On Garden Furniture: Cheap VS Good Quality

On Garden  Furniture: Cheap VS Good Quality

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Now, the question comes: is it cheap?

This question has been always present when it comes to investing. We always ask if we could save money on something we ought to buy.


Perhaps, that is a valid question given the present state of our economy and even the world. It is a good question that will keep one grounded in reality.

But we all know that when it comes to investing, cheap ones usually fall from quality compared to the more competitive priced furniture. This is especially true when you get to the part where you need to start maintaining them, be it a rattan piece, a wooden-made item, or a metal-finished set.

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So now, let the great debate commence! Sound the trumpets and man the horses!

Maybe not.

We are not here to fight over anything. Rather, we would just like to make things clear.

To be honest, there is nothing wrong with cheap garden furniture.

Like, really? Yes, like, really.

Why? It’s for the plain reason that they are out in the market. They still add to the market economy, don’t they?

We should look at cheaper furniture as an alternative to the more expensive ones.

Why then is there a discouragement in buying cheap furniture? Or in this case, cheap garden furniture.

There is no discouragement here. As said earlier, what we want is clarification. Discouraging is not a means of clarifying.

We must look at the picture from the perspective of the length of use.

We know that cheaper things tend to break easily because of their low quality. It is because they compose of substandard materials. In other words, they are not meant to be used as with a standard furniture.


They are cheap because they are alternatives and are not expected to last as long as the quality ones because they are not meant to be used as with the standards. Although maintaining their look by shelving them when not in use, perhaps protecting them against external elements using covers, or regularly applying treatments go a long way.

So, if you are just looking for a quick weekend replacement furniture, you ought to buy a cheaper one since you won’t be using it for long.

Now, on to the good quality ones.

It is no mystery that good quality comes with a price. But it is always justified with the longevity of the furniture or anything that is considered.

Good quality furniture is the ones that you are sure to last a lifetime and even can be passed on to the next generation and even the next until it becomes an heirloom.

It’s the same reason that diamonds are expensive. Because diamonds are the toughest things on earth which means that they will be able to last a long time.

What makes it more precious is that if the diamond has memories attached to it, for example it was given to commemorate a great celebration, then all the memories of that event up to the other events that it has witnessed will also be passed on from one generation to the next.

Quality speaks more about just the product. It is about the potential.

Now, when you buy good quality products, in this case, garden furniture, you are not just buying the furniture, it is also like buying forward an investment of memories that you and other people will cherish for a long time.

Now, you don’t want to store your memories in boxes that easily break, don’t you? That would be like putting a diamond necklace given to you by your grandmother inside a matchbox.


No one wants to put a diamond in a matchbox.

Again, you can buy cheap garden furniture if you want, but what we are driving at is that you get a whole lot more in return from getting quality investments.