Garden Seating Ideas (Ultimate List With Pictures)

As you’re sitting in your backyard, watching the sunset with a glass of wine, ask yourself – how comfortable is your outdoor seat? Is it an old metal or plastic chair that’s been out there for years?

If so, have you ever thought about getting new garden seating to make this experience even better and more enjoyable? Well, luckily, we’ve got some great ideas for you!

In the following blog post, we’ll cover different garden seating options that can be used year-round: wooden benches, chairs with cushions and more.

And by the end, you’ll know exactly what seating will look great in your garden.


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Let’s dive in.

1. The lounge outdoors

Why not bring the lounge outdoors? Outside living is exactly that, living outdoors. So why not indulge in total comfort.

BillyOh Seville 8-seater rattan sofa

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2. Warmth and dinner

BillyOh Capri corner rattan sofa

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3. Patio peace

Make any patio area peaceful with a lightweight set that maximises comfort with great cushions.

4. Wooden bench and pergola

Grab yourself a seat with some shade with a bench and pergola combo! Add some climbing plants to up the wow factor. 

5. Comfy pergola with grill

Settle in for an evening in the garden with some comfy seating under your pergola, and fire up the grill for a BBQ feast!

 comfy pergola with a grill

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6. Sofa & armchairs in garden

Take the comfort of indoors outside with you this summer so you can fully relax on a sofa and chairs. 

sofa in small backyard

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7. Sofa small backyard

Perfect for lounging in your garden on those hot summer days. You could even grab a snooze!

sofa small backyard

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8. Black pergola

Go for black to give your pergola a modern twist! 

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9. Simple wooden bench

Perfect for a more natural-looking seating area. 

simple wooden corner bench

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10. Wood & white

A great natural bench with classic white cushions gives a serene seating area. 

wood and white themed decking patio

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11. Modern simple bench

Clean lines create a sleek seating area to relax in.

modern simply bench

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12. Cosy corner with fence

Create a cosy seating area with fencing and tall trees for shade. Add some cushions for comfort!

cosy corner with fence

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13. Cosy hut

Get a roof over your head so you can sit out whatever the weather! Add some lights to make it feel super cosy.

cosy hut

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14. Simple bench with fire pit

Keep it simple with your seating and let the fire pit be the star of the show. 

simple bench with fire pit

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15. Deep fire pit

A deep fire pit with built-in seating makes the perfect cozy outdoor area for the evening. 

deep fire pit

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16. Cubes

Cube stools bring a modern twist to campfire seating.

cubes around a fire pit

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17. Logs

Log benches create a more traditional campfire experience. Have your ghost stories ready!

log benches around a fire pit

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18. Grey deck

Grey has grown in popularity in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why! A grey decked area would be a sleek addition to any garden.

grey deck

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19. Face to face couches

Keep your seating area sociable with face to face comfy couches.

sofas facing each other

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20. Black & white modern

Monochrome accessories give a modern vibe to any seating area. 

black and white modern outdoor design

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21. Fulham modern

Built-in seating with smooth lines brings an ultra-modern feel to any garden.

fulham modern outdoor seating style

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22. Garden deck

Spruce up your seated deck with a few plants and add some garden-themed cushions to bring it to life. 

garden deck and sofa

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23. Sunken lounge

Add definition and luxury to your seating area with a sunken lounge. 

sunken lounge

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24. Simple stone

Keep it simple and inexpensive with a stone bench like this one. 

simple stacked stone bench with flowers

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25. Simple wood

Wooden sleepers make a relaxed seating area that fits right into the garden. 

simple wooden outdoor patio style

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26. Small white corner

Make use of every inch of your garden by creating a seating area in the corner. The clean, white walls will make it feel more spacious. 

(Image Credit)

27. Small bench

This small bench built into a planter would make a great spot for your morning coffee.  

small bench built into a planter

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28. Rustic wood

Using natural, aged wood for your seating really helps it blend in with the garden. 

rustic wood stacked to make benches

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29. The sanctuary

Relax into a peaceful haven of tranquillity with comfy sofas, cosy blankets and a mesmerising fire pit. 

garden seating sanctuary

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30. Curved seating area

Enjoy a unique, curved seating area that’s perfect for sitting around a fire or fire pit. 

curved seating area with gravel circle and fire pit

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31. Lights & sofas

Twinkly lights bring a touch of magic to any outdoor seating area. Coupling them up with comfy sofas means you can sit out into the night. 

sofas under pergola with fairy lights

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32. Modern corner

Add wall lighting and sleek planting beds to give your corner seating area a cool, modern vibe. 

modern corner sofa with stone centrepiece

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33. Beach inspired pergola

If you love the seaside, why not bring it home with a beach-inspired pergola. With driftwood-like seating and a stone fire pit, all you’re missing is the waves!

beach pergola

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34. Picnic corner

When the weather’s good, take your dining outside with a super cute picnic corner. 

picnic corner table in garden

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35. White & purple

Add a pop of colour to your seating area with your accessories, then it’s easy to change it up.

white and purple bench with flower pots on it

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36. Backyard fire pit

Provide your guests with warmth and ambience throughout the year with a fire pit. 

BillyOh Oakland Firepit

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37. Cinder blocks

If you’re looking for an alternative to the usual garden bench, get creative with cinder blocks!

cinder block garden bench

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38. Tucked-away garden dining area

This garden living area is eye-catching, indeed! The inviting outdoor dining space is set against the back wall of a lush garden.

Tucked-away outdoor dining space set against at the back wall of a lush garden

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39. Refined rooftop hangout area

Trellis and fireplace for the rooftop terrace can create a stunning urban oasis. Paired with rattan furniture sets and landscaping, you’ll have the best relaxing spot for get-togethers.

Refined rooftop hangout area with trellis and fireplaces

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40. Cottage designed with terracotta furnishings

This covered patio is furnished with terracotta fixtures, such as pendant lights, a dining table, and antique benches. The table is topped with a ceramic bowl and vase, adding charm to the setting.

Covered cottage designed with terracotta furnishings

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With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start.  Luckily for you, we have a range of garden seating ideas that will suit any style or budget! 

Just browse our collections now via the button below – make your backyard dreams come true today!

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