Log Cabin Interior Design for an Ultimate Cabin Retreat

Besides garden sheds, there’s something about the log cabin aesthetic that many UK homeowners love.

For one, the environment with earthy tones and textures, paired with a crisp crackling fire, makes it an ideal setting to stay close to nature and enjoy the rustic ambience.

If you own a cabin in your backyard, there are countless ways to transform it into your own private retreat. And we’re here to help you figure them out!

Below are our top favourite log cabin decor ideas, from the interior, to fixtures to garden room ideas. These inspirations will give you a place to escape in harmony, far away from the hustle and bustle.

Let’s get into the list!

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1. Add warm furnishings

When decorating your cabin, go for furnishings that offer warmth and comfort to complement the space. At the same time, it helps to balance the rustic surroundings.

A low-cost heating alternative like a small electric fireplace is a great piece to add value to your log cabin.

Cabin retreat fireplace
Image Credit: Flickr, Virginia State Parks

2. Consider natural materials for rustic design

Decorations made from wood, stone, cotton or wool are your best bet when designing your cabin. Add a modern resting armchair like this and place it near the window to add a cosy impression to your space.

Log cabin interior with natural materials
Image Credit: Flickr, Bureau of Land Management Alaska

3. Statement lighting fixtures

Not only does a good lighting fixture enhance the aesthetic appeal, but also sets the mood and ambience of the space. Make sure to have a good source of light in your cabin, such as globe lights, a table lamp or a even a grand chandelier.

Log cabin kitchen and dining area with chandelier
Image Credit: Pxhere

4. Utilise pale woods throughout the room

Adding too much colour or detail can be overwhelming; utilising pale woods, such as pinewood, is a great option. This type of timber adds a bit of contrast that can be useful to highlight any part of the cabin.

5. Log interior walls

When you walk through your front door, what do you want to see? The planning process can be just as involved as it is for the home’s exterior when it comes to your cabin walls.

You can opt for walls with faux finishing, tongue-and-groove panels, or even a mixture of exposed wood and concrete or stone.

Cabin with log walls interior
Image Credit: Flickr, Virginia State Parks

6. The power of greenery

Bringing plants in your log cabin is a great way to soften the overall wooden structure. They can help purify the air, while flowers can add a feminine touch, especially if your log home has a more masculine interior.

Green leaf plant lot
Image Credit: Pexels

7. Choose modern and sleek furniture

Modern and sleek furnishings are perfect for adding a contemporary vibe to your log cabin. Take a cue from this black leather sofa; it instantly adds a modern and classy vibe to the space.

Modern living room design
Image Credit: Pexels

8. Drapes or blinds for the windows

Typically, log cabin owners leave their windows uncovered. But if you want to consider adding blinds (opt for neutral, light or textured fabric for drapes), to create a cosy and private atmosphere.

Log cabin windows with sheer curtains
Image Credit: Rawpixel

9. All in one backyard retreat

Whether you have a big or small log cabin, you can turn it into a quick backyard retreat! Have a look at this tiny cabin space that was transformed into a comfy area complete with a living room, home office, and reading nook.

Cabin corner workspace with TV and reading nook
Image Credit: Pexels

10. Man cave cabin

Most gentlemen find peace when they spend their time in their place, a.k.a. in the man cave. Even a small garden building like this can be converted into a cool man cave or she-shed.

Man cave office cabin
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

11. Get into the holiday spirit

Many enjoy spending Christmas in log cabin retreats, but if you have one in your yard, you can make your own holiday escape. Add a Christmas tree and ornaments, lively cushions and blankets in red and green colour.

Don’t forget to add your source of heat and a cup of hot cocoa!

Christmas presents and lantern candle
Image Credit: Pexels

12. The hobbit fairy tale

This tiny cabin will remind you of the hobbit-holes from the Shire, giving you a taste of Middle Earth. The majority of the woods were hand sculpted to achieve that unique texture.

If you’re a fan of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings, we thought this cabin design would be worth a try!

The Hobbit-inspired window with curtains
Image Credit: Flickr, Jeff

13. Pub in the log house

Thinking about building a garden bar? Grab a beer and get inspired with this simple bar shed design.

The owner of this humble pub added a small round dining table set, perfect for hosting little get-togethers.

Pub loh house
Image Credit: Flickr, Mike Rohde

14. Go for a 19th century style

This 19-century log cabin features charming and fresh interiors, despite their storied past. A classic church pew was repurposed, with cushions for added comfort; the individual vintage chairs offer extra seating.

15. Antler whitetail chandelier

This cabin-style chandelier will surely add that majestic look you’ve been dreaming of! Featuring antlers made with reproductions of whitetail deer, it’s a must-have fixture in every log cabin – see if you can find an imitation, animal-friendly replicate.

Antler white chandelier
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

16. Diamond plate spiral staircase

This concept is perfect if you have a log cabin on the second floor. The interior spiral staircase is a raised diamond pattern tread with a round aluminium handrail, which is powder-coated in black.

17. Outdoor hot tub experience

For many, no log cabin retreat is complete with a hot tub with a breathtaking view. It could be the view of the forest, nature, or perhaps your own garden!

An outdoor hot tub setup is a great way to add instant luxury to your backyard.

18. Log cabin kitchen

Not all cabin kitchens are traditional; some, like this one, call for a more modern design. The designer of this space used a concrete wall to separate the kitchen from the living room.

19. Tree trunk bunk beds

If you use your log cabin as a guest house, lucky for you, we have a bedroom idea that you and your visitors will surely be going to admire. This customised bunk bed is made with tree trunks, from the bed frames, slats, and even stairs.

What a perfect way to save and utilise the space!

20. The ultimate lounge area

Everything in this space brings the ‘best of the best’ of the log cabin. From the ceiling patterns, unique lighting fixtures, vintage furniture setup, the carpet – literally everything! You might want to give this concept a try.

Classic cabin lounge area with vintage furniture
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons


There you have it! Indeed, there are so many ways you can decorate a log cabin, achieving that rustic modern style.

Consider any of these decorating ideas for log homes to get you started. We hope this list of interior decor and interior inspirations will help you achieve the rustic look you’ve always wanted for your cabin!

Want to make a change from the classic style log cabin to a more modern version? Or do you simply wish to purchase that long-dreamed-of living space for your backyard? 

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