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Solar Garden Lights

Shop from BillyOh's range of high-quality products for lighting your home and garden. Our quality garden solar lights come in a range of styles as well as wall lights, freestanding, and hanging lights. Attractive, energy-efficient, and easy to install, solar lights are a straightforward way to light up any outdoor area.

Pick up lovely garden lighting for your outdoor space today!

Biard Basford LED Stainless Steel Angled Wall Light


BillyOh Solar Powered Lantern String Lights

Biard Square Solar Wall Light with Motion Sensor

Biard Square Solar Wall Light with Motion Sensor

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Solar Garden Lights UK

Solar garden lights are an amazing way to light up your garden. Absorbing light from the sun and repurposing it as efficient light energy, these outdoor lights are a modern and effortless way to illuminate your garden space - which is a win-win, in our books! We've assembled a great range of solar lights to make your solar dreams come true. From wall lights to string lights and even solar security lights, we've got something to suit everyone's tastes.

Solar-Powered Lighting

For extra bright light, check out our LED bulb solar lights. Using solar energy and rechargeable batteries, the need for mains power is eliminated (as well as all the wiring that goes with it!). These excellent lights are perfect for romantic evenings and dinner parties.

Outdoor Lighting

Choose from a solar wall light or ground lights depending on your garden design and requirements. These decorative lights can be installed at just some, or all points of your garden and outdoors.

Decorative Garden Lighting

For a warm glow, shop from our fairy lights, solar-powered lanterns, and string lights. These can be woven in and out of garden furniture and gazebos for added charm.

The Perfect Lighting For Patios and Parties

Do away with power cables in the garden and opt for solar path lights instead. Or, combine solar fairy lights with the rest of our beautiful range to decorate garden spaces on summer nights and for parties with a touch of magic!

Loads of Features

Our range of solar garden lights offers both different styles and features. Shop from Biard models with in-built motion sensors, angled and straight wall-lights, as well as freestanding and hanging outdoor lights.

Solar Lighting: Clean Energy

Solar light is a renewable and completely clean way of lighting outdoor spaces. So pick up a product that you can feel good about today!