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Wooden Garden Benches

A wooden garden bench can provide the perfect space to sit down, relax and take in your gorgeous garden. One of the more traditional pieces of wooden outdoor furniture that we offer, our garden benches are both comfortable and stylish, whilst being strong and durable.

Our garden benches are made from beautiful acacia hardwood where the light shade of the wood itself offers a classic and rustic feel.

Modbury 2 in 1 Convertible Garden Bench and Picnic Table

Modbury 2 in 1 Convertible Garden Bench and Picnic Table

£120 £155 SAVE UP TO £35
BillyOh Windsor 2 or 3 Seater Traditional Wooden Bench

BillyOh Windsor 2 or 3 Seater Traditional Wooden Bench

from £100 £134 SAVE UP TO £34
BillyOh Windsor Jack n Jill Tete a Tete Companion Garden Love Seat

BillyOh Windsor Jack n Jill Tete a Tete Companion Garden Love Seat

£120 £149 SAVE UP TO £29
Panda Children's Picnic Table

Panda Children's Picnic Table

£52 £69 SAVE UP TO £17
*Subject to delivery postcode


What's the best wood for wooden garden benches?

Although BillyOh benches can be stored when not in use to extend their usage life, it's likely that your garden bench is going to stay outdoors year-round. That's why, among other reasons like aesthetic appeal, we use acacia hardwood for our benches. Acacia wood is one of the best materials to construct patio furniture out of due to its durability, and weather resistance properties.

What are the different styles of garden benches?

There are many different styles of benches from Lutyens to curved and even backless benches. At BillyOh, we currently stock 2 and 3 seater wooden benches with backs. But check back to see our updated range which we're always expanding to find the perfect seating solution for you!

Can you restore a garden bench?

Of course - one of the best things about wood is its long usage life. And this includes both extending and revitalising that life! Start by removing any existing stains or paints by hand-sanding and then use an oil-based primer before your chosen paint and finally, furniture treatment.

How to choose an outdoor bench

Start by measuring the space that you have to work with. Remember to also measure the entranceways where your delivery will be transported via. Luckily for you, BillyOh benches come as pre-assembled parts which easily slot together, so this won't be an issue. Then weigh up your requirements - how many people will be using the bench at one time and what is your budget? Then simply filter our products to find the perfect match for you!

Can you paint a garden bench?

Absolutely - paint can not only brighten up wooden garden furniture but even extend its life with a defensive and protective layer. Just make sure to sand and prime your furniture first and use paint that's marked for wood and exterior use.

Wooden Garden Benches

Outdoor seating is the perfect solution. This goes for whether you're an avid gardener who enjoys spending time in the garden or a parent or grandparent who just needs somewhere to sit whilst the kids play. Our range of garden benches act as stylish and functional additions to any outdoor space.

Cushions and Seating

For extra comfort and cosy seating on your wooden garden bench set, why not add garden sofa cushions? Our garden cushions are machine washable for ease of use and extra-padded for comfort. Just remember to store cushions in a safe place like a shed or garden storage box when not in use or during bad weather.

Quality Wood

An acacia bench from BillyOh not only offers aesthetic appeal with a light, natural finish but is also durable and long-lasting. You can even customise the look of your wooden garden bench with a stain or wood preservative or exterior paint. Just remember that placing your bench in direct sunlight may be beneficial for your afternoon nap, but may weather the exterior quicker than usual. Pick up a wooden table and bench outdoor set today!

Furniture WIth a Classic Design

The timeless design of wooden garden furniture offers subtle, clean lines that blend in just as well with a natural setting as with a more contemporary design. So no matter what your garden style,  we're sure that we've got a BillyOh bench to tie it all together.

Suitable For All Weather

Due to the hardwood we use in our garden benches, they're designed to be resistant to dampness, rot, and decay even in inclement weather conditions. So whether you're looking to install a park bench, memorial bench, or something in your own garden, our hardy wooden furniture is up to the task.

A 2 or 3 Seater Bench

Browse from either 2 or 3 seater garden benches depending on your requirements and budget. If you want somewhere that you can plonk your little one down in between Mum and Dad for an afternoon story, then a 3 seater bench may offer a more flexible seating option. Or, if you'd prefer something closer to a loveseat - opt for a 2-seater bench.

You can even check out our Tete a Tete bench - a two-seater with a small bistro table in between. Perfect for reading and light lunches together.

Make The Most of Garden Spaces

Whether it's backup as extra seating for guests, or just somewhere to experience the comfort and relaxation of your floral design, a bench is the perfect place to just take a moment. Ideal for any outdoor space, position your wooden garden bench just outside your backdoor for convenience, under your favourite tree that offers the most shade, or simply next to your favourite flowers.

Sit and enjoy your fragrant roses and the green space around you, or pull up a pew and extend the party.

Price and Delivery

Our wide range of garden furniture offers long-lasting quality at competitive prices. Our benches are delivered as pre-assembled parts that easily slot together. Plus, we offer fast and free UK delivery to most mainland addresses. Just checkout to see your area's eligibility.