Beach Garden Ideas: How To Make a Coastal Garden

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Guess what? You don’t have to live near the seashore to inject nautical-inspired themes into your yard. A garden shed can give you that nautical lounge area.

Plus, beach landscape ideas can work well in urban and rural places. So, even if you don’t reside near the coast, no one’s stopping you from decorating your space with nautical decors.

Rattan garden furniture, paired with salt-tolerant plants, is one of our favourite combos for coastal-themed outdoor. But we have more beach garden ideas to share with you in this post.

Check out these fascinating designs and get ready to have a backyard that bespeaks the ocean!

1. Surfboard garden sign

Surfboards are one of the essential items that a beach garden theme must-have. A welcome sign like these can already add a touch of the coast to your humble backyard.

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What a smart way to welcome your fellow ocean and surf-lovers friends into your outdoor space!

Surfboards garden signs

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2. Or go for a surfboard backyard fence

If you have old surfboards in your shed (or know someone who has), for the love of the ocean, don’t throw them away. Give them a second life as fences in your garden.

Lined surfboards as a garden fence

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3. Garden gate with ship’s chain

These wooden posts decorated with rusty ship chains are an excellent garden gate idea for your beach-themed driveway. This nautical decor goes hand-in-hand, evoking the zest of the ocean.

Wooden garden fence with rusty chain

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4. Nautical lounge area

An uninspired corner space of this garden is transformed into a cosy and fun beach patio. A beach sign and ship wheel are hung on the wall, and the DIY benches and cushions come in hues of blue and are constructed from an old cable drum.

The brick wall on the side adds warmth, perfectly blending in with the light grey wall.

Nautical inspired garden lounge area

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5. Boat garden pond

An old boat may not be ideal for island hopping use, but it can fill in the job well as a garden pond. Lay boards across the front and back of the boat to create a simple seating area.

Top tip: Place cinder blocks under both ends of the pallet if you want to have a “boat dock”.

DIY boat garden pond

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6. Beach pebble landscape

This pebble garden design idea gives off the look of a shingle beach. It’s ideal for front yards and landscaped areas with pebbles or small to medium-sized cobbles.

Beach pebble garden landscape

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7. Give palm trees a spot in your yard

The sight of palm trees can make us think of a beach landscape. You don’t have to go for the gigantic ones; some are small enough to make good container plants.

Use the trees as a source of shade and place them near your beach sun loungers.

Palm trees near garden sun loungers as a source of shade

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8. Fish mailbox

Let your mail and letters get swallowed by this big fish. Adding interest to a simple yard space, this fish mailbox provides a great piece for seashore landscaping.

This will surely catch the attention of your neighbours!

Big fix front yard mailbox

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9. Add your own lighthouse

It could be as big as the actual lighthouse you see on the offshore or create a miniature that can fit in your small garden. If you’re going for the first one, we recommend putting it near your swimming pool or a large water feature.

But if it’s the latter, it would make a great decoration for small garden ponds.

Garden with a lighthouse, large pond and boat

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10. Make use of old boats as fixtures

In addition to water ponds, boats also make an excellent garden sofa. Take a look at this DIY project; it brings a much-needed freshness and modern feel to the patio.

Old boat used as a garden seating area

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11. Ship anchor on a flower or pebble bed

An anchor alone already gives the impression of the sea. Use your flowerbed as the seabed and drag the ship anchor at the centre.

Pick something that has a damaged, rusty look and a large one, if possible. This can create a focal point for your washed ashore garden.

Rusty ship anchor on a flower or pebble bed

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12. DIY pirate ship playground with sandpit

Your children will definitely jump for joy when they see this dazzling pirate ship playground in your backyard! Surround the ship with sandpit and small pebbles to make it look like the pirate has left it on the shore.

DIY pirate ship playground with sandpit

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13. Seashell mailbox for an added charm

Admit it; you used to collect seashells when you were a kid. Check your treasure box and see if the scallop shells are still there.

If yes, then it’s time to take them out and make use of them. A great project you start doing this weekend with the kids is this seashell mailbox.

DIY seashell mailbox

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14. Urban seaside garden theme

The owner of this simple seaside backyard created a raised platform deck where a small beach hut is placed. Add striped folding chairs on the side so you can enjoy the view of your garden.

The ground level is filled with pebble stones, and there’s a built-in fire pit too for a chilly night hangout.

Urban seaside garden theme

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15. Coastal landscaping with white river rocks

Ideal for small and corner garden ideas, this low maintenance coastal-inspired landscape features a white river rock. There are plantings around the fence for a clean look in the backyard. Plus, cleaned pavers in preparation for sealing.

Coastal landscaping with white river rocks

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16. Yard hammock beach style

Besides surfing boards, hammocks are a staple when going to the beach. Having one in your garden, attached around the two tree trunks or a pergola, will give you a beach-vibe relaxing spot.

Yard hammock beach style

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17. Beach mural garden wall or fence

One of the easiest ways to achieve a coastal garden theme is to paint your fence or bare wall like a beach! Have a look at this nautical-inspired mural on a wooden fence.

This concept would look amazing if you have a pool or an outdoor hot tub installed in your yard while surrounded by a fence like this.

Beach mural garden wooden fence

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18. Add a lifeguard tower

Lifeguard towers are commonly found on recreational beaches and public swimming pools. But you can also have one in your garden!

If you have a pool, set up a lifeguard chair and add a parasol for shade.

Garden pool lifeguard tower

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19. Beach bonfire experience

Create a beach bonfire experience in your backyard with a fire pit on a designated patch of sand. The owner of this garden separated the lawn from the white sand by creating a circular border.

Garden beach bonfire experience

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20. Go fancy with beach entry pool concept

Zero-entry is one of the features that you can spend on creating a backyard swimming oasis. The open space that leads to the pool resembles a sand beach, creating a tropical vibe in the area.

Add a wood plank bridge and complemented by palm trees and a vast number of green plants around.

Beach entry pool concept

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21. Turn your shed into seaside escapade

Garden sheds can be more than just tool storage; they can become seaside escapades, too! You can turn your ordinary outbuilding into a nautical-inspired space.

Paint it white and use plenty of deck chair striped fabric to conjure up a seaside scheme.

Shed seaside escapade

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22. Take a cue from the coasts

The raised redwood deck and hot tub on this lower paved patio evoke a nearby coastal green feeling. There are strings of bistro lights that emit a soft glow, like starlight, above the tub.

Nearby coastal garden theme

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23. Cobble-embellished wall for outdoor shower

The design of this outdoor shower gives off a luxury public shower. The wall is embellished with cobblestones on the north side edges of the shower.

A laurel hedge and wooden garden gate provide privacy.

Cobble-embellished wall outdoor shower

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24. DIY beach cobble fire pit

This do-it-yourself fire pit project deserves a spot in your top favourite DIY list! The buff-coloured Mexican beach cobbles and boulders are set in mortar.

White sand topped with pieces of shells fills the gas-fed fire pit. The overall appearance brings the beach to the garden.

DIY beach cobble fire pit

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25. Corner garden turned into a white sand area

Ideal for small backyards, the unused corner of your garden can be turned into a sandy retreat like this one! This idea is perfect if you love going to the beach but can’t find the time for regular visits.

Add decomposed granite, sand, driftwood, and grassy plants to complete the seaside look.

Corner garden sandy retreat

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26. Skip the lawn

The garden lawn and the seaside don’t go well together. Take a break from using your lawnmower; instead, lay down gravel or decking. Seashell mulch is also ideal as a pathway.

Pebbled patio for nautical touch

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27. Stick to a white exterior

For a pleasing-to-the-eyes seaside garden, paint the exterior white. This helps disguise the boundary marked by fencing. At the same time, make the distinctive nautical elements stand out.

White garden exterior

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28. The seaside raised beds

Raised beds, edged with weathered wood, are very seaside-ish. If you are near the beach, this is one of the practical ways to grow flowers or start a veggie garden.

Seaside raised garden beds

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29. Or opt for container gardening

Container garden ideas are so versatile that even a beach-themed yard can benefit from them. Add vertical shelving units or an old boat to display the pots.

You can use recycled pots of all kinds – or paint your terracotta with sea creatures for added interest.

Container gardens with seashell decor

(Image Credit)

30. Seascape landscaping with succulents

Succulents make good beach garden plants. They’re everywhere at the moment and work well in a seaside backyard context.

Other low maintenance plants have a nautical feel. For one, they don’t need much watering and are resistant to wind.

Seascape landscaping with succulents

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31. Adirondack chairs as the focal point

If there’s one garden piece of furniture that can bring the totalness of a beach garden vibe, that’d be Adirondack chairs. They’re resistant to wind, water, and rust and can stay outside all year-round.

Have a look at this Newby Adirondack chair, featuring ergonomic comfort.

Newby Adirondack Armchair Lounger with Slide away Leg Rest
Newby Adirondack Armchair Lounger with Slide away Leg Rest

32. Paint the furniture in bright colours

Seaside garden colours include all the shades of sea, sky or sand. But bright colours also have nautical cred, too. As for the decking, think of stripes or cheery checks, or simply a weathered one.

Adirondack chairs in bright colours

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33. Fit in a bistro set

Bistro sets help elevate a backyard, regardless of the size. If your outdoor space is limited, a bistro set will do.

These furniture pieces are enough to give your humble beach-inspired patio more functionality. Paint them in blue to blend into the theme.

Bistro set in the shade of blue

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34. Add a sculpture

The addition of sculptures in gardens makes a big difference. One can become the focal point or the centrepiece or add drama instantly. Take this massive dolphin sculpture, for example.

Dolphin sculpture for gardens

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35. DIY seashell stepping stones

The time has come for you to use up all the shells you’ve collected from the beach! The good thing about this DIY project is it’s super easy to make. You can do it with a non-stick cake pan.

DIY seashell stepping stones

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36. Beach zen feature

Create a zen feature in the corner of your beach garden. Build a rock pool and a dock-Esque decked area. Fill the area with a range of textural native plants, boulders, and a pond.

Beach Zen feature

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37. Use buoys as decors

The sturdy construction of buoys can be transformed into all sorts of useful things. Garden planters, for instance. This porch is decorated with buoys, not only in the form of planters but also on the fence and around as decor pieces.

Buoys decors for gardens

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38. Relax under a pergola

Summer in Greece sounds like a good plan. But here’s a secret: you can enjoy the experience in the comfort of your garden or patio! Take a cue from this thatched pergola with a ‘less is more approach’ exterior.

Thatched pergola for coastal gardens

(Image Credit)

39. Clam fountain

If you’re thinking of adding a water feature idea, consider this clam fountain to match the beach vibe. Giant clam shells are especially ideal as a vessel for your fountain. You can also get faux ones and have them custom made by professionals.

Clam-designed fountain

(Image Credit)

40. Alternatively, as garden markers

Seashell garden markers are a simple way to add a touch of nautical vibe to your backyard plot. Take inspiration from this herb garden that can surely fit in with our beachy style!

Use ones that are fairly smooth on the inside, and for variety, add some oyster shells into the mix.

Seashell garden markers

(Image Credit)

41. Extend the white sand

Here, the white sand is extended throughout the garden, making the space kid-friendly. The bridge over the rocks let children walk across. Near the soft sand are a boat and life jackets, instead of a usual playhouse.

White sand for gardens

(Image Credit)

42. No fancy landscape

The idea is to stick to simple planting and landscaping schemes. In this beach backyard, the owner used branches for the fencing and white sand instead of a lawn. As for the plants, they opted for ornamental grasses, such as Festuca.

By the sea garden landscape ideas

(Image Credit)

43. Make a bridge instead of paths

A path that leads to a garden room always makes an impression. If you’re considering adding one to your beach escape, go for a path-like bridge like this. Use ropes as handles to usher your guests to your patio retreat.

Bridge instead of a garden path

(Image Credit)

44. Stacked stones

Stacked stones add a wonderful sculptural element to any garden setting. But since stones and pebbles are a close friend of the sea, they also make a fantastic feature for a beach garden.

Stacked stones garden decor ideas

(Image Credit)

45. Surfboard shower

Thinking of adding an outdoor shower near your pool house? This surfboard shower is ready to add that wow factor to your backyard oasis! The incredible outdoor shower design fits both modern and minimalist garden settings.

Surfboard shower

(Image Credit)

46. Alfresco in the sand

This isn’t your ordinary alfresco dining. The white sand is soft and comfy, and you can enjoy a delicious meal while sitting on it or with just a cushion. To set up your alfresco dining, take a cue from this bohemian beach picnic experience.

Alfresco dining on sand

(Image Credit)

47. Boat potting bench

Got an old boat and didn’t know what to do with it? How about re-purposing it into a potting bench? We’re talking about this one! Not only does it look creatively amazing, but the added storage is also a huge plus!

Boat potting bench

(Image Credit)

48. Fishnet wall accent

This fishnet wall decor with various sea displays makes a really nice coastal living accent. A perfect way to show off your seashell collection, vintage anchor, or wooden fishes. It’s also a nice way to decorate the wall without smearing it.

Fish net wall accent

(Image Credit)

49. Treasure chest storage

Build the perfect outdoor toy storage for your kids! This DIY treasure chest box is big enough to store their toys. Place it near their playhouse so they could role-play as pirates, protecting the treasure.

Treasure box storage

(Image Credit)

50. Chic boat corner

Don’t let the corner of your beach garden be dull while everything blends with the theme. Make use of the space, even if it’s small. A mini drinking station like this vintage boat corner, for instance.

Chic boat corner

(Image Credit)


Who doesn’t want an oasis in their own backyard? No wonder why the beach garden theme is being hyped up by many homeowners, particularly those nautical enthusiasts.

If you’re one of them, we hope our treasured design inspirations will help you find what you’re looking for. From furniture, DIY projects to planters, lighting – the list goes on.

Let us know below your favourites from the list!

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A coastal landscape is a section of coastline with a range of coastal features. There are some erosional and depositional elements, too.

Coasts have many different features, from beaches and mudflats to caves and cliffs. When it comes to coastal garden landscapes, anything that'll remind you of waves and the sea, in general, is a potential feature.

Plant into gravel or stone. Plants on a beach grow directly out of the sand. Scatter the plants through the garden rather than having beds. This will create a seaside garden feel.

There are so many ways to bring the touch of the sea to your garden. Other than the seaside-ish landscape, decorate the space with items you'll often find on the shore or under the sea.


Refer to our list of beach garden ideas for design inspiration!