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Inflatable Hot Tubs

Installing an inflatable hot tub in your garden allows you to enjoy your outdoor space all year round! Have friends over for hot tub garden parties or enjoy a quiet and revitalising dip after a hard day at work.

At BillyOh, we offer spa pools ranging from hosting 2-4 people to 4-6 people. These inflatable hot tubs are sturdy, stylish, and durable - so you can simply sit back and relax.

BillyOh Respiro Round Inflatable Hot Tub with Jets 2-4 People


BillyOh Respiro Inflatable Hot Tub with Jets 4-6 People

*Subject to delivery postcode


How do you maintain your pool water?

The most important steps to keeping your inflatable hot tub water clean are regularly adding chlorine, using a clarifier, and emptying the water consistently. It can also be beneficial to shower before entering the hot tub to ensure you're not accidentally carrying dirt into the pool.

How do I get the hot tub into my garden?

As our hot tubs are inflatable, it's simple! Just carry them through to your garden while deflated to inflate in place. This also means that if you want to transport it, you don't need to struggle with disassembling it - instead, deflate it for ease of transportation. You can do this as many times as you'd like without finding it tedious and exhausting.

Can inflatable hot tubs be used in the winter?

Yes! As you can adjust the temperature to be weather appropriate, you can sit comfortably in your pool in most weather. It might take a bit longer to heat the water, but it will undoubtedly be worth it once you're unwinding in your tub.

How much space will you need for an inflatable hot tub?

Our 2-4 person hot tub has an external diameter of 1.65m, whereas our 4-6 person hot tub's diameter is 1.8m. If you're short of space, you can bring your inflatable hot tub in and out of storage for occasions to ensure it is not constantly taking up precious garden space.

Can you put an inflatable hot tub outside?

Yes, you can use inflatable hot tubs outside - they're designed for outdoor use. It's a good idea to use a protective cover over the hot tub when you're not using it, as, if you don't, sudden winds can blow leaves into your spa pool.

Can you leave an inflatable hot tub out in the rain?

You can leave your spa pool outside during light rain as all of the elements of the tub are waterproof. But, if you're expecting particularly heavy rain or a storm, it's a good idea to move it inside to protect the material against damage.

What temperatures can our hot tubs reach?

Our hot tubs can reach temperatures of up to 42? or 108?, keeping you toasty when relaxing in your pool year-round.

Do your hot tubs include pumps?

Yes! All of our hot tubs come with Bluetooth pumps included - making inflating your spa pool quick and easy.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

Our inflatable hot tubs are designed to look great in any garden, no matter the shape or size. If you want to try out the stress-free spa pool life without committing to installing a permanent hot tub - an inflatable model is ideal for you! Dip your toes in the world of garden hot tubs.

A Spa Pool Experience

When buying an inflatable hot tub, you still expect the same pizazz as a traditional tub. And, our spa pools deliver just this!

Bubbles and water jets

All of our hot tub range come with a minimum of 92 air jets, blowing heated air bubbles through the water for your maximum comfort.

Digital control panel

For a relaxing experience, there's no need to get up to control the settings of this pool. Instead, unwind with the remote control panel nearby to turn the power on and change the temperature.

Why Buy an Inflatable Hot Tub?

An inflatable tub brings you the same core benefits as a fixed hot tub but at a much lower cost.

We use 3 layers of reinforced PVC to create our portable spas, making them incredibly durable and strong and lightweight.

So, if you choose to deflate your pool, you can quickly move it to a different spot in your garden or pack it up for a weekend away. Unlike a standard hot tub, you're not restricted to the first location you choose to set it up.

And, if you did want to give your new inflatable tub a permanent home, head over to our blog for some inspiration from the coolest hot tubs we've spotted on the web, integrated into garden spaces for ultimate tranquillity!

Spend time with the people you love

A hot tub is a great reason to get your loved ones together. It doesn't need to be a special occasion, but it will feel like one as soon as you're all carefree in the bubbly water.

And, if your friend's are hosting a party, you can always transport your inflatable spa pool to their house and make the most of your purchase - they're sure to be grateful!

Enjoy your garden year-round

The end of summer often means more or less waving goodbye to your garden for another year. But, it doesn't have to!

With an inflatable hot tub, you can continue spending time outdoors. Sure, you'll have to run through your garden in your swimsuit, but this cold air makes hot tubs so refreshing in the colder months.

And, if you're not ready to brave the cold, you can even put up your hot tub in a garden building, so long as it's properly ventilated and big enough!

Hot Tub Care

Once you've bought a hot tub, you should familiarise yourself with the standard level of upkeep that's necessary to keep the water safe and sanitary.

If you don't use the correct chemicals (or any chemicals at all), you can end up with a green hot tub, which is much less appealing than the crystal clear water you can achieve if you follow expert guidance.

Chlorine and water treatments

When you first fill an inflatable spa pool, it's important to add sanitiser, typically chlorine.

You can check you've added the right amount by assessing the pH levels of the water. If you're treating it with chlorine, the ideal level is somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6.

Along with this, you should entirely drain your inflatable hot tub every 1-4 months, depending on how much you use it.

If you don't empty it and just keep adding sanitiser, it'll become much less effective over time until it no longer cleans effectively.


The filtration system in your hot tub does a lot of the cleaning for you, circulating the water and keeping the bad contaminates out. So, you must regularly check that it's in working order in your pool.

Hot tub cover

It's essential to use the hot tub cover provided with your purchase of our spa pools. It keeps the water protected when you're not using it, allowing you to be confident it's sanitary when you go for a dip.


You can order your inflatable hot tub today! Order online or our customer service team a call to check on the delivery time for your delivery address. For most of mainland UK, delivery is free.

And to learn more about BillyOh and our hot tubs, have a read of our blog.