Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Our garden furniture guides offer tips and tricks on caring for your garden furniture, as well as storing and choosing the right sets. If you’re looking for more information on rattan garden furniture, our guides are the perfect go-to! Check them out below.

#1 Choosing Rattan Garden Furniture

With so many designs and styles available, choosing garden furniture is not always easy. Find out why modern rattan provides durable furniture for your garden.

#2 How to Store Rattan Garden Furniture 

Rattan garden furniture is generally hardy to the elements. However, storing it during winter months will keep it completely protected. Check out the best ways to store and cover your rattan sets.

#3 How to Care for Rattan Garden Furniture

Keeping your rattan garden furniture looking great all year round is important. Follow these simple steps to maintaining and caring for your garden furniture.

#4 How Long Does Rattan Garden Furniture Last?

We compare the differences between ordinary rattan and synthetic rattan and explain why one is much more equipped for the elements than the other. If you want to know how long rattan garden furniture will last, check out this guide.

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