights, light up a path with our driveway lights, or ensure security with bulkhead floodlights. Whatever your garden needs, we have it!